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Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

October 16, 2022 Episode 8
Julio's Corner
Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo
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General Talk:

  • Finally  back to work
  • Wrote a blog post on nostalgia
  • Discovered Mr. Beast, very compelling content
    • Enjoyed his Squid Game video
    • Heard about the making of it in the Flagrant podcast

Podcast Talk:

  • Ended up switching to the Shure SM7B w/A7WS windscreen
  • Stop coming up with podcast titles ahead of time

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You're listening to Julio's corner, my corner of the internet where I share my thoughts and two cents on anything and everything that crosses my mind. Mainly I'll talk about shows and movies that I like to watch. Occasionally, I'll share my thoughts and opinions on politics and society at large. But mostly this is my happy place where I can be me and express myself. This work is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution, Noncommercial 4.0 International license. This means you can share my audio, remix it, do whatever you want with it, just not use it for commercial purposes. And you have to credit the source. So say where you got it from. Heart and soul of New York City. This is episode eight recorded live on Sunday, October 16 2022.

And we have a lot to talk about in the general talk segment this time around. So, you know, be ready for that in a moment. I always forget to get the applause going. So there we are. Anyways, maybe some last one. I know I need to stroke my ego here and there. Yeah, enough, enough, stop. Come on, really? Okay. Anyways, welcome back to the show. This is episode eight. Recorded live today on Sunday, October 16. I'm your host, Julio from New York. So some good news for my, for me personally, for my personal life. I finally am going back to work on Monday tomorrow. So that's why I'm recording on Sunday, because who knows what my next day off is going to be? Yes, I went another week without recording. But it is what it is. I haven't blogged in a while. So I finally wrote a new blog post on nostalgia. And I'll have a link in the show notes. But basically, I was talking about this show that I remembered fondly in my earlier years probably mid to early teens. 

It was a show on ABC, channel seven, called dinosaurs. And it was a you know it was a sitcom based show with dinosaurs and animatronics. Made by the Jim Henson Company. I'm a big Jim Henson fan. Love the Muppets love Sesame Street growing up Farscape another great collaboration with Australia and the Jim Henson Company to make the aliens and what have you. So anyway, the show dinosaurs was the a great, at least I remember it being this great sitcom that ended early. I thought it lasted one season it actually lasted three, it sort of followed the formula of the honeymooners. You had the husband and the wife, very much Jackie Gleason character and I forget the wife's name, Alice. When he says Alice boom, zoom to the moon. He had a friend, a fellow coworker. They were tree pushers. His friend is very much like the Art Carney character from the honeymooners. But that's where the similarities end. They added kids into the mix. So he had two teenage children and a newly hatched dinosaur baby, saying not the baby, not the baby or whatever. And yeah, the show fell flat on revisit. 

I watched I was trying to watch the first episode. I couldn't I couldn't finish it. I felt like it was trying too hard. And the jokes were very, very much recycled humor. I guess very common for for that time period where sitcoms were, I guess just they were just throwing stuff on the wall. And they figured hey, let's follow this tried and true formula of the honeymooners slash Flintstones but we're gonna use dinosaurs and and see how that works. And well let me unless it three seasons when it came out, so there's that but upon but it didn't. What's the word? It didn't age well, that's that's what I wanted to say didn't age well at all.

Another thing I want to talk about real quick before I get into the podcast talk segment is that I discovered this guy on YouTube. Apparently he's like the he is like the YouTube mascot. He is the biggest YouTube content creator that everyone knows except me. Apparently I've been living under a rock. His name is Mr. Beast and the reason why I found out about him was so there's this podcast called flagrant by comedian Andrew Schultz and this other guy Akash something or other. Maybe, no, I'm not gonna even try to guess what his last name is, but his name is Akash. And, and he he was on the show and you know, I got to learn about this Mr. Beast guy that I've never seen on YouTube before of all the stuff that I get on YouTube his stuff never showed up on my on my radar or if it did, I guess I didn't acknowledge it enough because it wasn't it didn't seem interesting for some reason, because I was more into like, comedy, politics. I was into comedy, politics and technology and, and stuff like that. And so with comedy, obviously, Andrew Schultz started popping up into my feed. And I started finally listening to the flagrant show for you know, a couple of episodes with some people that I found interesting. Hasan Piker being one of them, which made me see them in a better light. Because the clips that I've seen they seem very right wing minded, so I didn't really care for them too much. They're more right leaning like the Joe Rogan's of the world. 

