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October 07, 2022 Episode 6
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The Uncanny Counters
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  • New viewing practice is helping, sort of
  • Currently binging another kdrama (When The Weather Is Fine) but managing better
  • Job interviews didn’t pan out

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You're listening to Julio's Corner, my corner of the internet where I share my thoughts and two cents on anything and everything that crosses my mind. Mainly I'll talk about shows and movies that I like to watch. Occasionally I'll share my thoughts and opinions on politics and society at large. But mostly, this is my happy place where I can be me and express myself. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution, Noncommercial 4.0 International license. This means you can share my audio, remix it, do whatever you want with it, just not use it for commercial purposes, and you have to credit the source. So say where you got it from. This is episode six recorded live on Friday, October 7th, 2022. And we're gonna get into the nitty gritty in a bit. About 10 More seconds of this music. And this is episode 6, The Uncanny Counters. 

Welcome back to the show. Once again, I'm your host, Julio from New York. We are recording Julio's Corner Episode Six: The Uncanny Counters. So let's get into the general talk segment. In last episode, I was talking about how I was trying to curb my binging ways. And the way I was curbing my binging ways is that I was watching some shows in simulcast. And give me a moment. I'm just positioning myself here. So I'm more more centered. And I can see the camera a little better. But yeah, so I'm watching the Law Cafe and Love In Contract in simulcast. And that has helped with my binging practices, because, you know, I run out of episodes every given week. But then, of course, I am left without any anything to watch. And I'll end up binging something, and there was a show that, there was a Kdrama that popped up that um, it was in my queue of of kdramas that I wanted to watch. And I've binged through it since the last episode. I started it and finished it. So you know, I still have a little bit, it's still a work in progress, my binging habits, but it's a lot more improved. Since this is only one show, I binged instead of the usual which I think I did maybe two to three a week. So um, so yeah, I'm getting I'm getting a little better. So anyway, I'm currently, there's another Kdrama that I'm also binging which I'm in the middle of and this one is kind of good for my binging habits, because it is a very slow paced drama. It's called When The Weather Is Fine with the same actress from Love In Contract, Park Min Young, so you know, I'm able to you know, after watching an episode, I can take a step back and you know, go about my day and leave it off to view at a later time. 

So right now I'm on, I think I'm on Episode, I'm on episode seven or eight right now. And she just confessed her love to her love interest. And that's how the episode ended and I was okay with holding back to see what what will transpire because while going through the previews, it looks like he's going to disappear and whatnot. And it's a very slow paced show. So it doesn't really, it's very much like a slice of life. But obviously, there's, there's a romance story going on. But it is so so place, it is so slow paced, that I'm able to, yeah, I'm able to stop myself when some, done with an episode I can turn off the TV and go to sleep or you know, do whatever I need to do. So anyways, so that's another show that that's helping. 

I mentioned I had some job interviews. They did not pan out. So once again, I am trying to get re acclimated with my current job, get back on the payroll because I need money. And we'll see what we'll do from there. So that was fast, that was five minutes. Much faster than I thought I was going to take to ramble on my general general talk stuff. So this might be a short podcast episode this time around. Which is funny because the last episode I was planning on making it, I was hoping it would be short and that's not what happened and it ended up being the longest one to date. But we shall see. We're going to get into the Kdrama that I binged through rather fast because it was such a captivating show. So let's get into the media chunk.

Okay, we are back. And oh, yeah, another thing I mentioned, the the hot water thing seems to be working, I feel. So anyways, what we're here about we're here for, as the title of the episode. The show I'm talking about is called The Uncanny Counters. It is a it is a supernatural Kdrama. So it's not a it's not a rom, it's not my typical rom com, or melodrama or romance drama. It is a, it is a, it's a thriller with supernatural elements, some horror elements, but not really. It's more of a suspenseful thriller with supernatural elements that might make it somewhat psychological. And the main characters, I'll get into it right now. You have this young boy, So Moon, he was, he he was disabled due to a car accident that killed his parents. But they, but then a celestial being possesses his body and he discovers this world of evil spirits and Counters, or Reapers, that are supposed to exorcise these evil spirits back to the, to the underworld. 

