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Rewatching Scrubs

August 24, 2022 Episode 1
Julio's Corner
Rewatching Scrubs
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  • Starting out a new podcast (just can stay away from this medium)
  • Really likes this outlet for free expression

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Julio From New York  00:05
You're listening to Julio's Corner, my corner of the internet, where I share my thoughts on anything and everything that crosses my mind. Mainly I'll talk about shows and movies that I like to watch. Occasionally, I'll share my thoughts and opinions on social and political things that are happening in the present moment. But mostly this is my happy place where I can be me and express myself. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial 4.0 International license, which means you can share this audio, remix it, whatever, just not for commercial use, and say where you got it from. Heart and Soul of New York City. And this is the first episode of Julio scorner. Recorded live on Wednesday, August 24 2022. And this music is going to end in a moment, and then we'll get right down to business. 

Julio From New York  01:13
And welcome, not welcome back. Because this is a premiere episode. So welcome to Julio's  Corner. My name is Julio, I am your host. And this is my brand new show. I used to do another podcast and other iterations of it. So one and two, called Julio from New York because I'm very unoriginal because that's my name. And that's where I'm from. And I'm still from New York, but I decided let me just, well, I thought I was gonna start podcasting. And I let it go again. And maybe a month later, I've decided to get back on the horse because I just can't stay away from this medium I love. I love podcasts. I love this, this whole concept of just speaking into a mic recording my thoughts, putting it on the ether on the internet for anyone and everyone to listen, and I find it therapeutic. It's my outlet for free expression and creativity. Though I'm not really being all artistic with this, I'm just recording it. Now I am adding the feature of doing a video recording because YouTube is a big thing. Now not it wasn't back in what year was it that I started podcasting or wasn't into podcast 2007. YouTube wasn't a thing back in 2007. But now, definitely in 2020 to most a lot of podcasts in order to stay relevant and be popular and to grow an audience. They put clips at the very least they put clips on YouTube. And excuse me, had to clear my throat there.

Julio From New York  03:16
So yes, I'm not going to make this a long winded episode, it's episode one. And unlike my previous two incarnations, I'm going to try not to be too much of a perfectionist, because I tend to be so I'll try to edit as little as possible. For instance, that cough just now in previous podcasts experiments, I would go crazy and edit that out as well as ambient noise, my breathing, whatever. But I've decided no more. It is going to be completely unfiltered. unedited.

Julio From New York  03:59
unpolished, it's just gonna be raw. Real, though I mean, not offensive in any way. Because I'm not not an offensive person, I don't think. But regardless, this isn't my show where I like to share my thoughts on things. I haven't been following the news in the last few weeks. I did vote yesterday was the 23rd of August, there was a primary here in New York City again, all the state of New York but I mean, I'm in Queens. I'm in New York City. So I did my my due diligence and I voted. I know COVID is still a thing. Biden might Pardon $10,000 in student loans, which would help me a lot. I'm in my 40s already. And I still have $10,000 in student debt. So if I can get that forgiven, I would be most happy with that results because yeah, man That's $10,000 I won't have to worry about any more holding me down in this capitalistic society that we live in of exploitation and keeping the poor down because they make a good workforce, because you got to keep them hungry, as a lot of rich folk are fond of saying, anyways, let's not get too political today. This is episode one. Let's keep it light and sweet. So as I was mentioning, I haven't been listening to the news the last two weeks. And that's because I've been enjoying myself with fiction. And my fiction of choice has been scrubs. Lately, I've been revisiting that classic from NBC. And the reason being on on my YouTube my, the algorithm decided to show up in my my feed my newsfeed, I guess, for YouTube, and it showed a video of this reunion panel that scrubs did for Hulu, at the at this festival in Austin, Texas this past? Well, I don't know what when it was, but it was at x TV festival season 11. I mean, I could go to the website and check what year that was. It posted on YouTube August 4. And the festival was I'm looking at the notes the details on the YouTube description. They don't say what they don't have a date for that festival. But they uploaded it to YouTube on the fourth of August of this month of the fourth of this month, the fourth of August of this year. And so watching that, and hearing them recount their experience behind the scenes and realizing that the creator of Scrubs Bill Lawrence also is the creator of this other show that I love that's on Apple Apple TV, called Ted lasso. He's the CO creator of Ted Lassa with Jason Sudeikis. Which I never made that connection. I mean, then again, you know, scrubs has been it's been 20 years ago since I last saw scrubs, I'm not going to memorize. Keep that bit of trivia in my head all the time. So watching this reunion and coming up coming to that realization that Oh, Wow, no wonder I'm a huge fan of TED lasso. And I remember really loving scrubs. The sense of humor is very similar and the reason for it is that it has the same creator. So obviously, that's a that's that style of humor is is in my in my bailiwick, it's in my alley, it's on my alley, it's in my comfort zone. So it made me Oh, and also I found out that um, Zach Braff and his friend, and fellow co star, Donald Faison from clueless fame and the Titans movie with Denzel.

