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October 11, 2022 Episode 7
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General Talk:

  • Retraction:
    • The show is called The Uncanny Counter not The Uncanny Counters
    • The other kdrama that Kim Se Jeong was in is called Today’s Webtoon
  • Waiting on new job schedule (reason for early recording)

Podcast Talk:

  • Rearranging my mic placement 
    • Removed the blue pop filter
    • Realizing how much better the Shure SM7B will look with new setup 
    • Having conflicting emotions about which mic to use
      • Was switching between videos of me using SM7B and PR40
    • Could’ve been a Twitch stream

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You're listening to Julio's corner, my corner of the internet where I share my thoughts and two cents on anything and everything that crosses my mind. Mainly I'll talk about shows and movies that I like to watch. Occasionally, I'll share my thoughts and opinions on politics and society at large. But mostly, this is my happy place where I can be me and express myself. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution, Noncommercial 4.0 International license. This means you can share my audio, remix it, do whatever you want with it, just not use it for commercial purposes. And you have to credit the source. Say where you got it from. This is Episode Seven, recorded live on Monday, October 10th, 2022. And we're gonna get into it in a moment about 10 seconds, more or less less of the music. And yeah, we're recording earlier than normal. And there's a reason for that. 

And welcome back to the show. Once again, I'm your host, Julio from New York. This is episode seven of Julio's corner webtoons and weightlifting. And before we get into it, in the general talk segment, we're going to do some retractions. So in last week's episode, we talked about a show called The Uncanny Counter, singular, not uncanny, not the uncanny counters, which is what I kept calling it in the last episode. I realized my mistake after the fact. And yeah, for some reason, in my head, I saw an S there. So yeah, and I don't have my hot water today. So I'm probably gonna be coughing a lot more than the previous two with when I had hot water as my beverage of choice. 

But anyways, the uncanny counter is the show that we were, that we were talking about in last episode. And the other show that I mentioned, that  Kim Se Jeong, the actress who played Do Ha Na in the uncanny counter, is called today's webtoon instead of webtoon. So, the reason I am recording this episode earlier than my usual Friday, I believe has been my recording date so far. I'm recording on Monday, for a number of reasons. Number one, I am really you know, moving things along with my job. So I should be getting a new job schedule anytime soon. I might even have to work tomorrow, who knows, I'm still Well, probably not it's 7pm Eastern, here on a Monday night. So probably not tomorrow, but the day after I might have to work. So who knows what my days off will be. And obviously that's gonna make me have to rearrange everything. So I figured let me record this first. And if I have time to edit tomorrow, I'll get this up and running, if not, you know, whatever. 

So that's what's going on. So enough of the general talk, a little more general talk, but we're going to be specific, there's a segment I like to call podcast talk. So another reason why I'm recording this is because I was having a compulsion today. I decided because I saw in a, I was watching YouTube, as I am known to do on occasion. And I noticed someone just using the boom stand in a different way. Now if you watch the show on YouTube, you'll notice, you will have noticed that I had the, my my boom stand sort of like a crane, right? It would it would pop into the frame and then the the microphone would be, you know, essentially hanging off of it from the bottom. So so it looks like a hang man right? You have the crane, the boom stand come into the frame and then and then and then the microphone is under it. Well I've seen, I've seen people use my boom stand and other boom stands in a different way where they would put it in a more of a sort of down and up. So the the handle or the screw that you would, you would connect the microphone to instead of doing it from, you know, from like look making it look like a crane, they would push it in the 180 degree angle. So then the microphone is is, is you know screwed in from the top. And, and so you're able to make it, so if you're watching the YouTube video, you'll you'll see my microphone now looks like it's floating from the bottom of the frame instead of coming in from the side and dangling off of the boom stand. So that is what that is the new arrangement I am doing with my microphone. And so it's just more aesthetically pleasing. There's less things in frame. And my my view of my mixer board is less obscured. I also removed the blue mic filter for it to look even more pleasing to the eye.

