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Thor: Love and Thunder

September 23, 2022 Episode 4
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  • I want a deus ex machina scenario to fall in my lap
  • Looking for other employment


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You're listening to Julio is corner, my corner of the internet where I share my thoughts and two cents on anything and everything that crosses my mind. Mainly I'll talk about shows and movies that I like to watch. Occasionally, I'll share my thoughts and opinions on politics and society at large. But mostly this is my happy place where I can be me and express myself. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial 4.0 International license. This means you can share my audio, remix it, do whatever you want with it. Just not use it for commercial purposes. And you have to credit the source. Say where you got it from. This is Episode Four recorded live on Friday, September 23 2022.

And we're gonna get right into it in a moment. And welcome back to the show. Once again, this is Julio's Corner episode four. Thor: Love and Thunder is the topic of discussion. But first some general talk. For those who actually, you know, see the YouTube video, you'll notice my hair it has, I did, I buzzed my hair off again. It was getting thicker for my comfort and I'm not going to a barber anytime soon. And so just to make it look neater. I took out the number one clipper and I buzzed it all off again. So yeah, I think I'm going to be doing that regularly every two to three weeks. 

Anyways, I still haven't gotten back to work. I'm sure I've been talking about this ad nauseam but that's just me because I just can't, I don't want to. I don't want to go back into the nine to five grind. And I mean I as I mentioned I did a, I have a GoFundMe out there waiting for donations which are not coming because the TikTok video, the YouTube videos are not really gathering, garnering any any views. But you know it is what it is. I am wishing for, you know, that that old Latin phrase deus ex machina scenario. That's what I want to fall in my lap via winning the lottery or the mega million, or, you know, one of those jackpots. And I'm actually you know, it's it's Friday so tonight is, what do we have going tonight. Tonight is Mega Millons,  tomorrow will be the Lotto and Powerball. I bought three, three tickets, one of, one for each of those. And I'm, got my fingers crossed, hoping for deus ex machina to take effect so that I can win. Because, yeah, I don't, I um. I'm not, I just don't want to. I don't want to go back to this job that I have. This customer service job. 

So not only that pipe dream that I'm contemplating. I'm also, I'm also actually looking for other work. Because, because I realize I'm just sick of my job. I've done it for, it's essentially the same job I've been doing since 2014. So we're talking eight years of the same type of troubleshooting of smartphones, tablets, and you know, in more recent years computers. Software because I can't, I can't do hardware on, on computers. But uhm, I am. I've been doing it for for eight years, essentially. And I mean, it, before, pre COVID, I did it in a brick and mortar store. And now I do, I've been doing it for the last two years, maybe a little more. When, when COVID first, first became a thing, so I think it was Yeah, I think it's been two years, since 2020. Since March of 2020. It's been a, it's been it's been from home. And, and it's tiresome. And I'm, I'm going over the same, it's, I sound like a broken record now. I don't want to repeat the same sound bites. But um, but yeah, I wish for something to fall in my lap, I wish, you know that deus ex machina could happen. And for those who don't know what that means, it means god out of the machine. Deus god, ex out of, machina machine. 

And I for some reason, I thought it was Latin, but actually, according to Wikipedia, here, these are actually Greek roots. And it makes sense because one of the first examples of it was from a Greek play by Aeschylus, probably butchering his name. But basically what it means is, it's a plot device, that when all else fails, you just have this, this solution just pop out and resolve everything. And in the case of what I'm looking at, right here, of Aeschylus, Aeschylus used a device in his, Eumenides, in his play called Eumenides. But it became an established stage machine with Euripides. I think Euripides is though, is the one I'm more familiar with. And I forget which play. I know, I read it, I read one of those ancient plays where we're, I saw a example of that, but I can't for the life of me remember. So but the point is, it's just it's just a quick, it's just an escape hatch, essentially, to solve the the plot of, of a story. When when all else fails. When you when you have nothing going for you, you know, God essentially comes out. In my case, I don't have a well paying job. I don't have any benefactors. So something like winning a jackpot of money would get me out of my hole without, you know, by by, by miracle essentially, because you know, you have like a one in 3 million, 3 babillion chance of of success. 

So so that would be my deus ex machina situation. But anyway, besides that, because I realized how much I hate my job I actually am looking at other forms of employment as well. I just can't, I'm willing to work outside again. Hopefully, not with the same human contact as before because you know COVID is still out there. Even though I'm vaccinated and boosted and I wear masks regularly when I go anywhere indoors, I'm sure that there will be jobs where you'll be pressured to work unmasked or some some nonsense like that I don't know yet I haven't been in such situation since pre COVID. So I'm definitely considering working you know, having a normal commute again and working in an office setting for instance, or something like that in order to have some change in my life some some variety and, and then work harder on this podcast make hopefully make this thing into a cash cow or the YouTube video version of this or make YouTube videos I don't know something. I need I need, I need a way out and I'm hoping this will be one of them. 

