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My Addiction to Kdramas

September 30, 2022 Episode 5
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  • Addiction to Kdramas 
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You're listening to Julio's Corner. My corner of the internet where I share my thoughts and two cents on anything and everything that crosses my mind. Mainly, I'll talk about shows and movies that I like to watch. Occasionally, I'll share my thoughts and opinions on politics and society at large. But mostly, this is my happy place where I can be me and express myself. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution, Noncommercial 4.0 International license. This means you can share my audio, remix it, do whatever you want with it, just not use it for commercial purposes. And you have to credit the source. So say where you got it from. This is Episode Five recorded live on Friday, September 30th, 2022. And the title will be An Addiction to Kdramas. And we'll be getting back into the show in a moment. 

And welcome back to the show. Once again. I'm your host, Julio from New York. This is Julio's Corner, Episode Five. And so yes, we won't be burying the lead this time around. Today's episode, the media chunk will be on K dramas and my new implementation or at least an implementation of my viewing practices. So yes, title is an addiction to K dramas. And the reason for that is that, like Pringles, once you pop, you can't stop. At least that's that's my personal experience. Instead of watching, you know, a show that's airing live. I like to binge. But with K dramas, so like when I'm binging American shows, like for instance, I am currently watching Scrubs, along with the podcast that I mentioned in a few episodes ago, called fake doctors, real friends. So they watch the episode that they're going to talk about, then I'll listen to the episode on the podcast, where they go over their memories of making that episode and so on, and I'm able to pace myself with my viewing. I don't have that issue with K dramas. I'm sorry, that's not an issue. I don't have that ability with K dramas. My issue is, I'll start watching it and before you know it, it's three in the morning and I'm not stopping myself and I should have been sleeping hours ago. But I can't help myself because this show is so good. The last episode I just finished is on a bit of a cliffhanger. And so I need to see what happens next. Until I finished the whole series.

So I wonder, why am I having this problem with K dramas in a way that I've never had with any other show that I've binged in the past because Kdrama is not my first instance of binge watching. I used to have Netflix I used to binge, you know, Daredevil and Frankie and June, I think is the name of that comedy. The Ranch, Carmen Sandiego. There's a lot of shows that I binged on Netflix, on Amazon Prime, Hulu, and I've never, and I've been able to curb my viewing somewhat. I mean, there where times where I still would go overboard. But not to the extent that I am with K dramas. With Kdramas., like I just explained, it'll be three in the morning and I still will keep watching and I'll be like, Okay, the next one will be my last one and then before you know what I'm going to bed at six or five in the morning And it could be where my headspace is at right now as well. And of all the stuff that I have escaped, or at least at this moment in time, because of the idyllic setting of the Kdrama that I'm watching, and my my proclivity to escape into the show has been further exacerbated by this whole working from home and COVID situation and self isolation maybe that's all culminating into my inability to self discipline myself somewhat. 

But But um, but I'm gonna throw that to the side and just think and just focus on, what is it about K dramas specifically that are really like sucking me in. Because again, as I mentioned, the difference between a Kdrama and American shows, K dramas are a one and done medium. So it's a one season show and that for the most part, again, there's there are some exceptions, and that seems to be changing a little more as time goes on. But for the most part, every, just about every Kdrama show that I've seen, with a few exceptions, as I already stated, they, they're just 16 to 12 episodes, and that's it. They're never, they never come back. Whereas shows on Netflix, on Hulu, on Amazon, you know, there's a season one, there's a season two and however many seasons are there, there's a contract for. So because of that I feel like the stories are, are more concisely and better closely, close knitted, close knit written to, for lack of a better phrase. It's just better writing in general, because they know what their beginning, middle and end will be. And so they pace it accordingly. And it's just, it's just better executed than these other shows that you know, they make a season and they write for the season, but they leave wiggle room for a possibility of another season. Whereas K dramas aren't about another season. They're just Nope, this is the story we're telling. It's our only shot at telling it, we're going to do it and execute it and that's it, on to the next one. So, so there's that aspect, because so because of the better story and better character development and just more better continuity, because it's, you know, it's just one season. That that definitely makes it, the appeal stronger for me. 