But here's where the conundrum came into play. I have another microphone, I have the Shure SM7B. And so, I was realizing that this new setup would favor the Shure SM7B even more so because that microphone is even more aesthetically pleasing on camera than my Heil PR40. Because with the Heil PR40 you don't just see the Heil PR40 microphone, you also see, you know the spikes of the shockmount that it's attached to. And then of course, the little boom, filter, boom, pop filter, sorry, that is, you know, attached to it as well. So, you know, just looks like a bunch of stuff. They're all you know, in the view, in the way, and it does take away from the beauty of the microphone itself, so to speak. But it's, those are necessary evils for good sound. And with the Shure SM7B microphone, you don't have any of that, you just have the microphone on its built in stand. You can switch out the foam,, but you know, that's just the front of the mic. It doesn't get in the way of the mic. And that's all you see. So I spent almost two hours contemplating this looking at past videos that I've recorded with both the Shure SM7B from my old podcast, and and the most current Episode, Episode Six, with my Heil PR40. With the old, obviously, boom, stand format, you know, protruding in from the side, because I didn't think to do this new setup before until I I saw it on someone's YouTube video when they were talking about another microphone. And I just realized, Oh, that would look better on camera. Or I figured let me see how it looks. And yeah, it does look better. 

And so for two hours, I kept going back and forth. Yeah, the SM7B looks better. But I kind of like the way I sound with this mic. And I do like how the blue pop filter along with this pop filter. And of course the built in pop filter muffles any plosives so there's that, but it looks even more tacky on screen. So I got rid of the Blue pop, I finally after like an hour and a half. I said okay, let me just get rid of the blue pop filter and now I have just a normal built in filter, a pop filter, the normal pop filter that I have attached to it, shock mount and the boom stand that you don't see in frame anymore because I have it you know going down and then and then the microphone attached on top of it so it looks like it's floating in front of me. Which the Shure SM7B mic would look like. And so so yeah two about two and a half hours I kept playing a video of how I sound with the Shure SM7B  and yeah, I sound good. It does sound a little more processed. And then I hear how I sound with the Heil PR40 and it sounds good. It sounds actually more like my natural sounding voice. So I kept, but the look, the Shure SM7B  looks better. And yeah the Shure SM7B  also gives me more of that radio sound. It gives, it adds more vibrato into my voice. There's a little more resonance there going, that, you know, you feel this vibration in my, in the treble or whatever in my voice as I'm talking on the Shure SM7B. And it gives me more of that radio sound which you know, I don't know I kind of liked this radio sound. 

There's this guy Leo Laporte on the TWIT network. He actually uses the Heil PR40 microphone. However I think he does a lot of uhm, he has it, you know, he has it attached to a bunch of different doohickeys. I'm not, I'm not audio proficient and audio savvy enough to explain all the, you know, mixer boards and audio interfaces and what have you that he has attached to his microphone. But he has, he does have a radio voice. And his voice is naturally deeper than mine as it is already. He does have more bass in his, in his voice. But on top of all that other stuff that he has it it, it really sounds like a radio voice on his Heil PR40. And I was watching an episode of This Week in Google, where everyone on the panel was using Heil PR40s. Not, obviously he was in studio, the other three people were on Zoom. But they were all using Heil PR40 and they all sounded fine. Some had the mic positioned differently. Some up closer to their mic, to their face, like I have it right now, like roughly three, three to five inches from my face. Leo Laporte obviously has it around that distance as well. Someone had it about 12 inches, you know, a foot away, and so on. And they all sounded good. So yeah, I was using them as reference. 

And sorry for the lip smacking. I need to re re acclimate, reposition, re rethink how I'm going to be talking into the microphone now that I took off, took away the extra filter. So I have to be more I have to be more mindful of the sounds coming out of my mouth when I'm talking or just moving my lips in general. And also not having hot, I think hot water is definitely the big key in all this. But you know, moving on. So anyway, like I said, roughly two hours and I'm having conflicting emotions, I kind of like that radio sound that the SM7B kind of gives me but I also love my natural sound that I feel I have with the Heil PR40. And I already have the Heil PR40 set up. Do I really want to now take all this down again and put it away and then pull out the SM7B when I went out of my way to put on, to set up the Heil PR40 in the first place. 

