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August 29, 2022 Episode 2
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  • Did my blog post on Scrubs
  • Thinking of another blog post regarding the Chaebol trope in kdramas

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Julio From New York  00:05
You're listening to Julio's corner, my corner of the internet where I share my thoughts and two cents on anything and everything that crosses my mind. Mainly I'll talk about shows and movies that I like to watch. Occasionally, I'll share my thoughts and opinions on politics and society at large. But mostly, this is my happy place where I can be me and express myself. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution, Noncommercial 4.0 International license. This means you can share my audio, remix it, do whatever you want with it, just not use it for commercial purposes, and you have to credit the source. So say where you got it from. This is episode two, recorded live on August 29th, 2022. And the music is going to be done in a moment. Just bear with it a little longer.

Julio From New York  01:13
And we are back. Episode two of Julio's corner. I'm your host, Julio from New York. And we're gonna get into some multiverse action in the media chunk of the show. But first, let's go over some other things, some odds and ends. So I mentioned in the first episode that I, you know, I'm rewatching Scrubs, and I was thinking about making a blog post about it. And I finally did, it wasn't as spectacular or epic as I thought it was, I was worrying about I was overthinking about it in my head. But once I started typing away, it was a much it was a much more simplistic blog post than I than I thought it would be. Maybe 300 words in total. So anyways, all in all, it's a nice little blog post. I'm pretty satisfied with my, I'm pretty satisfied with how episode one came out with the you know, warts and all. As I mentioned, I didn't really do much editing on it. And really, I didn't, I just cut off some empty space in the beginning and some empty space at the end. But I didn't do any editing in any of the audio of me actually talking, so you heard all of my quirks and coughing and lip smacking and breathing into the mic and all those bad bad mic habits that I have. That I've never seem to have broken out, got it out of my system. So I can never, so definitely not a professional microphone talker. 

Julio From New York  03:14
I wouldn't I wouldn't survive in radio land. But in my own podcasts where I am the boss of me and I have complete autonomy and say as to what the final product will be. I'm all good. Anyways, I am, now that I got the scrubs blog posts out of the way, there's another blog post that I'm thinking of writing about. And basically, I'm a fan of K dramas as well. That's been mainly, that's been my main TV show viewing because I like how the average Kdrama is about 16 episodes and that's it. It's a one and done medium for the most part. That is, seems, that seems to be changing. Now there's there's a bunch, there's a couple of other kdramas that are having multiple seasons, which is, at least based on my limited scope of knowledge, it was a rarity, if at all. But it seems to becoming more of a regular thing. And I think Netflix might have something to do with that. I think I could be wrong. But since Netflix started buying exclusive K dramas there that's the first place that I noticed they're having multiple seasons of a show. Or at least they talked about it for instance, squid game, which was a huge hit for Netflix. There's a season two coming out on that but it's been taking them quite a while to actually get that made. Same thing with Sweet Home with one of my favorite actresses. And I think there's another one that they're already working on the season two, I think extraordinary attorney is another one right now that a season two is on the works. So the Netflix stuff is the ones that I've been hearing the most about have multiple seasons; however, they haven't come out yet. Whereas, so I use Viki as my streaming service for K dramas. And already I saw a show called Yumi's cells and that had two seasons, and penthouse, which I have not seen, but I know of, it was a really popular melodrama that has three seasons. And already they're working on a season to have another show, I think called Nine tailed fox or something. But anyway, I am digressing. Point is I've been, for the last two years or so, during COVID locked down, my main media consumption has been Kdramas for that reason, because there's, there's so, for the most part, it's it's a one and done medium. And so after 16 episodes, you're on to the next one, and you're just you know, sucking them down. 

