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September 14, 2022 Episode 3
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General Talk:

  • Did my blog post on Scrubs
  • Thinking of another blog post regarding the Chaebol trope in kdramas
  • Created a gofundme
  • Binging Kdramas delayed recording 

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You're listening to Julio's Corner, my corner of the internet where I share my thoughts and two cents on anything and everything that crosses my mind. Mainly, I'll talk about shows and movies that I like to watch. Occasionally, I'll share my thoughts and opinions on politics and society at large. But mostly, this is my happy place where I can be me and express myself. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution, Noncommercial 4.0 International license. This means you can share my audio, remix it, do whatever, do whatever you want with it. Just not use it for commercial purposes, and you have to credit the source. So basically, say where you got it from. And this episode was recorded on Wednesday, September 14th, 2022. This is episode three. And we're gonna get right into the nitty gritty in a moment. Let's get some applause, shall we?

And welcome back to the show. This is episode three. I'm upgrading the sound effects and all that jazz. So obviously, that means I upgraded some of my gear. I pulled out my mixer board that has a little, you know, has a couple of I don't know what you call them sound buttons. So hence the applause. Anyways. So yeah, I upgraded my gear. And I'm going to try to use OBS for the video recording so that the cameras facing me, you know, face frontally versus from like, some odd angle with my phone and see if this is a better video experience for Youtube,  we'll see. I'm testing new things. And I got the new version of OBS, that's compatible with Apple silicone. So. So that's what's going on. So anyway, just getting back to the show. I mentioned last week that I was gonna do a blog post on Scrubs, I finally did it. And I'll have a link to the post on the on the show notes.

And I'm currently I'm currently thinking about another blog post regarding K dramas and specifically about a very common trope in K dramas which is the trope of the chaebol. Meaning you know, the, the heir of some upper class family of you know, like Samsung, let's say so the family of Samsung, the grandson or the son that, those are the chaebol, the descendants, the ones who are going to inherit the grand conglomerations, and all that wealth that comes with it. So so the reason I'm thinking about, I forgot I had a mute button with this thing, but anyway, the reason I forgot. No, no, what am I saying? 

The reason why I want to talk about the chaebol trope is that there was this one drama that I saw recently that kind of did a reversal of that trope. So in general, the kdramas with chaebols basically, you know, you have this rich guy, he falls for someone, lower class, you know, not another chaebol. And, and, of course, the family of said chaebol, whether it's a guy or a girl, they are against this relationship. And so they try to force them to break up. That is your typical chaebol trope in K dramas. This, this drama that I saw, which I believe is called something, something about the 1% or something about 1%. Or, or 1% of something, I forget the name of it, I will probably bring it up in the blog. I will bring it up in the blog post I should say, but that Kdrama did something different. So you have this school teacher. She saves this old man who she thinks is homeless. And of course he's not. He's this, he's the head of this giant conglomerate. And so he is actually pushing his son or grandson, I forget. He, I think it's his grandson, he pushes his grandson into a relationship with this girl. And he's thinking No, she's a she's a gold digger. So it's a reverse because in general, the child is the one who is pursuing this relationship that quote unquote, is beneath him. And his family is trying to break it up. In this case, it's the opposite the family is actually trying to hook him up with someone that normally would be considered beneath him. Because she's, she's just a school teacher, she's not a chaebol. And he is the one who's actually against the relationship. 

Anyways, moving on. You know, we're in desperate times, and, you know, desperate measures are sometimes taken. And I am, if it hasn't been obvious, in the previous two episodes, I'm pretty sure I've made it obvious. I am struggling with with COVID. This whole this whole world, this whole new world with COVID in it, and working from home, and just self isolating, and and I'm just not able to make sense of everything. It doesn't, it doesn't. The world is just, to put a monetary value on your time is insane. It just doesn't compute to me anymore, because of like, what's the point of it all. So naturally, I'm trying to find a way to escape this rat race trap that I'm in, this nine to five grind. And so I created a GoFundMe, and it's, you know, my, the link will be in the show notes. But I guess this is my social experiment to see if there's a willing donors that are willing to help me try to escape my, my situation and allow me to quit my job and just live a life of creative ventures like this podcast, and maybe creating another one for some other topic, or just doing YouTube videos about stuff. 