Because when I was recording my other show, the Julio from New York show, which is no longer online, except for a couple of YouTube videos still, I was, I was using the SM7B. But now starting this new show, I figured let me, you know, let me take this guy out of retirement. Because the fact of the matter is, this was my first dynamic microphone. And I've always liked the sound of it. And the only reason why I got the Shure was because of, you know, all the more current podcasts, podcasters have been, has started using the SM7B as their microphone of choice. You know, in the early days of podcasting, the Heil PR40 was the king of professional microphones that podcasters used, like I mentioned, Leo Laporte. You had Keith and the Girl. You had Farpoint media, who knows, they, they don't exist anymore. You know, slice a slice of sci fi was the podcast that I listened to back in the early, like 2007, 2006. It was a podcast on science fiction books and movies and what have you. And so, the Heil PR40 was the microphone that podcasters helmed as the microphone, the professional microphone to use. But obviously, with the Joe Rogan's of the world, majority repor, why I say repor? because of Colbert. But the majority report, all these other podcasters nowadays, everyone is using the Heil, the sorry, the Shure SM7B. So that made me well, if it really does sound better, let me buy it and see. And then I bought it and I sold off my previous, this is a new, Heil PR40. I sold the original one that I had. And I I didn't feel like I sounded better. In fact, I thought I, in fact I thought I sounded muddied instead of how I sound with the Heil PR40. 

But over time, I guess I grew I got accustomed to how I sound on the Shure. And the fact of the matter is it does make me sound more processed. But processed is how your radio voice sounds right? You have that extra, I don't remember the the terminology that they say when when your, modulation. It makes, it gives me more of that modular, you know, modular sound when talking on the microphone And then you know, the post production side effects you know once it, once it's up and running. But anyways, long story short I, this made me decide you know let me record this podcast because I, while I'm talking about this and while I'm so emotional about it and invested, emotionally invested, I might as well get my thoughts out now. And for the moment, for now I will stick with what I've been using for these past six episodes, now on Episode Seven, the Heil PR40. Obviously, now I'm getting, trying to get used to this new positioning of the microphone, it's now closer to me than the previous one because I had two filters. So the extra filter kind of pushed the microphone further away, I think I headed roughly about a foot away if I look at the video, but now it's much closer, it's within five inches from my, from my mouth. 

And, and also actually, this new setup makes it a little more stable because when it was dangling, so to speak, it had to keep I had to keep adjusting it and turning it and so on. With this one, I have it straight I have the, the shock mount, the holder of the shock mount is as a just 90 degree angle. So it's not moving at all. And then it's leaning against the actual boom stand, which gives it more stability. And I have it position right below my mouth instead of, oops, I just banged the mic, I have it position like, you know, diagonally below my mouth like, like you would speaking on a microphone when you're doing stand up. So it's actually the perfect positioning, and it doesn't move at all. And I don't have to worry about the microphone in my way. And I'm not, it's not in my, it's not obscuring my view. So I'm actually, this is the most I've looked in the camera than I've ever in my previous recordings, even though this is a podcast and I really don't have to but whatever I am a little more mindful of it so so there's there's that. 

And the fact that I've been going at it for now 17 minutes, talking about this and I was stressing about it for two hours and so, this could have been a Twitch stream. I could have started you know, getting my hours in on Twitch and you know, to further a possible Twitch career. But anyways that's all I have to say for podcast talk. I'm gonna stick with the Heil PR40 for now. Maybe I'll bring out the Shure SM7B in the, in a future date. But for the, for the moment, I will continue with the PR40 because I do like how I sound on this microphone. And, and yet, it doesn't look as sexy on camera. But I can, I can live with that for now. Because, because I like the sound. I sound like myself. And I think that's the, that's what matters. At least to me it does. I just got to remember now I don't have that extra plosive shield. So don't speak into the mic, speak across it. So  plosives are not a thing. So anyways, let's get right into the media chunk.