The other reason I think the other two reasons that I'm going to go into regarding what I believe is the cause the root causes of my addiction to K dramas, for instance, is the relationships of the characters in the shows. Now the shows I like to watch that I focus on are rom coms, dramas, some melodramas and romance stuff. I don't really follow, I don't look for horror stuff, I don't really look for thrillers and other stuff. Because life is stressful enough, I'm trying to escape. So I want to see something that I don't have in my life that I guess that I aspire for. So romance, comedy, you know, happy happy stories. And so naturally, those stories are relationship driven. And it's not necessarily romantic relationships. But there's also familial relationships between, you know, good relationships between family, there's some bad ones, of course, the chaebols generally have a bad, bad relationships, because the standard trope for the chaebol is that your children, your progeny, are just another product of your brand. And so you nurture them, or groom them, or you raise them for the sole purpose of continuing the brand, not as a person, not as your son or daughter. There's that emotional bond is not there. And then you'll see the working class fam-, excuse me, and then you'll see the working class family in those in those dramas and those are much more emotionally connected. And it's, it's a, they're heartwarming, and it's a familial bond that you aspire for, or wish you had in your life. And and then of course, there's the friendships, there's always the the close girl girl friends, guy guy friends, girl with guys that are, you know, they see each other as family. 

Like, there's the most recent relationship, the most recent relationship, the most recent drama that I saw that I will speak to, in the media chunk, where a bunch of these people were raised in an orphanage. And so to them, they were like family with each other. And so they had that familial bond, even though they weren't biological families, they were the family, they became a family despite the lack of biological connection. So those kinds of relationships are definitely appealing to me. And and so it Um, it elicits my voyeuristic tendencies. And my compulsion to escape my reality, and just be drawn into these shows and escape my reality, so to speak. And so yeah, that that I think is at least in terms of root causes from a a simple, broad brushstroke outlook. That that is my reasoning for the possi-, what I believe is the reasons for my addiction to K dramas. And I guess addiction is a strong word. It's not really a vice so to speak, but my lack of self disci-, discipline for sure is affected by by this um binge practice of mines regarding Kdramas. 

Anyways, I'm, uh, I have this Hydroflask mug here, that, what's cool about it is that it keeps the, you know, what, if you put hot water in here, or cold water or whatever, it controls the temperature for a good amount of hours. So I'm trying to drink, I'm trying to drink hot water to see if that improves my ability to talk for 30-40 minutes at a time without me losing my voice towards the end of the show. Anyways, on to the next bullet point in my show notes. On the job hunt. I've had a couple of interviews so far for jobs outside of the home, one of, one in an  office capacity, one at a, working for a lobby at a building or something to that effect. So I'm looking forward to the results of those interviews. And hopefully, I'll have a different job. And I won't be working from home anymore. I need some change in life and I think that'll be it. And then I can be a lot more open about my current job and not have to fear or fears a strong word, but not have to be anxious about NDAs and whatnots. So anyways, yeah, that's all I have for the General Talk segment. Let's go into the Media Chunk.

So as I was trying, as I was saying, because I have this inability to stop myself from watching the next episode of a Kdrama series that I'm binging, I'm trying something different, that will hopefully help. And so there are three shows, actually one of them just ended. So I just finished it today. But there's three shows well today, as I said there there there were three shows that I was watching in simulcast. Now there's only two remaining, the third one I finished, like I said, I finished the third one today. But yeah, so these these are Kdramas that are currently ongoing. So I can only watch two episodes a week because that's all that's available. So once I I see them I have to wait. And that will stop my viewing. Cuz there isn't, there's no other episode to watch. I have to wait for the next one. So yeah, I for for a few of them. I tried waiting a few weeks, so that way, I had more than just two episodes to watch. But then of course, I would go through them and I would have to wait again. 