But anyway, they had Hasan Piker on the show. So that made me listen to a whole episode, and maybe appreciate them a little more. And then Mr. Beast showed up. So I watched that I watched or listened. Because I did a bit of both. I watched some of the some of it on YouTube and listened to the rest of it on overcast on my phone when I was walking. And then I came back, because he's the guy. And I did hear about this news story. He recreated squid game, which is a huge Kdrama show on Netflix about capitalism and sort of like running man, you know, people dying for money, because they're all you know, living in hard times. And this game offers them this life altering sum of money, however, it requires killing off your competitors, so to speak. And so he recreated that show, obviously with not, without anyone dying in real life. And, and I did hear that news story. And I didn't make the connection that oh, that's Mr. Beast. He's doing the squid game. Maybe I should watch him now. I was curious about it when I heard that new story, but I never followed up. 

So here we are. Second time around. I'm hearing about the squid game recreation. And Mr. Beast is the guy who did it. And he's talking about the C-, the, this is the first time he also use CGI in one of his videos, and it's a 25 minute video. And it was really good. And I found it compelling. It kept my attention the whole time through, which is interesting, because most YouTube videos even though I'm not one to generally, you know, start watching a video and then leave in the middle of it. Now, I don't do that too often. Most YouTube viewers do, apparently. And Mr. Beast has been doing YouTube videos since he was 15. And he's been obsessed with it. And he studied it and figured out the formula of making content that is always compelling. Makes the viewer never leave his channel and watch the video all the way through. And he doesn't make hour long, 30 minute long shows he does you know about 20, 15 minute increments. And in the squid game was one of his most expensively made ones. It was like two point no, it ended up being around 4 million to make. And it was a very fun show. And which is making me now want to actually watch the squid game. It's in my queue. But I like to, I prefer you know, rom coms and lighter fare, but he's making me a little more compelled to watch that dark, dark drama. 

But anyways, so yeah, he's another guy that I'm going to be keeping an eye on and watch his past videos. I've seen some other ones he, he, he did a monopoly, a life sized Monopoly board episode and then there was one where he was giving away an island to the lucky guy, that lucky winner who went through the whole, all the challenges to be the lead until they were the last one. And then there was another one that I saw where you had like four, four guys holding their hand on a pile, a cube of a million dollars and the last person standing or the last person to leave their hand on without taking it off. wins that money. And that was a fun one. And then of course we got to see the next episode was showing that guy spend the money which was also very interesting. So yeah, man, he does make compelling entertainment on YouTube. And he's definitely making me see YouTube a little more differently. Obviously, this is just a recording of my podcast. So I can't really do much about that because it's my podcast, it's just me. It's meant to be an audio, mainly mainly an audio experience. But for those who use YouTube to listen to stuff or watch things, I'm making this video version of it. So but yeah, I can't alter it. Because what works on video in video form on YouTube does not work on audio because audio is not a visual format. It's you're listening into the, you're listening to it. So it's just me blabbering on and on. 

Anyways, on to the podcast talk. If you're watching the video, you will see that I've backtracked on what I said. In the last episode regarding my tale of two mics saga. I kept talking about how I just like my Heil PR40 microphone more than my Shure SM78. Well, apparently, the rising doubt that I, that I had, while comparing the two never fizzled out. It continued to simmer even after Episode Seven. And after posting it, the two shows and whatnot, I still kept listening. So this time I was using Episode Seven as a reference for my recording with the new setup having the mic hovering in front of me versus coming in from the side you know, under me versus over, using that video as a comparison of how I sound on the Heil PR40 with the new setup versus how I sound with the Shure SM78.  And and then I figured you know what, let me put the shure SM787 in this setup and see how I sound and so I did. And and here we are. I did a quick recording, nothing on podcast form. I was just you know reading a couple of, I was doing voiceover work essentially, you know, reading Robert Frost and some tongue twisters and listening to how I sounded and I kind of, I got I got re-convinced to try out the Shure SM78. So now, I will, I am now recording with the Shure SM78 microphone using the thicker A7WS windscreen. So the bigger thicker foam pad that comes with the microphone. That way I can talk this closely into the microphone without any plosives getting too distracting. And I liked the way I sound using this thicker microphone uh this thicker foam windscreen, I should say. The A7WS. And it sounds more intimate, you know me into the microphone. 