Julio From New York  06:22
Versus watching something that has multiple seasons and in some cases seem neverending, like, for instance, Cheers, and and Frasier that have like 11 seasons or so. Though, again, I am watching Scrubs, and that has nine. So anyway, what am I who knows what I'm talking about anymore, but that's been my main medium because of the, I liked that. I like having a complete story. And so that's the appeal of K dramas. But anyways, like all forms of fiction, they do have stereotypes or archetypes or tropes in, in I don't know literature terms a trope, T-R-O-P-E. And one such trope in K dramas especially is a, The Chaebol trope. Meaning, a Chaebol is a is basically someone born into a rich family. So think oligarchs, right? oligarchs, rich folk are the new royalty in a lot of societies. They're the ones that people look up to, or whatever, because they have money. But anyways, so this big trope in in K dramas is you'll have the main lead who's a Chaebol, he's a rich man, and he's falling for a quote unquote common girl. And of course the family is dead set against it, and that's where the drama comes about. And they, they use that constantly and the first time I saw that was the very first Kdrama I watched which was called Boys Over Flowers. And then the lead guy of that show was an another Kdrama that I've seen recently called Heirs, as in, you know, he's the heir to this big wealth and same thing he fell for a common woman. And then of course, I'm thinking of some other ones that I've seen and well, Business Proposal is one that I'm watching, I'm rewatching right now, there's that one and of course Secret Garden was a big one. Made by the same writer who did Goblin and there's so many of them. I can't for the life of me for whatever reason I'm not I'm not remembering all of them. I will eventually write them down in the in the blog post because you know, I'll be able to construct my thoughts better. And and look at through the stuff that I've watched in the past and I'll be able to put that on my paper because I'm typing but I'll be able to put that on the screen and on the blog post. 

Julio From New York  09:22
But anyway, the the reason why I want to write about this is because I recently saw a Kdrama called 1% of Something and that Kdrama had a Chaebol in it, but they took a different, it was, you know, it was the Chaebol trope with a twist. Because, in general with the Chaebol trope it's you know, the heir the Chaebol is in, whether it be a man or a girl, they fall for this person who is according to their family, beneath them. You know, they're from, they're lower class. We're upper class so we should only mingle and get involved in romantic relationships with other people of our ilk. And so any working class folk are beneath us, you know, they're not, they're not worthy of our attention or our affections. So that's usually what happens.The Chaebol falls for this person and and, and the family, the you know, parents or grandparents will try to put a stop to it. Well, 1% of something is different because in that one, you have this grandfather, who was actually trying to push his Chaebol, his grandson to get into a relationship with a common woman. So that's that's the twist and the guy, at first is not interested in getting into a relationship with this woman because you know, well, in this case, it's not because he thinks she's beneath him, though at first she does, he does think that she seduced his grandfather so he thinks that she's a gold digger. But in reality she she isn't she didn't even know his grandfather had had done this behind her back. So, so it's not quite exactly the same thing but it's different and because in general so because you know, he the Chaebol in the story is not interested in anybody. He's only, he only cares about making money. But his grandfather is forcing him to get into a relationship with this common woman played by Jeon So Min who's in a show that I liked a lot called Running Man. Anyways, so watching that show and realizing they took this formula at this point, this formulaic, this trope that's common, it's very overused at this point, in K dramas. They decided to did a different take on it. In this this case, the Chaebol isn't interested in the common woman, the grandfather, who's you know, the holder of the wealth is the one who's pushing that relationship to be. So I find that interesting.

Julio From New York  12:29
Anyways, moving on, let's get into the media chunk. So there's a bunch of movies that I've seen not too long ago. And I did write a blog post about it. I guess I'll post it in the show notes. And all these movies, the thing they have in common is they're about the multiverse. So you have Spider Man: No Way Home. You have Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. And of course, the now favorite, Everything Everywhere All At Once with Michelle Yeoh. Which out of the three is my favorite of those stories. And part of the reason for that is that uhm, as out of whack as as it was, it seemed the most grounded in some level of reality. You didn't have, you did not have to suspend your belief too much with that movie, in comparison to the other two. And I write about that in my in my blog post called multiverses galore. Which again, I will post the link in the show notes. But basically the reason I say that is because both Marvel movies Spider Man, no way no way home and Doctor Strange, they use magic as the foundation for getting into these multiverses. So to get through one world into another there's some magical reason for it. Whereas Everything Everywhere All At Once. There was some scientific breakthrough where the one the you know, the female Michelle Yeoh's character, a version of her from another universe created the machine, the technology that allows you to jump from one multiverse into another. 