Good Job was one of those I waited until there was like six episodes left. And then I started binging them and then the the next, the final two dropped. I guess they dropped the last two days. And so that's why I was able to finish it today. And now that one is gone. But I still have these two. So I'm gonna start with the first one, the first one on my list, I should say. This one is called The Law Cafe. And it's a rom com. And so there's only what four? There's only, Okay, they're showing me all the episodes here the, MyDramaList is confusing me right now because this is not what I saw. Yeah, there's only eight episodes right now. So I saw I currently saw eight episodes. So there's eight more  to go. And I'll have to wait for those to drop. They haven't. They're not. They're not available yet. But it's going to end in the end of October. Anyways, moving on the show is called The Law Cafe. And the law Cafe is about these two eccentric. lawyers who were also childhood friends, or high school friends. I guess they met in high school, originally. So yeah, they met in high school. Oh, apparently this is adapted from a web novel. So maybe I'll check out the web novel. That'll be something to think over. Anywhos, point is, do I want to deal with things names that are hard for the transcripts? I'll go with the short name. Oh, no, that's her actress name. Sheesh, come on people! Why are you doing this to me? Oh, no, that is her character name. Okay, so her name is Yu Ri. We'll just say that. She's this weird, crazy lawyer, female, she's hot tempered, has a very strong sense of justice, what's right and wrong. And so she likes to do a lot of pro bono, well, she was working at a big corporate law firm, doing a lot of pro bono cases, for the everyman, so to speak. So she would go against corporations and whatnots at the expense of her law firm, to help these, you know, working class people that would come with her come to her with with their cases. 

So anyways, she decides to quit this sweet gig. I mean, it's on the one hand, the law firm was happy to get rid of her because she was losing the money. She was winning all her cases, but it was at the expense of the rest of their clientele, which are the corporations that she would fight against, she would butt heads against because of some of the cases that she would represent. So on the one hand, they were happy to get rid of her. Even though they respected her, her skill set as a lawyer because she was a damn good lawyer. But at the same time, they were also a little antsy about what are you going to do and her crazy idea was she wanted to create a law cafe. So it's going to be a cafe, right? Where people like, you know, like a Starbucks, where people will go in to buy coffee, artisan coffee. But the, the niche, the niche that she was going for, hence the name law cafe was you could come to her for some kind of legal consultation. So for a cup of coffee, which isn't necessarily, which is definitely cheaper than your standard legal consultation fee that a lawyer would charge you, so like for $5 or $3, or whatever a cup of coffee would cost, she, she would listen to your your issue and give you some legal advice. 

Anyways, the area, the, not the area, the location that she wanted to lease happens to be owned by a former high school friend, Jung Ho, who's the landlord of the building. And most of the people from the neighborhood just thought he was a slacker who owned a bunch of buildings. And he was just walking around, hanging out, hanging out in his tracksuit collecting rent. But of course, Yu Ri knows who he is because they were highschool buddies. At one point in time, they were boyfriend and girlfriend, in name, They were pretending to be boyfriend, girlfriend, but he actually had feelings for her. And she never really explained whether or not she had feelings for him during their high school days. But she was happy to have him as her boyfriend, in name, just so people would stop confessing to her and hassling her and whatever. But the guy breaks up with her and then disappears from her life. 

And she always felt slighted by that because like they were great friends and all of a sudden she just, you know, deserts her and now they meet up again and now he's her landlord and so they bunt heads. He's trying to get her to leave his premises and make this crazy outlandish contract for her to sign of what things she can't do and not do with her, her store and and so it just becomes a very volatile, antagonistic relationship. At least that's the start of it. But it's a wacky show. And she does have a, you know, a quick temper, especially when people try to go against her and are rude. And of course, they become love interests. And he's the most hesitant love interest that I've come across in a Kdrama. It's very annoying how passive and yeah, hesitant he is. And it turns out, you find out the reason for it is because he, his father was the head prosecutor during the, covering the case, where her the girl, Yu Ri, her father was killed by corporate malpractrice, malpractice. And they, they painted a picture that you know, it was all the father's all her father's fault. And the, this guy's father, Jung Ho, his father wasn't able to win the case or whatever. And then you find out later that he actually covered up the evidence that would have won the case. And the reason being he's married into the, the family, I think, I don't remember the name I think it was like Dung Ho or some some weird name like that. And so he's married into the relationship, into the the crooked Corporation corporate family, he married into the chaebol family. And so because of that, he even though he's supposed to be a prosecutor, and there's, there's there's the obvious conflict of interest. But, but yeah, no one is aware of it, apparently. And he covers it up and lets the criminals go scott free, paints her father to be the bad guy in the situation. 