So we're back to the media chunk. We're going to talk about Today's Webtoon. That's the name of the Kdrama that I messed up. Last episode when I called it just webtoon it's called Today's webtoon and it has the actress that was in the uncanny counter as Do Ha Na. Here she is On Ma Eum. And let's read the, excuse me, let's read the synopsis from MyDramaList. So here we are. Today's webtoon. Once a member of the National Judo Team, On Ma Eum’s entire life revolved around the sport. But when a tough match leaves her with a torn ankle ligament, she’s forced to watch as all of her dreams of continuing in the sport crumble around her. With her career as a professional judoka now entirely over, Ma Eum must find a way to pick herself up and move on.  Without any sort of dream to drive her, Ma Eum isn’t really sure what to do next. Taking her first non-sports-related job working in a webtoon editorial department, Ma Eum finds it difficult to adjust. Unable to relate to her co-workers, Ma Eum has trouble fitting in as her life as an athlete has left her a little rough around the edges. Beyond that, the work she’s been assigned just isn’t what she’s used to. Struggling to adapt to her new life, Ma Eum wonders if she’ll ever find a way to be happy again.  Fortunately, with the passing of time and a little help from her co-workers, Koo Jun Yeong and Seok Jin Hyung, Ma Eum begins to find herself slowly settling into her new life. As the struggles in her life begin to dissipate, Ma Eum finds herself reaching for a new dream. The only question is, will she have the strength she needs to turn that dream into a reality?

Now this synopsis does not sound quite like the show that I've watched. So let me just let me talk about some of the differences here but you know, let's get into the characters so you have the the actress I've mentioned  Kim Se Jeong, she plays On Ma Eum, a former judo athlete now a webtoon editor. You have her um, not editor in chief but her her main her main him her supervisor I'll call him. Played by Choi Daniel. His name is Seok Ja, Seok Ji Hyung. You have the head of oh they have this all out of order that's not going to help me at all. You have the the editor in chief his, his name was Jang Man Chul. Is that who they mentioned in the synopsis? No, they mentioned someone else. I guess they mentioned his po-, her possible, so Goo Joon Young was, is her quote unquote love interest. But anyways, um, so yeah, On Ma Eum, was a former judo athlete. And yes, they live, they let you, they, they lead you to believe that she had a serious injury and, an ankle injury. And that injury has, has sort of traumatized her and made her not want to do judo anymore. It wasn't that she wasn't sure what to do next. 

Because she was working a bunch of part time jobs. That's what she was doing. And she was a huge webtoon fan, there was this one webtoon with a Gumiho, a nine tailed fox, Warrior Princess, that she really, really loved. And, and so, so anyway, she was working on a bunch of part time jobs, she did deliveries, she did security work. One last part time job that she was working before she applied to work as a webtoon editor was she was doing security for a webtoon, like a web con. You know, like, you know, like how they have conventions for like a comic con. But this is for this was for a web webtoon con, I guess. And it was specifically for this company. And it's been a while since I last saw this show, so I don't remember the name of the company that she was working for. But regardless she she, yeah, she was doing security work for that, for that convention. Where all the, it was an award show for the artists of that company. And she, you know, she was doing security work. She got to meet her idol, her fan, that she was a fan of. The the aut-, the auteur, artist of this Gumiho warrior princess. Got her, got his autograph on her phone case that had the character in question. And she protected another webtoon artists from a stalker who was pretending that he was like a YouTube or Twitch streamer trying to do an IRL stream and was harassing her to get her on camera and she did not want to be involved with that so he, she got you know, she apprehended him and took her out, took him out. 

And, and yeah, so she realized she found out that there was a job opportunity to work there. So she applied and she didn't get the job. However, the editor in chief saw her like an elevator somewhere and not somewhere in the in the building during the day of interviews. And actually, you know, he was part of the the interview panel I should say, and he liked her. He liked how much you know the she had gumption and she was a hard worker had a great personality. He could tell she was an athlete. He has a thing for athletes. He loves baseball and obviously has respect for her being a judo athlete, because he saw her like posture was very like what's the word? She had great posture, and it was obviously, like she was always at attention. So he tried to sneak up from behind there. And of course, he, she Judo flipped him. And by that, I mean she, he got hurt. But he realized yeah, she's a, she's an athlete, like she, that was the perfect execution of a judo throw, at my expense. Though, it's my fault because I provoked it by sneaking behind her. So he he whichever call it he rallied for her to work there. 