It actually, it's funny, I was also comparing the gain levels that I have to use with the Heil PR40 and the Shure SM7B. And the Shure SM7B does use a lot more gain. It does need a lot more phantom power. And I guess because of that extra phantom power, the processing that it does with the voice presence switches in the back and then adding this thicker foam for as what they call it a warmer sound. And then you know obviously you're talking closer into it. It just, it sounded, it just sounded you know, like Chef kiss. A chef's kiss sound it was it was just so good. And so that's why we are where we are right now. 

And one last thing on the podcast talk segment I want to talk about is coming up with podcasts titles. The last two episodes, I said a title and I ended up having to correct it. Well, the you know the one from Episode Six. I realized after the fact that I named the show incorrectly. I made it you know uncanny counters versus the uncanny counter and I definitely would have well I did I figured that out in post so I can't, I won't be doing that again. And then in the last episode, I named it something because I was, I was planning to talk about two shows. And then I realized now we'll stick with just one and and obviously the title didn't make sense after that, excuse me. Okay, so So yeah, I won't be doing I won't be doing titles ahead of time because I'm going to obviously go over what I did and then name it appropriately after the fact. And yeah, forgive me I'm adjusting my chair because I'm starting to feel a little a little odd there with the positioning but I think I finally got it right. So um, so yeah, that's all we have on the podcast talk and the general talk and we're at 15 minutes wow, I can blabber on, on occasion when not planning to but anyways, let's get on with the media chunk

Welcome back and on the media chunk. The Kdrama that I want to talk about is called Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo. Came out in 2016. It has an actress that I've I've since become a huge fan of her name is  Lee Sung Kyung and she is the character lead character Kim Bok Joo. Let me read the synopsis real quick. Bok Joo is a weightlifter who is pursuing her dream of winning the gold medal, but she then finds romance for the first time in her life. While she is a woman who trains with heavy steel weights. She's also she is also very feminine when it comes to relationships. focusing solely on weightlifting would jeopardize her relationship but leaving her weightlifting career for love would keep her from attaining her dreams. Can she find a way to have love as well as glory at the age of 20. The characters within this drama are elite athletes in weightlifting swimming at rhytnic and rhythmic Jen Wow. And rhythmic gymnastics who work hard to reach their goals in life. It covers they're coming of age stories and relationships through hectic life. 

So this is the second time around where I'm reading the synopsis of the show that I've just seen. And I am not fully in agreement, because it wasn't that she was questioning whether she can have relationship and do weightlifting. That was never that was never the question in the show at all. So you have, as I mentioned, Bok Joo is the ace weightlifter in her in her weightlifting team. You had this swimmer who is great at practice, but when he's at the competition, he freezes his name was Jung Joon Hyeong played by actor Nam Joo Hyuk. He has an older brother  Lee Jae Yoon, who played a bad guy in Revolutionary Love. His character's name is Jung Jae Yi. And then of course, you have Jung Joon Hyeong's ex, Song Shi Ho, who's a rhythmic gymnasts played by Kyung Soo Jin. 

So those are the four main folk in the show. So, Kim Bok Joo was just as tomboyish, weightlifter you know, having the time of her life, winning her weight class and excelling and get bring proceeds to her to her team. Her family runs a chicken shop, a fried chicken shop. And as I mentioned the swimmer he he got disqualified at a recent swim meet because he he jumped in before the ringer, the buzzer you know, the the start bell or whatever. And the reason for that is that when the adrenaline starts pumping into him and he's getting anxious, he starts freezing up, and he all of a sudden cannot hear anything. And this all stems from some trauma in his childhood. And now I'm forgetting exactly what the trauma was about exactly. I think it has to do with his family dying or something like that. I don't remember clearly what it is anymore. Oh, has to do with his mom, I think. Wow, I don't remember but but yeah, his mom abandoned him to his, to her sister and uncle. And so her, his older brother Jung Jae Yi is actually a cousin, not his, not his biological brother, but him and her, and his parents treated him like, you know, like a brother and a son. And, and they raised him throughout his teens and whatnot, but something because of the mother involvement, something to do with abandonment issues. It causes this, this reaction where he starts, he chokes and then he gets disqualified in a in a, in a actual swimming competition. 