And of course, this guy, his name is hard for me to remember. Jung Ho, he becomes a prosecutor himself, he, and he starts working for the district attorney's office and he discovers that his father covered it up. And, and so obviously, because of that, he quits that, that job. Because he's ashamed, because it's a betrayal to his, his good friend, Yu Ri. And his families is interconnected with this whole situation. And so that's part of the reason why he feels conflicted and hesitant about pursuing his love interest. And so that's where we're at at the moment. This all comes to light. It's revealed, where I'm, like I said, I'm halfway through the show now. So episode nine. Episode Eight is what I saw episode nine is on its way in in two days. Oh, there's a count. There's a little ticker here on the website. It's interesting. But yeah, so Yu Ri now knows why Jung Ho, is not pursuing a relationship with her, with her. And now she's hesitant about this situation because of the fact that she's conflicted because they painted her father to be this horrible person. And it's by these it because of the bad guys and his family is affiliated with them. So what do you do? And this is first, this is my first time seeing this actress Lee See Young, Lee Se Young? So it was you know, she's she's a good actress, definitely fiery. At least as the character she's playing. She's playing it pretty good. And her friend is this character actor, the actress that I'm familiar with. She was on a lot of shows that I've seen over the years, and she's always playing some kind of wacky character. In this one she's a police detective and she's a hard ass so that's pretty fun. 

So anyways, on to the next episode, the next show, I should say. And that show is called Love In Contract. Now, this one is definitely just a romcom and it's funny and it's pretty light hearted. And only four episodes are available at the moment. So Gotta wait for next week to catch episode five and six. And the main actress is played by Park Min Young, who I've already seen in two other shows, which was Her Private Life and What's Wrong With Secretary Kim? Both great funny romantic comedies. She's just a fun actress to see. And she always plays like these generally light hearted characters with a heart of gold. This one, she's a little more calculating. But at the core, she's inherently good. And her backstory, in this show, Love In Contract, she was adopted by this rich conglomerate family. So she's an adopted chaebol. And so she has no real mother, the woman who raised her who she thought was her mother puts a clear line between them, no, I am not your mother, I am your caretaker. We have a professional relationship. And I am raising you to marry another child or family to help the family that you're adopted into. Because there's no, there are no offsprings in this family that she's been adopted into. So her whole, her whole, her whole meaning in life, her own purpose in life is just to marry someone, you know, some chaebol. 

So anyways, and the family that they wanted her to marry into. I don't even remember the name of the family does, it doesn't matter, I'm not going to try to get these names, right, because I don't speak Korean and my transcript service will mess it up anyway, and I'll have to do a lot of editing. But point is, so she she was raised how to in the ways of being a good wife. So turn back, fast forward a number of years, she has her first engagement, she blows it up. And essentially is, you know, she, she embarrasses her family, the family that she was adopted into. And so now she's living this. So the, she's no longer living in the family household. She's on her own, doing an interesting job, where she pretends to marry people. She has a I forget the name of the service, but her her her business is she'll she'll marry someone for you know, a number of time, a period of time, a week, a month or whatever, for to help the person who marries. So let's for instance, there'll be this gay guy who you know, is trying to put up a front to his family because his family's keeps trying to find him wives, but he's gay. And apparently he can't come off come out as gay because that would be a disgrace to the family, He's the only son the rest of the offsprings are daughters. So there's this heavy responsibility on him to marry and continue the family, you know, the family name or whatever. So he finds her and he marries her quote unquote, and, you know, to save face with his family, and, you know, it's a professional relationship. And, and then they get divorced, and they'll just have a backstory as to why they got divorced. And that'll be the end of it. And then he can be like, you know, that's it. That was my one shot. I'm not getting married ever again and so on. 

And there'll be another situation where there was a guy whose grandmother is dying. And so in her final wishes, you know, her dying breath was you know, dying wishes to see him married before she got she leaves this earth. This is our what's the? How do you say plane? the Celeste not celestial plane, the whatever. Before she leaves this earth she wants to see him married, so she hires this girl to marry him off. Choi Sang Eun, is the character's name. Why am I doing this to myself? But anyway, Choi Sang Eun is the character's name. So she marries her, he marries her so you know, they go through the registration, so it's all legal and legit and official. And then she dies and then they get divorced. And so she has, to the, by the time we get to the present, she has like 12, 12 or 14 divorces already, all penciled in. And so at the moment, she has a couple of marriages, well she has one marriage left, I should say. She can only be married one at, once at a time, right? 