Julio From New York  08:30
They do a podcast called fake doctors, real friends, where they do a rewatching of the show. And each episode is about an episode on the show. So you know, the episode one was the very first episode of the podcast is the very first episode of Scrubs. And so they go up, you know, they go through the seasons with each episode, and of course, they'll have fellow cast members show up on the show and, and writers and other people, talk to them about that episode and get into it, and then they'll answer fan questions. And so yeah, I've been using that podcast as a companion piece to my rewatching of the show, and it's just adding an extra layer of enjoyment and escapism. And so because of the podcasts along enriching my experience with the rewatching of the show, I've just been heavily engrossed in that versus reality, though reality is creeping in a little bit because they started this podcast in 2019. So naturally COVID is happening. This is a show about doctors. So they do bring up COVID a lot because they started doing the show during during the lockdown. And, and so they're reiterating things. things about you know, the spikes, the downs, ups and downs, you can wear masks, you cannot wear masks. So it's sort of like a time capsule of 2019. It's been it's bringing me it's triggering my memories of my experience in in COVID, lockdown in the in the beginning and now I'm still pretty much in self isolation all the time and being an introverted hermit than I am. For the most part, my comfort zone though, I do miss talking to people, which I don't do anymore. Not really. Anyways. But yeah, there was a famous Well, I don't know, he was famous, but there was a theatre actor who died in his 20s called Nick Cordero or Nick Cordero. Yeah. Nick Cordero. And apparently, Zach Braff was good friends with that guy. I do remember the story about you know, he was in his 20s and then all of a sudden he got COVID. And he died. He was like the firt one of the very first young people to die and because he was a celebrity, not necessarily a giant a Lister, but he was a well known theatre actor, he a Broadway actor, and he was in his 20s So that was very that that became nationwide news. So then rehearing so I remember his you know, the report of his death the day of so then hearing that happen again on the podcast was kind of like an interesting experience revisiting that whole thing, but now adding to it, the layer that Oh, wow, this guy, Zach Braff is also you know, it's a small world in Hollywood. It's because Zach Braff is a pretty big star in comparison to this Nick Cordero guy, but he was really good friends with that guy. He he had a he let him live in a in a guest house in California somewhere with his wife or fiance, and kid, so which and he's going to be him and Donnell vase on are going to be now taking care of Nico DeRose kid, as you know, because he's gone. And all this left is the mother to fend for herself. So kind of sucks for that guy. But it was interesting having that come full circle in connection to this, like a six degrees of separation from these actors, Donald Faison and Zach Braff from this show that I was a fan of, and now a fan of their podcast. So anyway, this goes all together with the whole me living podcast me listening to podcasts, and now making a new one. And it's just kind of cool that was coming in to talk, it's all coming full circle. But also there's like a, there's like this kind of intimacy. And I guess because you know, you're listening to it in your headphones. So you're in your head. And and it's voyeuristic because you're listening to these people talk about their lives, as well as their experiences on the shows. And so you kind of feel like, you're you're in and you're like in an inner circle, or,

Julio From New York  13:21
you know, you're sharing this personal anecdote of theirs. And you get it you get emotionally invested with these people. And you start seeing them more three dimensionally instead of just these actors who played these characters in these shows. And, but they don't know who I am. I'm anonymous to them. But I feel a more personal connection, because I'm listening to them on a regular basis. So I'm constantly being inundated with them. And that is the beauty of podcasting. In, in essence, and I kind of like that, you know, by nature, I am an introvert, but I do like to have some kind of human connection. And I guess this is my way of developing that connection with with strangers, who I may never hear from. But yeah, I think we'll leave it here. Because that's all I wanted to talk about today. And oh, yeah, one last thing, I guess I'll say. This experience I've been I've been redoing, I've been taking a blogging again. So on top of podcasting, I also like to write my thoughts in a more detailed, more carefully crafted way and that's where blogging takes place. Whereas here on a podcast, I'm just talking out my butt, so to speak, random, what's the phrase? Random just thinking random thoughts and you know, in a random pattern no no real construction to it whatsoever. I forget the phrase for that. And I'm sure I'll remember at posts which at that point, it's too late. But, but yeah, this is a total collect collection of collection of non sequiturs, and random thoughts. Just free wheeling them together. And a, I guess, you know, 15 to 20 minute recording. Or as with blogging, you know, I get to carefully construct sentences, have it be grammatically correct. Get rid of any repetitions, you're not going to see me type arms, or you know, what I means, or whatever other verbal tics that I have vocally, you don't see those in written form because I can do it in drafts and proofread it and fix it and so on. And I don't type that way anyway, for some reason, my brain when typing when writing it's a different thought process than when I am I'm just speaking off the cuff. So anyway. Oh, yeah. What was I talking about blogging. So on that, on that tangent, I, I'm thinking and writing a blog post about this whole experience with scrubs, you know, I'll probably title it like revisiting old friends in parentheses or put TV because they're not real friends or TV friends. But yeah, it's just to call the experience I'm having. I'm having watching scrubs and listening to their podcast, fake doctors, real friends, and just experiencing it in tandem with each other. And yeah, that's, that's really all I have to say about that. So if you have any questions, comments, or what have you, you can always meet email me. My email is me@juliofromny, me@juliofromny. My website will be julioscorner.com. And of course, I'm on Twitter @juliofromny. So until next time, thank you for listening

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