And I'm trying to because you know, I'm doing a video recording and I'm using my computer's camera with OBS I'm trying to be more mindful of the camera eye to look into it when I'm talking and I'm not looking at my show notes. But it's not really it's not face fronting like my screen which is what I'm looking at mostly which is not looking at the camera which is not making me look at you the audience. But you know I'm I'm getting better at it hopefully with with more experience and practice and so on. Anyways, other than that, I have been looking at the news somewhat, but not really. There's something unbelievable that happened in New York. I forget how long ago it's been. September 9. So it might have been since the last recording that this new story came about. Yeah, actually, yeah, the last new episode was on the 14th. So this happened on the ninth. And I just, I forgot to bring it up, because I was more focused on my escapisms. But polio, you know, the disease that crippled, our famous president, FDR. We've had a vaccine for this since the 70s, which has essentially, or so I thought, eradicated polio from existence, meaning it became a non issue since 70s because as as a kid, as a baby, you are, you're vaccinated against this. There's like four shots in different stages of your life. You get one, you know, when you're a newborn, and then a few years later, and then a few years later after that, so that you're completely immune. Excuse me, say that you're completely immune to Polio. 

But apparently, in 2022, we're talking 50 plus years later since the 70s when it was almost a none, it wasn't a thing anymore, it's on the rise again. Especially in my state of New York. It's, we've declared, the governor of New York, Kathy Hochul, has declared a state disaster emergency because there is evidence of the polio virus in circulation, and increasing. So far, we haven't in Long Island. And we have it in uh, actually, now that I'm looking at this news article, a little more from CNN. We have sightings of it in five counties. One is Nassau County. That's Long Island. Rockland County. That's, I mean, I call it upstate New York, but but not really. It's it's a it's definitely suburbia. Orange County, which is further north of Rockland. Sullivan County, I'm not sure. I think that's up in that area. So that would be upstate New York, I think, New York City, which is where I'm at. And Nassau County, another section of Long Island, oh I already said Nassau County, so yeah. So you have Long Island, you have parts of upstate or suburbia, New York, and of course, New York City,  there's been sightings of poliovirus coming out. So now, we have a national emergency. 

Now I'm of course, I've already been vaccinated against polio. But the fact that this anti Vax movement that's especially been more on the rise, or at least, has had more attention, put on it since the this whole COVID incident, and people refusing to get vaccinated against COVID. It's just it just seems like the anti Vax movement is just getting even stronger. I mean, it used to be seen, like a it was like an anomaly. I mean, obviously, there were some stories about it, but not to the extent where a whole state had to declare a national emergency. There's been stories, you know, a couple of years ago, where I think Disneyland had to shut down because there was a whole group of people of anti vaxxers That went in there and they got some virus, I think maybe it was just I think it was smallpox or something or some nonsense. And then of course, you have, um, I think Jennifer McCarthy. She's a well known celebrity that's part of the anti Vaxxer movements. She you know, she was on the news many years ago. So there's been little pop ups of it, but not to the extent where a governor had to shut you know, declare an emergency in our whole state because of the prevalence of, of the effects of anti vaxxers which is now bringing back what was for the most part a dead virus.

So yeah, I'm frustrated with the world, the world makes no more sense now than it did the last time I recorded the episode, which is why I want a deus ex machina situation in my life. Because I want I want out, I don't want to be part of the system anymore, I don't want to be a cog in the wheel. I want to be free to live my life, just doing this podcast without the concern of having to pay my bills, my rent, my utilities, because it's already covered. That would be the ideal life for me. A life where I have enough funds in, in my accounts to cover my expenses. So I can just enjoy a life of leisure and focus more on, I have all that time freed up from work to focus on exercise and mental health and, and this podcast. Put more more effort into it to make it a more quality sounding show. Because I like this whole, this is a hobby of mine. And if I can make it a living, that'd be great. 