You have Do Ha Na, a, a a bit of a antisocial female, tough tomboyish character. Tough as nails, fighter. She is able to her her, oh right! their abilities. So So Moon's ability is he's able to bring up the this, he's able to bring the they call it their territory. So it's the territory is basically this magic land that bridges the gap between Earth and the afterlife. And he is able, and over the years before he became anointed as one of the counters, they were, you know, the territory has been eroding, and so it's almost becoming non existent. So it's getting, it's getting harder to fight the spirits because they are at their strongest when they're fighting these evil spirits within their territory, and the territory comes and goes at random. But So Moon has the ability to conjure it wherever they are, he can just bring their territory to them, you know, thereby leveling up their abilities. So that's his power. And he's also able to when whenever he's near the territory or he brings up the territory he can sense where the evil spirits are. So back to Do Ha Na who's played by an actress that I'm a fan of. She was in the business, A Business Proposal the rom com as wel,l and also the other, another Kdrama called Webtoon which I don't believe I spoke about, but I will in a future episode. She you know, she plays this tough as nails female character. 

You have Ga Mo Tak who is a, his superpowers, he's just super strong and able to beat people to a pulp. So he's also able to control his, obviously, if he uses his strength against a normal normal human, he would kill them with a single blow, so obviously he tempers it. But yeah, he's the, he's the brawn of the of the team, and a bit simple minded. And in his past life, he was a detective. And, later on you'll find out that he was actually a detective working on a story with So Moon's father and mother. Well, not the Mother, the Father. And they were both killed off well, he obviously did not die but his father So Moon's father was killed off. Ga Mo Tak was believed to be killed off, but he was actually in a coma. And he survived, but he lost all his memories. And then he got one of the spirits and he became a Counter. 

And of course, then you have Chu Mae Ok, she is the matron figure of the team. She's the mother, she's older, she's their mothers. Her superpower is she, she's able to heal people. So all of them have obviously they're, they're stronger in general. But um, Ga Mo Tak is the strongest one. And that that is it. That's that's all, that's the extent of his abilities. So Moon is obviously a little stronger but his ability is to bring back, bring the territory to them and help power them up that way. Do Ha Na is able to sense where the bad guys are. And Chu, oh, and she's also able to read people's memories when she touches them. And then you have Chu Mae Ok, she's able to heal people. But the thing is, when she's healing people, she loses a bit of her, her life. She's using her her life essence to heal people. 

And then you have this other guy, he's more of a behind the scenes person. He's also the money behind the group because he's a, he's a, he's a chaebol, he's a rich conglomerate, he owns a whole mall chain, chain of shopping malls. So that's how he makes his money. And so he helps fund their their operation. He's Choi Jang Mool. So he's, he has no superpowers because his ability, his spirit was, he retired, so to speak, but he still keeps, helps finance this group. And His Spirit went to another guy who you don't discover until later in the show. And then he ends up he ends up like, in the classic Star Trek, there was a guy with the red shirt, where whenever, in a given episode, and you saw this new character with a red shirt, you knew Okay, that's the one who's going to die. That's the, that's essentially what happened with with his protege. And the guy was a an aspiring Kpop artist. But that didn't pan out. And he decided, for whatever reason he was in China. He was in their Shanghai territory, but yeah, not a lot has been told about and he also has the ability to heal. So so they had two healing people. But he obviously isn't there. Because he's hiding out in, in Shanghai, wherever that is. 

So those are the main characters. And now the basic plot, if if we go by MyDramaList, I'll just read it real verbatim. The Uncanny Counter tells the story of demon hunters called Counters who come to earth under the guise of being employees at a noodle restaurant in order to capture evil spirits that have returned to earth in pursuit of eternal life. So Moon is the youngest of the Counters. After suffering from a mysterious car accident as a child, he eventually becomes a central figure among the Counters. Do Ha Na has the ability to sense the locations of evil spirits, even those that are hundreds of kilometers away. She can also read memories of others through touch and works with So Moon to do away with evil spirits. Ga Mo Tak is a Counter with incredible strength. He’s a former police officer who lost his memory seven years ago after an accident and is unable to stand idle in the face of injustice. He's also So Moon’s mentor. And Chu Mae Ok, Chu Mae Ok is a Counter with healing abilities. Outwardly, she’s the chef of the noodle restaurant, but among the Counters, she is the emotional pillar of the group. And Choi Jang Mool is the oldest Counter. He’s in charge of all of the Counters’ expenses, and he is a living legend among the Counters in Korea. 

Now that part I didn't know. They never really said anything like that. But I guess you know, there's only so much exposition you can throw into the mix. So anyways, the basic premise of the plot, the way that the show starts out, you first, you do see the car accident that happens and there's no real explanation. And then, and the guy, Cho Mo Tak falling off off of the, Ga Mo Tak I should say, falling off the roof of a building and crashing into a car. So you thought he died off as well along with So Moon's parents because, you know, they got t-boned by a truck. A truck just rammed them, flipping the car over killing him off. Him, he survived but his leg, his right leg got you know, got wrecked. And he's in a coma for about a month, but then he wakes up. And then he has he suffers from aphasia, so he's not able to talk for a number of years. You learned this later on throughout the, you know, later episodes of the show. But anyway, so so the first scene, the opening scene is the car accident and the guy falling off the roof. It was a rainy day, there was an election going on. This guy got elected mayor. 