Julio From New York  14:35
And of course, and the antagonist in in Everything Everywhere All At Once is her daughter. And the reason for her daughter being the antagonists is because she has a supervillain story. The mother is never satisfied her in all the different verses there's there's that same dynamic where the mother's Michelle's character is over critical of her daughter. But in that world, the one where she created the technology to jump into different realities, versions of her reach her own reality. She, she took this disappointed parent a step too far in, and broke her mind essentially because she was trying to get her, she was pushing her to be able to jump to different verses to a point that her brain broke. She pushed her beyond her ability, her limits and and that cracked her brain and made her a supervillain, essentially. And, of course, that version of Michelle Yeoh gets killed off by the daughter. And so, and her name, her character's name is, I mean, Joy is her is her, you know, birth given name, but her supervillain name is Jobu Tupaki, and which is a weird name. I don't even know what language that is. But anyway, her goal, everyone thinks she's out to destroy all the multiverses. And in reality she wants to kill off herself. But before she does that, what she really wants is to find a version of her mother that will accept her for who she is and also thinks the same as her. Because right now she's she's a nihilist. She just believes there's no point in existing. So she wants to find a mother that agrees with that sentiment and is willing to also kill herself with her, you know, void their existence in all the different multiverses. 

Julio From New York  16:52
And so, she comes across Evelyn Wang, which of all the different versions of her, she's the least successful one. She's the one that's overworked is running a a struggling rundown laundromat that her husband, brilliant idea was of a business career choice. And he's a bit of a hapless husband, he, she's the one who always has to carry everything and manage the finances and all that jazz. And yeah, they're miserable. They're miserable together. And of course, now she's taking care of her ailing old father, who just always calls her a failure at everything, and everything in life. But anyway. So that's where we're going with this whole meandering, stream of conscious. That was the turn of phrase that I was trying to say in episode one. But I couldn't for the life of me at the, when I was recording. I couldn't think of the term, stream of conscious and of course, like I said, like I predicted once I stopped recording and I was at post, the term came to my mind of course stream of conscious that's what I am referring to. Which is what this show is. This is all stream of conscious and non sequiturs. 

Julio From New York  18:16
But um, so yeah, that's that was the that's the basic premise of Everything Everywhere All At Once. Now with Spider Man. Basically what happens with so if you saw the movie before Spider Man No way home, which I believe is far from home? The, the second one. The second Tom Hallend, Tom Holland vehicle. At the end of part two, far from home, his identity was revealed and he was framed as the person who killed what's his name? Shoot! The illusion guy. Not Magneto. Wow, I can't remember, Mysterio! That was his name. Mysterio. Magneto, magneto similar both and begin with an M and end with an O but it's Mysterio. And Mysterio is a Marvel villain. He's part of Spider Man's rogue Gallery in the comics. But anyway, they obviously changed his whole storyline in the movie but anyway, point is part two ended with, excuse me. With uhm, because everyone thinks Mysterio was a superhero when in fact he was a con man, but no one knows that reality so they, they still, when he died, he was still seen as a hero defeating these intergalactic, these elementals is what they were called. These these creatures from other dimensions. When reality that was all a fabricated illusion that he created with with drones and smoke and mirrors, essentially and, you know, holographic projectors. So no one knew that. 

Julio From New York  20:06
But anyway, so he framed Peter Parker as being the, you know, his murderer. And of course, revealing the His name is Peter. You know, Spider Man is Peter Parker. So now he wants he doesn't know how to what to do. So he goes to Dr. Strange and asks him Is there a way for him for Dr. Strange to help make everyone forget? Forget that situation. I think he I think at first he was hoping if he could turn back time to stop that from happening. And obviously, no, you can't do that. Because that's the effect that's affecting time and space. And he no longer has the Infinity gem that deals with time. You know, Thanos took it for the Gauntlet and all that jazz. So anyways, what his solution is, is okay, well, I can make this spell that will make everyone forget that you are Spider Man. Now, while he's making the spell, Peter Parker keeps remembering, Oh, wait, wait, I don't want everyone to forget. I need Mary Jane to remember me. Oh, I also need May my aunt to remember me Oh, I also need..., So anyway, he kept would you interrupted him like three or four or five times I forget. So that completely destroys the spell and causes fractures to reality. Which starts, which opens up the multiverse. So that's how I, that's why I say this is definitely a much more Farfetch story, versus Everything Everywhere All At Once, where there was this scientific explanation for it. It was science fiction, so obviously, it's not real, there's no such machine that can make you jump into another multiverse. But at least they use the founding of science whereas this one we're gonna make a spell about forgetting who you are. And somehow something goes wrong with the spell and now every reality is going to now merge. So that doesn't it doesn't fly, in my book but whatever it's a it's an epic fantasy tale. And of coursewhat resolves it in the end is redoing that spell and accepting the fact that you're gonna have to have everyone forget who you are. And that's just how that movie ends. So the movie ends everything is saved all the multiverses are now shut off from each other and but no one remembers who Peter Parker is, including his girlfriend Mary Jane. Which to me makes no sense. How is a spell about forgetting going to close multiple realities? But what, whatever. That's the, that's the ending of Spider Man No way Home. 