But at the end of the day, it's it is a hobby that I enjoy. And I'm not exactly sure why I get a kick out of having headphones on and listen to My voice and knowing that it's going to be broadcasted out there, I forget the narrow casting, not narrow casting. There's a term for for podcasting. Because it's, you know, it's recorded, and then it's put out there and then it can be listened to on any given day at any point in time. And it could, you know, eventually grow. As long as I pay the maintenance fee for the hosting of my show, of my episodes, there's always a potential for it to be picked up and so on. But But yeah, I like this whole concept and practice and, and just the whole the whole thing behind it, the everything that's in, that podcasting entails. Recording it, pays, posting it, hearing myself, playing around with microphones and headphones and sound boards and editing software and all that stuff. It's, the, Yeah, creating something, even though it's not as creative as a audio drama, or a commercially produced show, like an NPR show or some something like that. This is, this is my thing. This is what I, this was something I was able to put together with the amount of time that I was able to put it in. I don't know I like it. Anyway, enough of that round this rambling that I'm doing. And I'm done with that's all the news I have to talk about. I mean, there's other stuff that's going on in the world for Twitch people. There's a lot of drama there going on, with people getting scammed. Sex offenders. Twitch's policies, the good and the bad. What else happened? Trump under investigation, of course, family now being indicted. All that all this stuff.  Matt Gaetz I think now, something's going on with him. But um, but yeah. That's what I I know the very gist of it. I didn't I don't know enough, nor have I read up on it, nor have I prepared enough for it to really speak in, speak, to have any gravitas about it. And I don't want to because again, I'm escaping reality. And so we're going to talk about one of the things I saw to do so. So let's get into the Media Chuck.

So, for today's episode, Thor love and thunder. That is the show that I saw. That is a show that I want to get into, the movie, I should say, is what I saw, not too long ago. And of course, being that it's movie. I've obviously seen other things since but today we're going to focus solely on this movie. There's a lot going on here. It was directed by Taika Waititi. And of course, it's the third. No, no, the fourth Thor movie. Second one by Taika Waititi. And of course it's the return of Natalie Portman's character, Jane Foster. Also aka The Mighty Thor, but this is her return. Oh yeah, spoiler alert. If you haven't seen the movie, I am obviously going to reveal some spoilers. Number one right off the top. It was already brought up in either, no actually it was brought up in Thor Ragnarok I wasn't, I was wondering if it was Thor Ragnarok or Avengers movie but they brokem they parted ways, Jane Foster and Thor parted ways, he was a little distraught by it. And now here she is back the ex. But on top of her being back, she's also stage has stage four of cancer. I forget what version of cancer she has. But yeah, she's she's on her way out. And somehow the hammer, which I'm not even gonna try to pronounce the name of that Viking weapon of choice. But it is a Viking a Nordish name. And, okay, I'll spell it M J O L N I R. And I don't know how to pronounce that. But um, apparently it's calling, it called her, to it. She went over to New Asgard. So because, if you saw the last movie, Ragnarok, I believe it was Ragnarock? Yeah, it was Ragnarok. Asgard was destroyed. And the remaining survivors of, the surviving citizens of Asgard had created a new place called New Asgard in, on planet Earth. So in order to maintain its sustainability, they made it a tourist town. Tessa Thompson, also known as Valkyrie, she she's King Valkyrie. She's the ruler of said town. She has like a, she has tour guides and whatnot. And she has the ruins of Thor's hammer in the center of town or in or part of town anyway, you know, inside of this global thing or what this globe I should say.

So anyways, Jane, somehow felt a calling from it, visited Asgard and when she went to the ruins of the hammer, they started shimmering together and dancing and rebuilding itself up and made her into Mighty Thor. So now she's also a superhero whenever she transforms when she grabs the hammer and transforms into the Mighty Thor. The problem with the transformations is that because it's using her human essence, I guess when she makes that transformation, it makes her, her body is no longer defending itself against the cancer inside her so the cancers is spreading at a faster rate, whenever she's transformed into the Mighty Thor and so she's just quickening her, her her death. 

Anyway, on the other side of town. You have Thor played by Chris, Chris Hemsworth. Who is you know, he had a lot of loss in his life. First the breakup, then the death of his father, death of his mother, death of his brother, death of his world. Loss of his eye. And he developed a Dad bod. Well, apparently now he's he decided to reform so he started building himself back up into Thor bod. And, and he's just traveling the space world helping people with the Guardians of the Galaxy. But they eventually then split ways, part ways. He thinks that they don't want to leave him but they really want to get rid of him. So they do. And so now he's he's gone. He goes back to he's trying to find who is killing the gods. So um, so there's that other story. You have Christian Bale in the show, he plays this guy called Gorr. He was in this dying planet. And he was like the sole, him and his daughter were the sole survivor and his, the plan that he was in was basically like a desert planet. And there's no water anywhere. And he's traveling with his daughter and he's praying to this god trying to seek salvation for for at least his daughter, you know, he's okay to die as long as his daughter gets to live. Well, his daughter doesn't survive, and he's left to his lonesome. 