So she got a what's called a temporary contract, a one year contract to work at this at the webtoon department of this giant conglomeration. And, and then you have this other guy who was overly qualified. He wanted to work in marketing. But somehow, he didn't get the job at marketing he got and that was, that, that is Goo Joon Young. He got, he got the position at at the webtoon department, which is the least successful department in this company and is facing possible termination. And so so they meet there. So he's this pessimist who's just trying to succeed in the career. And he sees this as a step down from where he wants to be. And he's going to find whatever way he can to get transferred back to another department. And he meets his polar opposite, this girl, what's her name again, On Ma Eum, played but Kim Se Jeong, who's so optimistic and gung ho, that's the word. That was the phrase I was looking for, gung ho. She's very gung ho and so happy and glass half full optimism. And she doesn't know that the job position is temporary and the department is facing possible termination. None of that. She's just happy she got the job and, and you know, she's gonna put all all her sweat and tears into it, and, and, and do her best to be a good editor. 

So, so yeah, this this description is very misleading because she wasn't she she fit in perfectly. Everyone loved her. They loved her gumption. They loved her, her high spirited. She did bump heads with a couple of other people in the department like the the guy who ends up you know, having an attraction to her. And that's because they're cynics and they were pessimistic and they did not believe that, they were you know, they weren't, they weren't glass half full like she was. So So yeah, there were a couple I mean, with the exception of like two or three people, everyone else in the department loved her. They loved her, her tenacity, her uptempo, her just, like you know, suns and rainbows and unicorns, outlook on life. And, and yeah she was completely inexperience because her only experience workwise besides, you know, food delivery and security was Judo. That that's those are the only life experiences she had. So yeah, she did not know anything about being an editor for a webtoon, yeah, for webtoons. 

So she learned on the job. And there were a lot of wacky characters, artists as well as the people in the department as well as new artists that she, well she found a couple of new ones. And I wish I was more prepared for this, but I'm not and I apologize. She had a younger sister. She was funny. Goo Ae Ri played by, also known as Sophia. She was also known as the something witch. Well she had her YouTube channel and she was very critical of webtoons. And she was especially critical of the webtoons by this company. So she would tear them up a new one. But she also, you know, promoted a lot of the webtoons that her sister was involved in and it was wasn't because it was her sister. But because her sister had good taste and hand picked a really good webtoon that was very horror, the genre was horror. And it was, even though the artwork itself wasn't wasn't great the story was compelling enough that people overlooked the bad artwork. Because it's a compelling story. And eventually the artist, he got better as time went on. And I'm trying to find the art the the actor because he's also in Law's Cafe. I think it's this guy. Kim Do Hoon playing, yeah, yeah, Shin Dae Ryuk. That that does look like him. Let me confirm. Yep, The Law Cafe it's this guy. 

He looks nothing like the character he played in the in the show because in his, his actor headshot he looks you know, like a boy band member. And he looked kind of like that in the law cafe. But in today's webtoon he looked like a mess. He was, his hair was all you know, unkempt, that's the word unkem-, Excuse me. His hair was all unkempt. He looked malnutritioned. Clothes were, you know, bummy and raggedy. He was just a hot mess. And antisocial. Very negative, but also because he was very, he was a, he grew up, he grew traumatized. He had a lot of childhood trauma. And, yeah, and the reason? Yeah, I wish I was more prepared for this but I decided on an impulse to record early. Because of the whole mic scenario, my job situation and so on. 