And then we fast forward seven years, he's a high school student. limping to school has two good friends, there's a lot of corruption all around this world. Obviously, there's high school bullies, they seem to dominate the school, the parents, not the not the parents, the teachers don't do anything about it, because these bullies are the sons of like, well, one is the son of the mayor, so he's untouchable. And then another one is like the son of a another politician, a general assembly guy or something like that. And then of course, the other one is something else. And so and then the other ones are, by association, to those three alone, they're all untouchable and they're able to collect people's lunch money and what have you. And they run the school. 

And now he somehow, I guess, because, you know, he's a cripple. Essentially, in everyone's eyes, he's he's essentially invisible, so no one really bothers him. However, his friend is one of these kids, one of these victims of this bully group. And so he's been quietly getting bullied and trying to, you know, pay, give whatever money he can have, he was forced to give them he was extorted from, you know, out of it to mitigate, minimize the amount of beatings he was getting from these bullies. And So Moon is ignorant of this, they, they keep him in the blind until he witnesses it in the library. And he confronts those those people from, to stop, you know, bullying his friend. So now he has a target on his back. But right before or maybe around the same time? No, no, no, no, no, no, no. Right before that happened, he, the the counters, the current counters. There was a, there was a guy that was in So Moon's stead, though he did not have the ability to bring up the territory, what I think he could do was, he was able to, if he was in the area where there was a territory, he's able to maintain it a little longer than its normal duration. 

And so they find this, this evil spirit who just killed someone else. And they're trying to find him and he's incredibly strong. He is a level three, demon, which means he, he's already killed at least two people, suck their souls to level up in strength, and now he has the ability of psycho, psychokinesis. So he's able to move things, you know, what we call in, in the US, we call it telekinesis. So he can move things around with his mind. They call it psychokinesis. And so he ends up killing that guy, the guy who was able to hold a territory and so the spirit that was inside him her, the chara, that spirit's name was goo something. Why am I looking it up now? I should have oh, there it is. It's Wi Gen is her name. She, so she's basically, she flies out the body and is looking for a new host. And the way they, the way they find hosts, which is what makes So Moon the exception, they embody people that were in comas. Because for whatever reason, that's that's the qualifying characteristic to become a Counter is you're in a coma. So the spirit is able to, I guess, because you're in a coma, so they have leverage over you. So they can say okay, so hey, you're right now you're in a coma. And basically, you're gonna stay in a vegetative state, and eventually die. Or we can give you a second lease on life. However, there's this agreement, that, there's this contract between us, and you have to help us rid the E-, rid the world of these evil spirits that possess bad people and make them worse and make them immortal. 

And so that's how you have all these guys. Ga Mo Tak like I mentioned, fell off the roof of a building was in a coma for like, six, seven months. And then he made a contract with one of these spirits. So anyway, that guy gets killed off. So Wi Gen is floating through, you know, the plane, the terrestrial plane and, and she's either A) trying to escape or B) trying to find a host, you know, whichever one is the best option for her. And she, she comes across So Moon who's not in a coma, he's this kid with a disability. But she sensed great power within him and she immediately gets sucked in. I don't know if she gets sucked into his body or she just goes into the body, but her, his body called her and one of the physical characteristics of these Counters, once they have a spirit in them, their hair develops a perm, a spiritual, you know, they have a perm. That's one of the physical Yes, side effects of being possessed by one of these terrestrial these, you know, other worlds spirits in the in their bodies. So, so he gets the the Spirit, he doesn't realize that the spirit is inside him. And it's given him extra strength or whatever, but he's not aware of it yet. So the day that he is getting, now that he put a target on his back and the mayor and those two other kids than the Mayor's son, and the other two kids start picking on him. What's her name? The tomboy Do Ha Na, she intervenes, beats the crap out of them and rescues him, and brings him to the noodle stop, the noodle restaurant and introduces him, So Moon, to the rest of the gang. And tell him the situation and ask him to join them. 