You know, I would rather do something like that, than my current situation, which is a job where I'm working eight hours, sitting in front of a computer, answering calls all day, troubleshooting people with their, you know, their technical issues. And it's a nice job or whatever. But I am, I'm doing this from home now and I'm surroun-, I'm surrounded by all my stuff at home. And I can't touch my stuff, essentially, because I have to work and it's just, that scenario, the more I'm doing it, it's not making, doesn't make sense to me, I'd rather be doing stuff in my home for myself than staring at stuff that I can't touch because I have to do this job separating. So basically, I want to separation of my work life and my private life. Because working from home has kind of blurred the lines, and just made the situation absurd to me. And rather than keep that job if I can escape it with this GoFundMe, I rather do that.

And of course, lastly, this episode is obviously a week late. And I apologize for that. But as I mentioned, K dramas, I've been escaping because of this absurdness of reality that I'm perceiving, I'm, I'm escaping it from I'm trying to escape it by just watching K dramas and living in that world through my eyes and not really living my own. And obviously that has been counterproductive because I'm not doing my podcast I'm not doing any of the creative ventures that I want to do as a form to stretch my legs and create another road to take.

So anyways, So that's all I have on the general talk. Let's go ahead and get in to the media chunk. But now that I have my mixer board out, we're going to bring back the music for that segment. So here we go.

Alright so we're back. And today's media chunk or this episode's media chunk is going to be about a couple of Marvel shows that I've watched or I'm currently watching. They're actually really good. I didn't want to, I held off from Disney plus for about a year now. Just because I don't know, I guess I was Marvel fatigued after Endgame. And I just didn't really want to go back. I needed a break from it. Since then, I've well I mentioned in the last episode, I saw the Spider Man movies, including the ones with the no way from home, the one with multiverse in it, and in the Doctor Strange movie. And so also, I've watched, so this, so the show the first show and talk about is called Wandavision, which is of course about Scarlet Witch, Wanda Maximoff. And of course, Wandavision is actually two people you have Wanda. Wanda Maximoff, and you have her husband, or lover of Vision, the the Android. 

And in Endgame he was killed off. But um his body was still recouped and brought into some government facility. And Wanda Maximoff I believe she she made a promise to two Vision that if he were to die, she was going to destroy his remains, so that he couldn't be,  because he was obviously this ultimate, originally, the original version of Vision was Ultron from the Avengers movie Ultron. And he was the 2.0 version of Ultron and, and obviously, he had, he had a conscience somehow. He was able to create a conscience and be a superhero versus Ultron, that was, excuse me, versus Ultron that was a supervillain. And so anyway, because of that, he, he did not want his body to exists outside of his consciousness, because he would be used for war, which he was trying to be more of a pacifist and not being, not be and not be used for Ill ill, ill conceived notions. 

So anyways, turns out that wasn't what was happening. They were trying to clone him and create other versions of Vision for for war outs. And of course, they were doing it in some kind of like a black ops site, so it was behind closed doors or whatever. And she discovered this. So she kidnaps the body of well, actually, no, she um she starts she has an episode is the best way to describe it. She goes, she found the deed that that Vision left her which was this plot of land in, somewhere in I think it was New Jersey. And she just flips out because she misses him and seeing what they were doing to his body just made her have this magical episode that created that took control of this, this small impoverished town and created her idealic vision of what life would have been like had she been married to Vision and lived in this 1950s era, you know, shaped world. And so the the Marvel team took took this idea and they they got creative with it. They they started, so each episode was sort of the for the first few episodes, I should say, was sort of set up like a genre of television. So episode one, probably Episode One and Two was set up like 1950s. So, so it was in black and white. And it was like, you know, the Dick Van Dyke Show slash, I Love Lucy slash, Leave It to Beaver. She's the housewife. He's working at some company doing something, but it's not really clear what exactly he's doing. But he's doing some type of computation. It looks like accounting work, but they don't ever really explain it. 