Julio From New York  23:08
And then you have Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness which is Dr. Strange 2. So now in that movie, he remember, he he uhm, he does talk about the fact that he he had an experience with the multiverse by making people forget that Peter Parker is Spider Man. But how would you remember that? If the spell was was supposed to make everyone forget including himself, Dr. Strange. But somehow now we're in dr. strange in the multiverse of madness, he did not forget that Peter Parker was Spider Man. Apparently he's the only one who's going to remember that and of course, Peter Parker notwithstanding as well, because obviously he's gonna know who he is. But anyways, somehow, Doctor Strange did not forget. So that's number one. That already, completely, is a changing of the plot from from the storyline in Spider Man No way home. So now in this movie, Doctor Strange into the multiverse of madness, there's this woman, this female who has the ability to jump from one reality to another which fine, okay, I mean, I guess someone should, can have that kind of ability. And so, and so Wanda, Scarlet Witch, Wanda Maximoff. She wants that ability. She wants us to pull that ability away from her. So obviously she's using magic for that. And so once again, magic is at play here. because she got this, this black magic book, I forget what it what it was called. And she was using spells in that in that book to get demons to jump realities to try to get to her to bring her to her, to bring this female to her. And I already forgot her name. I guess I can look that up in my, my little blog post here. America Chavez, that was her name. So of course, Dr. Strange is, the book of,  no, that's the good book, the book of Vishanti, The bad book was called something else. Do I have it here? I don't think I do. Darkhold. The bad book is called the Darkhold. And the good book is the book of Vishanti, but anyways. Excuse me. What was I saying? So yeah, America Chavez was being helped by other Dr Stranges in the other realities that she jumped into. However, unlike the Dr Strange that we know and love, the other ones eventually came to the conclusion that the only way to stop this is to kill her off or suck her ability away from her as well. So be just as bad as as the the bad guy. But this version of Dr Strange, the one thing that we know, eventually, he was thinking that as well at one point, but doubting it, and then he eventually decided, no, no, I'm going to help you. Fight against this and and, and support you, against Scarlet Witch, and of course help you. Yeah, defeat her. And eventually they do. 

Julio From New York  27:08
Oh, and the reason why Scarlet Witch wanted her ability was cuz if you saw her show, which I'll talk about in the following episode, because, you know, I'm catching up on Marvel stuff. But basically, she, long story short, in Wandavision she created these fake children. But it turns out that these fake children, in another reality they exist with another Wanda Maximoff, who is the mother of these kids. So she basically wants to go to one of those other realities to live this fantasy of hers. Make it reality. But of course, for whatever reason, she didn't think of the fact that in order to make that reality happen she's gonna have to kill a version of herself, the real parent of these kids. And it is that realization in the end, that undo, undoes her her drive to make that happen, and then she decides to kill herself off. So now, she will no longer be in the Marvel Universe anymore as well. A little by little, they're, they're cut, they're ending these contracts with these actors and actresses. And so that is how Dr. Strange ends, essentially Of course, he eventually does use the Darkhold for a small moment in time in the movie, and that causes this third eye to appear on his forehead. But that's, that's just a bit of minutia. I'm sure that might play a part in a following sequel if there is a part three. So those are the three movies that I've watched regarding the multiverse theory and, and their takes on it. And I believe Michelle Yeoh's, I mean, it's not her movie, but she's in it Everything Everywhere All At Once is the best version of that storyline from the movies that I've seen. 

Julio From New York  29:40
And that puts us at the 30 minute mark. So I'm done here for Episode Two. If you have any questions, comments would have you. You can reach me at my email, which is me@juliofromny.com. My website of course is julioscorner.com. And I'm also on Twitter @juliofromny. So until next time, thank you for listening.

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