So she's currently married to this judge of a family court. And he actually presided over a number of her divorces. So that's how he first found out about her and then discovered her service, because he has issues, he has interpersonal skill issues. He doesn't know how to communicate with people. Whenever he does talk it sounds very insulting, and standoffish. So he comes off as very antisocial. And it is because he just doesn't know how to communicate with someone in a empathetic level. I can definitely relate to that. That was a big criticism of m whenever I, in my early years of troubleshooting, you know, smart smartphones and tablets for customers, I came off as being rude. When I wasn't being rude, I was just being very technical. But regardless, this guy takes it a whole other notch than I ever was. And so it's not clear why he marries her exactly, because he's not using her for anyone else, except for himself just so they can eat dinner together. Their relation-, their arrangement is they meet Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays, every night, for dinner, they don't even talk and and they just they just have dinner and then she leaves. And that's the end of that. And she, and he pays, very handsomely. She's his best paying client. And they've been together for five years. So they've been at it for a long while. And which is which, which is why I find it weird that now that I'm thinking about it, because cuz she had a couple other marriages at the same time. But she said she can only be married, you know, once at a time. So I guess the other ones, there did not have to be any official record of it, she just had to put on a ring and put on a show, for these other ones that were more of like, like, there was one where they had like a high school reunion or something. And he's very successful but he's a bit of a mousy guy, and, you know, unpopular, whatever. So to, so these guys, you know, his, his classmates would always talk down to him and make fun of him because you know, he's a nerd, a loser, so to speak. Whereas they're all like, cool and hip and have lives or whatever. So he hires her for this one for this you reunion and she talks him up and makes them all look like "Looks like you guys are all suffering from inferiority complex because you keep trying to talk down to my guy. And yet, what do you guys have to show for yourselves other than your trying to keep talking him down, when he's clearly successful, has a great career. I'm his wife, and that we're happy and yet you guys are only getting, gaining pleasure from trying to, you know, at his expense or trying to get pleasure for at his expense, instead of just being satisfied with your own lives." 

So that's the service that she, that she, her, she offers and she's getting ready to retire. This current guy that Judge Jung Ji Ho is going to be his last, her last client. Because she wants to, you know, she's in her 30s now, she's had 12 plus divorces, and she's ready to actually have a romance life. And also the reason for why she was doing this is because she was paying, so you know, like I mentioned, she she did this whole blow up, disgraced her family. And so she's paying off whatever, she has a debt to the the woman who raised her so or at least that's what they have us believe. So she was paying her off with these jobs. And so she finally had the final payment. I think it turned out to be like 500,000 Won or 5,000,000 Won, was total amount that she had to pay to Mrs Yoo, Madam Yoo. But it turns out later on, you find out and again, there's only like five episodes currently, or four episodes currently on air. So within those four episodes, you you learned that actually I never I never demanded that from you. You did that out of your own. Out of your own self pride or your own made up obligations that you that you made up I never obligated you to pay me all this money. You were just doing it for your for your own satisfaction. At least that's what she said to him, to her. And the girl says you know you deserve all your punishment. 

Anyways, for whatever reason, even though she doesn't like Miss Yoo, Madame Yoo, she keeps giving her money. And so there's this other guy. This actor, famous actor Kang, Aye yayay why am I doing this myself? Kang Hae Jin, who's actually the youngest son of this chaebol family that Choi Sang Eun was engaged to. So she was engaged to that guy's older brother. And he immediately in that whole blow up that he witnessed, he just was bespelled by her. And ever since, and he knew her by her American name, Jamie. And so ever since like, that was the ideal woman that he always wanted to have in his life. So no woman would compare to her. And so he even has a cat he named Jamie, after her. So now he calls his cat Jamie 1 and Jamie he calls Jamie 2, because Jamie 2 is not in her, his life. Anyways, he has discovered that she has this service where she, cuz he was like, "why is she married to this psychopath below me," the judge guy. Because she's, he saw him a one point enacting a murderer down the stairwell. And he had all these pictures, of a murder. And that's when you discover Well, actually, no, he's a judge and this was just his, his way of mentally enacting the crime to get an idea of how to judge it, because he's a judge. 