But yeah, and the reason why I said that um, goosh Yoon, sorry Goo Joon Young, is sort of like a love interest. Because the show wasn't really, there wasn't really, it wasn't much of a rom com and they didn't really develop that dynamic. It wasn't until, until like, towards the last few episodes that Goo Joon Young finally confessed his feelings for On Ma Eum. And On Ma Eum didn't really reciprocate. And not only did she not reciprocate, she didn't give him an answer. Like, so. she's kind of on the fence about having a relationship because really, that's not her focus. Her focus is not having a relationship right now her focus was, you know, being a good editor, to you know, some, to her, the artists that she loved, who did the Gumiho warrior princess. That was one of her. that was, that was her, one of her jobs. And the other guy, the disturbed guy, what's his name again, Shin Dae Ryuk, who did the horror webtoon. And he needed a lot of attention. Because, you know, he was mentally, he was mentally unstable. He got better as the show progressed, and he got to reconcile things with his mother and, and just the fact that she just, you know, bowl of sunshine, was the first person that even gave him a chance and even, you know, ever believed in him and validated his dream to be a cartoonist. Because like I mentioned, his artwork was horrendous. And so she helped him, you know, at first, you know, she helped him improve her artwork. But more importantly, she believed in his story. And believed in the potential and gave him that that, you know, gave him the door of opportunity that made him ever so grateful. He called her his God, she was she's my God, that I worship. Again, like I said, mentally unstable. So there were a lot of cool things like that. So again, like she was more free to focus on on being a great editor, that the romance wasn't really that much into play in the show. 

Which was fine. You don't need you don't always need romance. In a show. It could be a slice of life, which this show kind of was. There was this actor who likes to play bad guys sometimes, Ha Do Gwon, who's always also an antagonist On Running Man with Kim Jong Kook. But anyway, he was this guy who was trying to shut down that department because he had a conflict of interest. He had another webtoon company that he wanted to acquire through the company's funds to replace this other one. And so he was, you know, trying to undermine the current webtoon department in his company to you know, because he he also had a thing against the the manager, the Editor in Chief, Jang Man Chul played by Park Ho San. Um, they, because he shut down his original company, I think the original company was called Gingertoons. And they went out of business thanks to this guy. But, but Jang Man Chul found this new company to hire his old staff and start anew with, you know, the the artists that he had on hand.

And, and yeah, so there was there was that drama going on as well as just the issues with the mentally unstable guy. The other artists also, one was trying to do a completely different genre from his normal one and that tanked. And so his editor was going through the conflict of should I enable him or should I be a little more stringent. And of course, the the supervisors, as I mentioned, he was getting, he had, his conflict was that that other company was trying to, you know, buy him out from his current company. But of course, he decided to stay loyal. And in the end, it worked out because the guy who does the Gumiho, Warrior Princess, he decided to create a subsidiary company, because he had a bunch of other ideas that unfortunately, he couldn't do because of the Gumiho warrior princess took up all his time, but he had these other ideas that he always wanted to create. So now he could be his own company with the vision and hire other artists, and writers to bring those other creations to life. And so that company would be under this web company, this webtoon company. 

And so, the manager, Seok Ji Hyung, he gets to be the CEO of that company, because obviously this artist, he doesn't know anything about business, he needs someone, he needs the right hand, man, so enter.  Seok Ji Hyung, who used to be his editor, but now he'll be his CEO, they'll be co CEOs of his company and I think they decided to co-opt the original name of the original company that they, that they worked under gingertoons, and so there was that storyline. So there was a lot of good storylines going in, into play here. And and yeah, it was a good show. I loved it. I did not miss not having any romance because you know, you don't always need romance for a good story. Slice of life is fine too. Which brings me back to that other drama that I again I haven't watched since the the last episode that I recorded where I mentioned I stopped that episode where she confessed her love. And you know something, I don't remember the name of the show now off the top of my head. But doesn't matter. You know what, I'll look it up. Why do I do this to myself? Because I do that's why. When the weather is fine, I'm, I still haven't gotten back to it. And that's that's the beauty of that slow paced Kdrama because I can take a seat back and not have to feel compelled to binge it because you know life. Like me recording this show. 

So anyways, we're at 38 minutes. I think we're going to leave it here. If you have any questions, comments, what have you, my email is me@juliofromny.com. My website is julioscorner.com. My YouTube channel will be in the show notes. As well as my GoFundMe link if you want to send me some dollars my way. And of course I'm on Twitter @juliofromny. So until next time, thank you for listening

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