And during his his dying, his remaining breaths or whatever, he he sees an oasis. So he goes over to this oasis. And lo and behold, His God is there. And his god is uncaring. He's like, Oh, if you just die off you're the last of my of my believers. I'll just have to find new one new followers. I don't need you anymore. You're inconsequential I don't care about you I'm not going to save you. How dare you try to eat my my food and my treasures or whatever. I just finished killing off this gu, this god killer who had this weapon. I forgot the name of the weapon I think it was called necrosis or some necrosis shield or some necrosis sword or something to that effect. Regardless, now Bale realizing that his God has what's the word? Not betrayed? Wow, I can't think of the word but basically, you know. Threw him under the bus. It Sheesh, what's the word when you, negating neglected? I mean, he definitely neglected his followers. But once he realized, essentially, once you realize that his god did not care about him at all, he was just less than a tool for him. He was just he was just a form of validation for him. And now that there's none of him, of his people left, he could care less and he's willing to he just wants to find new folk to worship Him. And give him his his, his due so to speak. 

Well, Gorr is not, the Necrosword is that is what it's called, so so Gorr starts defying him, like, you know, he starts what kind of God are you to neglect your people and just be so, you know, callous, and not care, and all this stuff. And so the the God starts choking him. And as he's choking him, this Necrosword starts calling out to him, too. And you start realizing that that was the voice originally that was calling to him to that oasis in the first place. So that's probably how he was able to see the oasis. The Oasis was probably originally invisible to him, but because the last holder of the Necrosword was finally defeated the sword was looking for someone else to use him to kill the gods. And here he was this prospect. And well, he succeeded. He became the, he became the ideal candidate because he had his own god right here who defied him. Well not defied him. Abandoned him. That's the word I'm looking for. He abandoned his people and left them to this devices. And the reason why everyone was dying out you find out is because this guy was busy fighting the guy who had the Necro, the the last person who had the necrosword and now that he defeated him, he was celebrating his victory. Not caring that you know, everyone who believed in him was gone except for Gorr. And his, well now his his daughter died now, so just Gorr. So anyway, now being vengeful, and wrathful and scorned, he takes the necrosword, which curses him, makes him like a essentially he's like a zombie because he's able to kill the gods but at the same time, he himself is no longer really living anymore. So, but he kills that god, that's the first god that he kills. And now, his mission is to kill all the gods in existence. 

And so, and one way to do so, the easiest way to do so, is to get the get Thor's battleaxe that causes, that that's able to summon the bifrost to bring him to the realm of eternity, who's a, you know, a Marvel God character, and then use Eternity to wipe out all the gods in existence. By making it, you can make, you can wish them out of existence. So anyways, he succeeds, up until the point that he gets there fully beaten up, weapon, necrosword destroyed. But the, but he has the opening to Eternity, and he has an opportunity to make a wish, but somehow in the end Thor convinces him, you know, if you're going to use this wish, if you're going to, if you have a wish, the opportunity to wish anything into existence, why not wish back the existence of your daughter. Because in the end, your hate and anger and, and resentment to you know, the all the gods, who you feel don't care about the humans, who think, treat humans as lesser than. Not humans but beings, they treat their beings and believers of them as lesser than. The reason for all of that is because you felt betrayed because they, your God did not help you save your daughter. And that was the main that was your main goal was to try to save your daughter and so now here's your chance to wish her back to life.

And Gorr realizes that and he changes his wish to be, to bring back his his daughter. And then of course, his his dying words are are a plead to Thor to help him, to help to raise his child because he's obviously not going to be around to do so. And so that happens. And hence the title Love and thunder because now Thor and Gorr's daughter are running around the world beating bad guys up. And they're known as the duo, they're known as the legendary duo, Love and Thunder. Love being the girl. Her name was changed til, she was renamed Love because she was brought back to life because of love, from Gorr her father and of course Thor's love raising her as a surrogate father. And then thunder because he is the thunder guy Thor. So Love and Thunder. That's how you get the name. Final Battle Of course, Jane Foster dies because she changed to the Mighty Thor one more time to help Thor which of course, expanded the last vestiges of her life. And yeah, it was a while, I can't stop choking excusez-moi while I clear my throat. 

But um, one cool, speaking of plot devices, one cool plot device that was used was narration by this rock being, played by Taika Waititi, name Korg, which was fun. And and so it's like this story began with with Korg narrating the, how Thor came from, well there's there's some of the quotes are on IMDb so this is one of the the quotes "Come Come gather around and listen to the legend of the space Viking aka the God of Thunder aka Thor Odinson raised in the way of the warrior.." That's how it begins with a Korg saying this narration and of course there's a montage showing Thor as a baby, as a kid, as a teenager, up until we knew him from the Avengers, until he got the dad bod, and then rebuilt himself back. And then of course in the end as Love and Thunder. 