And so anyway, because of these encounters, he discovers that Choi Sang Eun has this business, not realizing, not knowing that she's actually on her way to end this business because she finally finished divorcing her her last client, Jung Ji Ho, and is getting, well she was getting ready to go to Canada but she blew off her money back to Madam Yoo because madam Yoo got entangled with that guy's chaebol family. We'll just call them, it's not the Kangs it's the family name is called, is something else. He's going, that's a stage name. His stage name is Kang Hae Jin. But his family name is his chaebol name is something else, which I don't remember and Choi Sang Eun is a name and she goes by, she had she had a different name. Jamie is part of it. But anyways yeah, they they set him, they set her up with a bad land contract. And so she takes the fall and goes to jail and Choi Sang Eun is the one who bails her out with all the money that she, that she was, has been saving after paying her off at already she was saving up all this money to go to Canada. Well now she's broke again so technically she kind of needs to go back on this marriage career job that she has. But um yeah, Kang, Kang Hae Jin doesn't know any of this at the moment. 

But at one of these times, one of these moments when they were outside, in one of their unexpected, not meet ups. Encounters, the paparazzi photographed and so they've been wondering who is this woman surrounded? Who is this woman surrounding Kang Hae Jin? Is she a gold digger or whatever? So he takes this as an opportunity like oh wow now I can find a way to get Jamie into my life. The the woman of my dreams my my first crush. So she, he announced, this is how the last episode I watched ends. He announces to the paparazzi in front of his building that this is going to be my wife. Because now his family is trying to, because all this time since he doesn't have any relationships and they see him talking to some person named Jamie on his phone, not knowing that it's his cat, there's these rumors that he might be gay or he's always sleeping around with some slut name Jamie. When it's really his cat he's talking to, on his video, on his video call. 

But um, well yeah anyways his his family's now like you know what, enough of this actor life. We want you to get get into the fold. Be a proper chaebol. Marry some chaebol woman and and make the family proud because you're the last, you're the last one. And of course, like all chaebol relationships, the older brother is happy that he's an actor because that means he's not a threat to the family because he's not, he's not doing any power plays. He's he's doing, he's working outside of the family, making money outside of family and not inner acting, not getting into the family inheritance or anything. He he's not, he's not being an, he's not being an heir. He's making his own life, which works for the older brother just fine. But his mother and father, his mother and father are not having that. They want him to be a chaebol. And he of course does not. And he's like, so if I get married, that's all, that's all you need. Right? If I get married, you guys will leave me alone and let me live my life. Right? Yeah. Okay, great. I'm gonna marry this girl, Choi Sang Eun aka Jamie 2, aka the woman of my dreams when I, since I first met him her, since I first encountered her when she blew up her engagement to my older brother. 

So yeah, I just got my hot water back in my throat. I'm almost done with it. But anyways, that is Love In Contract in a nutshell, the first four episodes of it. It's pretty funny and crazy and definitely, you got to do some suspension of belief because who gets 12 marriages and not have like, some kind of red flag situation going on in the courthouse whenever. Because these are not like marriages years apart. Some of them are weeks apart, like she'll get she'll get divorced on Sunday, get married the next Friday. It's just like, that's how a lot of these marriages have lined up over the last, over these five years that she's been doing this, this business. 

So it's interesting. So anyway, the final show that I want to talk about the one I just finished. It's called Good Job. This was a unstandard 12 episode show, which explains why even though I was trying to pace myself out, I was able to finish it because it finally completed in 12, in 12 episodes. So this was a six week show. So this show has chaebols in it. They all tend to have chaebols don't they? But it's not really about chaebols. Well, in a way, in a sense. That's not the main focus of the story. The story is, and I was bringing this up about adopted family, you have this girl, this female. Her name is, sheesh Don Se Ra. Her name is Don Se Ra. She is, she works a lot of part time jobs. And the reason why she works all these part time jobs is that she likes to you know, she's collecting all this money to then help support the orphanage that raised her. And so why she does part time jobs instead of regular jobs I don't, they don't really explain that part of it. It's just she does these weird, there's, there are a lot of odd jobs. One of them, for instance, is working at a casino. Where because she has this, she has this what's called supe, they call it supervision. She has this ability to like zoom in, in an inhuman way, to, like superscope something that could be happening 2000 miters, meters away, or just macro vision and see something up close and whatever. And so she can, nothing can get, nothing will get by her if she's looking at, in that direction. So she would have been a perfect sniper if, you know she was trained to be an assassin. 