And he actually he actually breaks the fourth wall in a way because he's asking like, what exactly am I counting? What am I doing? And no one can answer the question. And then episodes like two and three, sort of look like the 60s. And I'm trying to remember where she gets kids into the mix and the mix when the kids come in it's sort of like the 80s and 90. So I guess, obviously, after that 60s situation, but anyways, she sort of puts like this dome around this town, and she's completely controlling it. And she's so into this illusion, that at first no one realizes, no one is sure, whether or not it's, it's her creation, or if she's trapped in some kind of cosmic force, and select by episode three, or four. So the first few episodes, you're just you're just in this world, so you're not really sure what's going on, you know, you're in for the ride, and it's kind of fun. But then you see the dark side of it, which is no, this is a contrived world created by Wanda Maximoff because, you know, her unwillingness to let go of the memory of her husband, or lover because I don't think they actually did get married. So she wanted this world where she was married to him living in this plot of land that he left her but also she's controlling the people in this town against their will as well. 

So that's where things taking a dark side. You don't know this until by Episode Four with that, Oh, wow, she's much she's controlling the minds of all these people as well to to perpetuate this vision that she wants to make her reality. And yeah, it goes, it goes down a dark winding road. There's this other which involved that that's trying to use this against her and trying to figure out how does she gets this ability because she wants that power to herself. And you know, it ends with Vision, because of the creation that she created was so good that uhm in Vision fashion he started questioning the logic fallacies of this world that they were in and why is this happening? And who am I, am I really Vision or is this just a memory of Vision of me? And so on. And it all takes in all it all comes to a head by the way spoiler alert if you haven't seen this even though the show's been around for more than a year now. It'll come to a head the the you know, there was a government agency. I forgot the name of the agency. I guess I could look it up what's the name of the agency that's fighting her? It's not shield it's something else. 

No, that's not it. Sword. That's the name of the group, they're called sword. So you have Randall Park, playing the character Jimmy, this FBI agent Jimmy Woo who was in the Ant Man movies. He somehow got in on involved with this. this case, and of course sword is the one involved. Sword is also, well, the current head of Sword is the one that's trying to create a Vision that they can control undercover. And so you know it all comes to the head. You have Wanda's version of Vision fighting the Swords version of Vision and Wanda's Vision eventually convinces the other Vision, hey, look, if you're me, and I'm human, or if we're not each other, you know, they have this whole philosophical debate, while they're beating each other up, they have their own philosophical debate about, about the sense of self and consciousness. And, you know, who am I? And of course, they both came to the conclusion, neither of us is Vision. We're just bad copies of the original, essentially. And so they both I think they both destroyed themselves. Well, one disappears, because she was, he was the memory of, he was just a memory. But the other one, I think, self destructs or something. I don't remember. It's been a while. It's been well, I mean, not that long. But I've watched so many things in the last month and a half that yeah, it's it's fading from my memory what exactly happens. 

But yeah, the, the, the leader of Sword also gets arrested for his his crimes. The town gets freed. And Wanda, you know, goes off and supposedly atones for her sins. But we learned in the Doctor Strange movie that that's not the case. Because she discovered, well, she found the book the Darkhold, and started learning black magic, you know, evil magic. And, and then she heard about, she learned about the multiverses. And then she started fantasizing about having, living that life where she could have those kids. Actually be a mother to these children that in, in Wandavision she created, but in these other multiverses, they actually do exist in the reality of those worlds. So so she ends up, you know, bad, going bad completely. But then, in the end, excuse me, in the end, she she realizes her, the fallacy of her argument, because by taking over that world, she's destroying the other one who's living in that in that world, and not, you know, basically killing the mother of those kids. Even though she's another version, she's not their version. So she realizes the folly of that thinking and decides you know what, I can't exist anymore, and I have no other reason to live. Kills herself, along with the Darkhold in the Doctor Strange movie. 

So anyway, moving on the next show that I watched was Loki. Now that was an interesting one. And that was a fun one and they create they introduce this, they well, number one, and again, spoiler alert. They introduce Kang the Conqueror, which is another super villain, cosmic supervillain from Marvel in this world, but they invent, they also introduces other group of people that I did not know existed and they might have they might have existed at some in M Marvel at some point after I started reading Marvel they're called the the TVA the time variants authority. So in end game Loki dies. Sorry, Infinity War. In infinity war he, Loki dies. But in end game he uh, because the heroes, the Avengers, they go back in time. They they do something with you know, God, they go back into a moment in time when they arrested Loki from a previous thor, Avenger movie, I forget which one? Probably the first or the sec-, I want to say the first one, yeah, cuz the second one was Ultron. So the first one, they arrest him.