He and, the movie, so it began with him narrating albeit with a montage about the life of Thor, his origin story, so to speak. And then of course, the movie ends showing that now Thor is fighting, you know, the bad guys of the cosmos with the with Gorr's daughter. So it was um, that was a cool plot device that I enjoyed. I love the callbacks of the movie as well. It was fun seeing Russell Crowe play Zeus, the God of War, the god of lightning, from the Greeks, Greek mythology. And of course, what Marvel movie, what would a Marvel movie be, what what would a Marvel movie be without some post end credit scene? And in the post end credit scene you have, because um, Thor went to this, wherever Mount, it wasn't Mount Olympus. They called it something else, but the secret headquarters of Zeus, to try to get Zeus to help him fight against Gorr. But Zeus was like no, we're not. He acknowledged that he was afraid of him and meanwhile, I could just stay here in my in my city safe in hiding away from that. And Thor's like, Wow, I can't believe you know, you're supposed to be this mighty God, someone that I looked up to, because I'm based off of you, in a sense. And you're you're a coward. So, so they have a little fight. And of course, you think he kills him with his own lightning bolt because he grabbed, he captured the thunderbolt and then threw it right back at him and went through his chest to the back of him. And then he fell off of his throne

So we thought he died but in the post end credits you see that he's not dead. He's healing and and now he's vowing revenge against Thor and he's gonna have his his son Hercules. enact his vengeance for him. And Hercules is played by by a British actor from from Ted Lasso. So it's interesting seeing him play, Hercules, but he kind of looks like, Brett Goldstein, hat's his name. He kind of looks like the comic book version of Hercules. Kind of not really ignite exactly, but he has the beard and mustache. He could pull that part off, and he's in decent shape. And I'm sure he's gonna get, he's gonna have to get beefier, for the fifth movie, it's incredible that Thor has had, out of all the superheroes so far, Thor has had the most movies. Captain America had like three, Iron Man had three. Thor's already had four and a fifth one is on the way now because of this new plot that's about to begin, that they're, that they introduced at the end. With Zeus getting, wanting revenge against Thor, so that should be interesting. 

Guardians of the Galaxy had two movies they're gonna have a third one as well. So yeah, everyone else has had no more than three movies except for Thor. Thor is the exception. Black Panther has had two or there's a second one coming. Dr. Strange had two, Spider Man has had three but technically it's it I mean, it's kind of from the MCU but it's done by Sony. It's a different movie company that's doing those movies. But yet Thor is the only one who's had the most movies. 

It's interesting. It's surprising I should say. I didn't think that would be the case. Even the Avenge, Oh no, I stand corrected, Avengers had four movies. You had Avengers The first one, Avengers Age of Ultron, Avengers Infinity War, and then Avengers endgame. So there's that right? Let me look those up shall we? Avengers, Avengers movies. I'm gonna have to look it up through Google. Avenger movies. I can't spell Avenger for some reason. Okay Avengers films in order. You had, that's Captain America nevermind we don't want that. You had the Avengers. Then you had Avengers Age of Ultron like I said, and then you had Avengers Infinity War and Avengers endgame. Yeah, I was right. So yeah, those had, those were four movies. And Ant Man had two. Thor's the only one with four movies. Oh, well, well the Avengers is the exception. So Avengers and Thor, those are the two franchises so far that had two. Captain America you had, let's see, you had Captain America The First Avenger. Right? And then you had the Cold War? Or no, no, you had Winter, Winter Soldier, that's two. Then you had Civil War, that's three, and that's it. That's it, they only had three. So I was right. You only had three. 

Do I have anything else to say about the Thor movie? Huh? No, not, not really. I think I said everything I wanted to say. It was a fun movie. Of course. It was fun seeing them all again. Love the humor. You know, some of the sad mome-, there were sad moments in it, seeing Jane Foster die was was tragic. But she had stage four cancer so there wasn't really anything you could hope for really? You I mean, you couldn't really expect some miracu-, I mean, you could I guess expect some miraculous miraculous thing to happen. Like maybe the Thor hammer would save her but it didn't. So so that was the end of her. 

So yeah, man. If you have any questions, comments or what have you, you can always reach me. My email is me@juliofromny.com. My website is julioscorner.com and I am on Twitter, @juliofromny. There's a GoFundMe, of course, the link will be in the show notes. And yeah, until next time, thank you for listening.

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