But anyways, so yeah, like for instance, I can mention she would work at a casino for instance, and she'll, they'll have a dress up like a waitress, but she's not really serving drinks to anyone she's just walking the floor. While she's looking at all the tables and all the pitstops, the pit, the pits? and letting the pit bosses know, okay, this guy is hiding, you know, a card in his sleeve, that person is actually working with that person to try to win that table of blackjack or poker or whatever, and so on. So she'll be doing all of that. That would be her job at the casino. And then she'll do food delivery somewhere else and, you know, again, all kinds of odd end part time jobs. And, and so anyway, that's her. And then you have the chaebol,  Eun Seon Woo, who I saw in a, in another drama which I'll talk about in the future, called, what was it called? It was called something about Cinderella and the four knights? Cinderella and the Four Knights, that's what it was called. 

So yeah. So anyways, in this one, he's a chaebol, who is trying to find out who killed his mother 20 years ago. And so he he has a detective agency. He has like a, he has his own version of the Batcave in his corporate, in the corporate, his family's corporate office. So in his office, he has what he calls the meditation room. But really the meditation room has this bookcase which actually is a secret elevator that brings him down to the, this other part of the building where he has his quote unquote Batcave, which is run by his friend, who's a lawyer slash detective. And And so together, they're trying to figure out who killed his mother. And his mother was known as the Angel Lady at the orphanage that Don Se Ra was raised. And she would always, you know, go there and help the kids and she was one of the kids that was really close to her. 

So it's kind of like they're kind of fated to be together in the end. So there's that there's that aspect. And unlike the typical chaebol story, there's no family to say no to the relationship because her mother, his mother and father are gone. So there's no one else. There's an uncle, but he's trying to take over the family business from him, the Eunkang Group is what it's called. And he is partly responsi-, he's an accomplice to the murder of this guy's mother. So anyways, it was a pretty fun wacky show. It started off very action packed. This guy was like a man of 100 disguises, he kept changing how he looked. But when he went to the casino for one of his missions, he could not get past this girl, Don Se Ra, because of her super vision. She even noticed that hey, wait, this is not even real mustache. He, she yanks it off his face. And and then she noticed him breaking into a house. 

Coincidentally, he was, she was driving by, I'm trying to remember now how that happened. But um, hmm, what happened? She, well regardless she tracked him down to a house that he broke into quote unquote broke into and and then there was this bed full of blood so look like ooh. She she called the police telling them there's a robbery in progress. You know, cut to scene where there's a bed full of blood and then the cops are thinking, they're arresting him as a murder suspect. And he's like how could it be a murder suspect look at the blood there look at me there's not a speck of it on me and and I literally just been here for like five minutes before you guys got here. How would I've been able to murder someone hide the body and not and not have any evidence on me? So to speak. And also I'm this very rich guy. Why would I? Why would I do that? Anyways those two get entangled. And you know all high jinks ensue and they eventually figure out that the killer is his uncle but not only the uncle the illegitimate son of the uncle that was pretending to just be this worker bee this worker bee. So yeah, that's how that show was, ended. And then ended you know, it was it was a cute ending. It ended it became it went from an action pack comedy to more of a thriller towards the end. Suspenseful Thriller In the end, but with a little bit of romance in the final episode, so I enjoyed that very much. 

And yeah, that's, that's all the show we have. I can't believe we're at 50 minutes. This is yet the longest episode. I thought Thor was the long one. This is much longer than I expected. So anyways, if you have any comments, questions, what have you, my email is me@juliofromny.com. My website, julioscorner.com. I have a GoFundMe on my, in my show notes. You can check the link there. And of course I am on Twitter, @juliofromny. So until next time thank you for listening.

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