But but in the scuffle, he gets a hold of the Tesseract, which is one of the infinity gems. And he loop, he escapes. So he is that. Because of that change in history, he's becomes what's considered a variant. A time variant, which is an anomaly, something that shouldn't have happened in that moment in time because that type of event was supposed to go a different way. And because of their meddling, he was able to take advantage of their meddling and create an escape for himself that shouldn't have happened. And so the TVA, the time variance authority, their job is to capture these variants and erase them from existence. And so they capture him. They put them on trial. But one of the variant cops so to speak played by Owen Wilson he decides you know what, I can use him as a consultant you know whatever consultant he's he's gonna be on parole with me and he's going to help me take this case because he's on a hunt for another Loki. So apparently because again the multiverse, so this is I think the introduction of multiverse, well no, I'm wrong because there was the spider verse movie first.  But this is one of the earlier Marvel creations, MCU creations whether it be TV or movie that brought up this whole Multiverse concept and so they're hunting a Loki. And funny surprise the Loki that they're, the variant that they're chasing is a female, the only female Loki in existence and she actually hates being called Loki. She rather be called Sylvie. And she's also a, I think she's a lesbian. Well, no, she actually fell in love with Loki. So which is kind of crazy, because essentially, she fell in love with herself. Like the only one that you the only person that Loki can love is him slash herself. So that's kind of twisted. But anyways, throughout the show, there was there was a lot of twists, the female variant of Loki is definitely one of them. The other twist is that these time variants authority, folk, all of them are former variants. But apparently, their minds are wiped. And they're trained to become TVAs. And they're given this mythology that they were created by, I forget the name of their higher authority, but their higher authority created them for the sole purposes of keeping the timeline in check. And the elementals I think they were called, I don't remember.

But anyways, it turns out that that's also an that was also another lie. Because, in reality, this whole setup was, this whole setup was created by Kang. And the reason for that is that Kang was trying to control, he was trying to, he apparently was having a bunch of fights with other versions of himself. And because there's a lot of evil Kangs, and, and so his solution to maintaining some type of civility in the universe, was to create the TVA, create this mythology and, and use them to maintain this world in check so that it doesn't deviate. And there aren't any, too many anomalies because those anomalies would would cause would destroy his his, his fixed time, you know, line in time that he created, which would then bring out all these other Kangs into existence. Well, it, the show ends, with Sylvie not buying it, banishing Loki back to the TVA, which we think, and she kills that Kang, and the TVA that Loki ended up falling into, falling back into, it's not the same TVA because now the statue that used to be there used to be a statue of their higher order, which I forget, I think they were the elementals or something, I forget who the who it was. It's just a bust of Kang. So it seems. like already there's been either a change in the worlds, in the world view, or he got put into another multiverse version of it. 

So there's a season two in the works. And I'm definitely looking forward to that. And the last thing I want to watch I want to talk about, I should say, that I'm currently watching because it just started there's only three episodes at the moment. And that is She-Hulk Attorney at Law. Now, all of these shows so far have been a lot of fun. And this one I think has been the most fun because this one is a comedy, and it's trying to so it doesn't take itself seriously at all. And The stories for the most part have not been as epic as Wandavision or Loki. It's not world changing. There's no There's no end of the world thing going on. It's just about Bruce Banner's cousin Jennifer Walters, who just wants to live a normal life as as being an attorney. The show starts with her as a DA. And she's a damn good one. However, because of a car accident that she has while in the car with Bruce Banner, she um she gets some of his blood in her system. And so now she becomes the She Hulk. Now, unlike Bruce Banner, she does not have, she didn't she, you know, because obviously, when Bruce Banner first became She-Hulk, he had a lot of issues. He had to go through a bunch of different years of therapy. And he went through a whole process before he became the current version of the Hulk that he is right now, which is the they call, we call him the Smart Hulk. 