And he's like, Well, no, I can't put my life at risk because I have grandparents, you know, that care for me and love me. And the last thing he would want to do is to die before them because that would be such a heartache for them. He want, he wants to live his life and you know, not risk it until at the very least until they pass, they moved on and they're at peace. So the last thing he wants to do is give them more heartbreak because obviously their their daughter was killed off, his mother was killed off seven years ago. So they show him how he can talk to the, that spirit, that's in his body. Because his hand has these like dots on them on like five, on five fingers, there's five dots or whatever. So you're able to put them over your heart for at least three seconds, and then immediately, I guess sucks your spirit out and goes into the astral plane or the afterlife. And he had a conversation with Wi Gen. So anyways, long story short, Wi Gen makes a promise to him. Because the promise that all the other people get when they make these contracts with these outer beans is you got a second lease on life, right? You will, you won't be in a coma anymore. Well So Moon is not in a coma. So you don't have that leverage. You don't have that bargaining chip with someone I'm not in a coma. So either A) you know, I can walk on my two legs like a normal person or B) I'll just be limping like I've been limping my whole life, the life that I remember, so no skin off my back, so to speak. 

So the promise they make with him is okay, well, if you help us out, we'll then let you finally say your piece to your parents in the afterlife. So that was the final thing that that was the final you know, that was that was the agreement that he made with Wi Gen to join the Counters and he starts training with them. And over time he starts realizing oh wow, I have this ability to to bring the territory, they eventually find, figure that out. And and also you find out that his parents are not in the afterlife. And the reason for that is because they were killed off by a guy who was possessed by a demon and the demon sucked in their souls. And it's that demon, that level three demon that you saw in the first episode that wrecked the team and killed off the guy that So Moon replaced. So that's how he became this level three demon with psychokinesis ability or in my in my jargon, telekinesis. So anyways, so now he realizes, okay, so the only way I'll ever see my parents is if we if we finally capture this guy and free all the spirits that he's killed and and sucked in for his sustenance. Excuse me. 

So anyways, on top of all that, you know he's a teenager he has volatile emotions, he has bullies in school so he obviously is using his, so the, some of the the deal breakers right? You can't use your powers against humans You're not supposed to, you're only using, suppose to use your powers against evil spirits or people possess-, you know people possessed by evil spirits. Number two, you can't reveal who we are. Or if you do, you have to make them you have to erase their memories. Number three, you can never use your abilities for revenge. We're not, we're not a vengeful, we're not vengeful, we're not vengeful spirits, we do things on the side of, you know, righteousness or whatever. There might have been a fourth rule, but I can't remember.

So anyways a number of times, So Moon kind of broke the rules he, because he would, I mean, the bullies would attack him, he would fight them. They're not, they're not, they don't have dark spirits, so you're, you're beating up regular people with your powers, which you're not supposed to do. He did it like two or three times. The the big, the big one was when they kidnapped his friends brought him into a warehouse, and they were all in a gang with weapons and whatnot. And he went, you know, he went full throttle on them. Called up, this was one of the moments, one of the few moments where he first called up the territory around him full power, and was beating the crap out of them with murder in his eyes. And it was so telling that he was sucking the essence of his spirit, partner Wi Gen. And so the other spirits in the afterlife sees their, you know, fellow spirit fading, fading out of existence. So they call up the other other Counters, yo, find So Moon and stop him. And they do. 

And, and you know, of course, Chu Mae Ok the the matron figure of the group, knowing, getting a grasp of what's going on in the situation and you know, is sympathetic to So Moon's situation. Even though at the same time, like, Yeah, but you're not supposed to be doing this, I kinda understand why you're angry. I mean, they're hurting, they're hurting your friends here and putting them in a situation where their life is at risk. But at the same time, two wrongs don't make a right kind of thing. So they, they're loyal to him and whatnot. And so at one point in the show, because of a lot of these transgressions, they eventually vote him off the team. They, they, they, they you know, Wi Gen breaks the contract with him. So he goes back to his limping ways. They wipe out his memory. So now after completely cleaning out the bully situation from school, the bullies are seeing hey, look he's back to old form and now we're, we're gonna, you know, wreck his life or whatever. And at this point, the, that that level three demon, name is Ji Chung Shin. He's, he's completely leveled up to immortal to his to the level of immortals, he's at level four now. Which means now that he doesn't need, need a, he can kill off his human, his mortal vessel and just jump into another body. Which you find out way later towards the end of the show. 

So that guy, because he had a because yeah, one of the one of the final nails in the coffin against So Moon, was that he went after that level three demon on his own. Which, you know, they, they've already told him time and time again, you know, we couldn't fight him alone. You're not going to be able to find him alone. You're, the guy who you replaced fought him alone and died. So you're putting yourself in reckless danger doing this .You need to get, you can never fight him alone, you need to get the team around him. He wasn't listening. At this point he already found, he already knew about. I believe at this point he already knew about his parents were in his body. So he is feeling this, this sense of urgency in this situation. And but you know, this is the final nail in the coffin because he got severely injured. Chu Mae Ok lost a year of her life healing him. And, and yeah, that plus all the other transgressions, they they're like you know what you're too immature for this. You're not a valid candidate, we're going to move on. We, we, we're letting you go.So they erase his memory and whatnot. So but the spirits don't know that that the demons don't know that. 

But so Ji Chung Shin decides to form a group of other fellow evil spirits to capture them and kill them off because once you get rid of Counters, the world's your oyster, so to speak. So they capture So Moon first. Who at this point doesn't have any powers anymore. And they use him as bait to get the rest of them beat the crap out of them. They put Chu Mae Ok, the only person with the ability to heal, in a coma, essentially, and and they were going to blow, you know, blow up the warehouse where they were, where they were captured. At that point So Moon somehow, so at this, so Wi Gen has not been able to find a suitable candidate to replace So Moon yet because the few that made the cut when they, when she made a contact with that person, they're like, Nope, I'm done with my life, I'm ready to move on to the afterlife. So she wasn't able to find a replacement. And somehow So Moon in this crazy moment of desperation he was able to have an emotional connection with Wi Gen and We Gen's Like what? How can you hear me? How are you talking to us? You're no longer, I no longer have a contract with you. But that just talks, that just speaks on his inner I guess energy or whatever that that she was attracted to in the first place. 

So somehow in this last moment of desperation she, he was able to suck her back into his ability, into his body and put up the tour, the territory right as the explosion was about to happen which protected the rest of them from, protected them all from further damage than, than what already, they've already suffered. Chu Mae Ok unfortunately, was in a coma. They had to bring her to the hospital and that's where you met Choi Jang Mool's protege. He comes into the picture to heal her because no one else is, no one else has the ability to heal except for him and and then he he gets killed off and so the Spirit that He made a contract with was dying out but somehow So Moon in his his stubbornness to, to not let anyone, any other, not leave anyone behind was able to suck in that spirit into him as well. So now he has two spirits, he's hosting two spirits inside his body now, to keep them from, from not exist-, from ceasing to exist.

And now that's where, that's where I get confused by the, that's where I see a loop a plot, a plot hole in the story. Because in, like I said in the beginning you had a Wi Gen's host get killed off. So she doesn't die she's able to find another host so in So Moon. So why then when this guy was killed off, the spirit that was linked to him was going to die because he didn't have anyone and then I mean So Moon eventually just sucked him in and that was that was the end of that. But that wasn't Wi Gen's situation and they've always mentioned that if the other people die those spirits will die as well but that wasn't the case with Wi Gen. So that, that is where I feel there's a bit of a plothole there. But anyways all's well that ends well. He's, he's extra powerful now. He also has telekinesis abilities now, telekinetic ability as well. And uses his, well they call it psychokinesis, he uses his psychokinesis to counter Ji Chung Shin's psychokinesis and then eventually is able to expel his spirit into the afterlife and and have his goodbyes, say his good, say his goodbyes to his to his parents. And then of course help his grandparents also have their final goodbyes to their to their daughter and father and their son in law. 

And and so yeah, as I mentioned, this story is not my typical rom com Kdrama type of story, but it was such a good written tale that after watching that first episode, I'm like, Okay, I'm in. And the fact of the matter is, I do like supernatural stories a lot. I mean, I, my, the fiction, when I read fiction, you know, novels and whatnot, Urban Fantasy is what I'm into. So I like vampires, werewolves, witches, demons, all that stuff. So, so when I'm reading stuff I don't mind reading supernatural, epic end of the world things. Though in recent times I have I have moved on to romance novels as well. But I can go into into supernatural things anytime. There's actually a new novel that came out, on the Meredith Gentry series that I need to get into. 

But anyways, with kdramas, with K dramas, my main thing has been romance and romcoms. But again, this was just such a good compelling show that I made the exception to the rule of my normal Kdrama viewing and I ate this one up. And now the weather, When The Weather Is Fine, is a nice palate cleanser for suspense and it for a nice slow, even keel tale. But yeah, I recommend this for people who like psychological thrillers, into supernatural stuff, don't mind horror elements in in story writing. You'll like uncanny, The Uncanny Counters. It's in Net, it's on Netflix. 

And that's all I have today. So okay, we have a relatively decent size episode. About 30 plus minutes. Not, I, that's my normal speed. If you have any questions, comments or what have you, you can always reach me at me@juliofromny.com. That's my email address me@juliofromny.com. My website is julioscorner.com. And I'm on Twitter @juliofromny. So until next time, thank you for listening.

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