But she doesn't have that at all. When she turns green, she has complete sense, a complete sense of self. She's not a different version of herself. She doesn't have multiple personality disorder. The way Bruce Banner did when he became the Hulk and not anymore, he healed him, he sort of melded his personalities together. Tatiana, well, no Jennifer Walters, the actresses name is Tatiana Maslany, from Orphan Black fame. She's just Jennifer Walters whether she's green or human forms, and she can, unlike Bruce Banner, she can switch up you know, back and forth with no problem and she doesn't have to lose control of her emotions to go green. She could just okay, I'm gonna go green now because it's needed. But she didn't want to, unfortunately, her first case back on the scene as a DA this villain, this super villain slash influence, you know, social media influencer, Titania played by Jameela Jamil of The Good Place fame. She storms into the courtroom. Don't know why, but she just decided to break into the courtroom of this specific, in her case, during her during her her case in session and starts breaking things and causing havoc. So Jennifer Walters had to go green to knock her down. So the defendants use that change as an excuse to throw the case out the out the you know, to dismiss the case, 

I forget the explanation that they use but it worked. And so the district attorney office decided to let her go because they're going to constantly use her being the She Hulk as oh because she became She Hulk and she was a superhero and save the day she's going to influence uhm, unfairly influenced the the jury that's what it was. So they're going to continue to use like you know what you're going to complete you're always going to be going to say you're unfairly influencing, you know, the jury or whoever. during cases. So she, she loses her job as a district attorney. Ironically, then the the law firm of the defendants that got her essentially got her fired, they hire her and they hire her to take over, they're called the, the name of the firm is Goodman Lieber, Kurtzberg, and Holloway or GLK&H, and they decided to create a new superhuman division. And that's why they hire her. They know she's a good lawyer, but they hired her specifically because she could turn into the She Hulk. So she can be a lawyer for other superhero related situations, whether it be supervillains or superheroes or whatever. And of course, her first case she has to defend Abomination, who was in the last Incredible Hulk movie with, crap, the the actor's name escapes me. But the villain slash reformed guy is played by Tim Roth. Emil Blonsky is the name of Abomination. He's reformed. He has many lovers now. And he's sort of like a guru, like like a, I think he's into a Hinduism or Buddhism, one of one of the one of those Eastern philosophies and he uses that to find his yen essentially. But he sort of built a cult too because he has all these wives or whatever or partners. I forget the name he gave them. It's funny. 

So anyways, she defends him. That was episode two. Episode. Was that episode two? No, no, that was episode three. Episode One, you know was Titania. Two, she lost her job. Got the new job. Three. she defends, successfully defends abomination. Oh, there's four episodes. So four episodes four episodes. The fourth, the last one was with Wong, Sorcerer Supreme. He was fighting against, he had a lawsuit against this bad wizard. That sorry, not bad. Not a wizard, a illusionist from Las Vegas. Or is in California, I forget where he is. But he's um, he's not a he's not a real sorcerer. He's, he's just a, what we call magicians or illusionists. But he was at one point studying in the temple where the sorcerers come from. But he failed. He failed out essentially. But he kept the ring thing that they use to open up these, you know those magic circles that can transport you to other dimensions or whatever. And he's been abusing that for for his show, because his magic act, his magic tricks are garbage, except when he does this and throws people into other dimensions. 

So that's fun. And that was, those were the last those are the current four episodes of you know, the She Hulk show. And so I'm looking forward to oh, it ends with a lawsuit against her. Jennifer Walters. Not Jennifer Walters. Yeah, Jennifer Walters because now Titania is coming back. She apparently now patented or trademarked the name. She Hulk and is suing Jennifer Walters, the actual She Hulk for, you know, infringing on her copyright, which is like, how can you copyright someone else's identity against them. So that's going to be an interesting episode. I'm looking forward to that. That'll be Oh, that'll be tomorrow on Thursday. Looking forward to that. So that's a fun show. So yeah, I've been having fun with with Marvel. I did see the last Thor movie, but I will talk about that in the next episode. 

So that's all we have for today. If you have any questions, comments what have you. My email is me@juliofromny.com. My website is julioscorner.com. And of course I'm on Twitter, juliofromny. So until next time, thank you for listening

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