Kim Bok Joo has no no issues, mentally or anything. At least not in the beginning of the show. And so Kim Bok Joo and Jung Joon Hyeong  actually were childhood classmates in elementary school. But. but um, she was fat-, <cough> Wow. The hot water is failing me today. In her childhood, she was a large, large girl, you know, she was overweight, but she was still happy go lucky, carefree that that personality of her never, never left and she was fearless. And meanwhile, Jung Joon Hyeong at that, in his childhood, he was a, a very meek, shy child who got bullied by kids in his class. He was sort of feminine, effeminate, that's the word. And there was an incident where the kids were bullying him and he was like cleaning the windows or something. And he was on the windowsill, cleaning the window. And they were you know, pressing and pressing him or whatever and he fell out the window. And Kim Bok Joo, the overweight girl, was, you know, outside downstairs seeing this, and she saved him. So since you know, since that point in time, he developed a crush on her because she was his hero. 

Anyway, we're fast forwarding. And then of course, he transferred to a different school because of the whole mother abandoning him to to his other relatives and him, you know, living a different life at that point. And they don't see each other anymore until college. So she did not recognize him. But he recognized her and remembered her by the name. And so he called her by her nickname. And she responded and he's like, Oh my God, it is You fatty. And so he started calling her fatty the whole time, even though clearly, she's like this very thin looking girl who can lift weights. So she's not fat at all. But anywhos, so now he starts harassing her, and wanting to spend time with her and everything. And you know, she gets annoyed by him. Because especially because he keeps calling her fatty. And the reason why they bump heads again, they bump into each other again, I should say is there was an incident with a panty thief and she accidentally mistaken mistaken identity identified him as the penalty because he was dressed the same way and the penny thief ran by him and then when she came around the corner, she saw him so thinking that he was the panty thief when he wasn't. 

So there was that incident also he dropped a, earlier he dropped a, like a handkerchief that she ended up picking up and he like Who What guy would have this feminine looking handkerchief? And it was a handkerchief that his mom gave him before leaving him to the to the uncle and aunt and whatnot. So it was a very precious thing to him. So anyways, that's that was their first two encounters, which were negative ones, obviously. And so he was very antagonistic to her until he realized, wait a second, you're fatty. And then of course he his, you know, his whole perception of her like was flipped over 180. But she's continued feeling annoyed by him because he was always, back then he was antagonistic and now he's just further frustrating her in a different way but in the same it's still felt negative to her. Regardless, eventually, they develop a friendship and and eventually that friendship develops into something more. 

Meanwhile, you have his ex as I mentioned, Song Shi Ho who broke up with him I guess back in high school. And the reason why she broke up with him was because she wanted to focus on her gymnastic career and she figured, and she felt that if she kept putting, so that, that synopsis is is more in line with her. Because Kim Bok Joo that that was never a thing. But anyway, with Song Shi Ho, she broke up with him because she felt like his, focusing on the relationship would would affect her ambitions. And and then she ends up you know, not doing well and and what have you and she looks she failed at some China thing. So she got she got, was sent back to the school, to the university that they were all currently in, you know, for, you know, training for the Olympics and what have you. For qualification, qualifying rounds and whatnot. And so she's happy to have this chance to rekindle a relationship with Jung Joon Hyeong, but he obviously is now over her. He's like, nope, you're my ex. You broke up with me. I no longer I no longer have an interest in seeing you ever again. But um, she continues to try having a, to have a relationship with him. She also has a lot of issues because her family, she's very egotistical. And so when she realizes that Jung Joon Hyeong has a thing for Kim Bok Joo she goes out of her way to like try to like take jabs at her and ruin her in whatever capacity just because yeah, because of jealousy. 

And one thing she did, Kim Bok Joo now had a crush on Jung Joon Hyeong's older brother or cousin, Jung Jae Yi because they had a chance encounter. When um, because her father has a thing about collecting junk or anything that that he sees laying on the side of the road or whatever, he's gonna bring home. So there was this dreser that he found on the sidewalk. Well, it turns out really it wasn't junk. Someone put it there for a moment in time because they were, they were moving so they were, you know, bringing furniture into the building. And so they left it there because obviously you know you only have so many hands. So when it came back to get their dresser all of a sudden it's gone the the father took it so they, they put a poster up on you know in the air on the area where it got taken saying please return this if you see this this was not this was not garbage. We want it back. 

So Kim Bok Joo seeing this realizes, Oh crap, my father, once again just started grabbing things from the road. So he's bringing, it she's bringing herself carrying this thing because she's you know, she's a weightlifter. She, it's not it's not a hassle for her to carry this dresser by herself. But it's raining that day. And Jung Jae Yi sees this girl getting soaked in the rain, grabbing, you know, what he thinks is struggling to bring this dresser across some distance. So he, you know, uses her, his umbrella to keep her from getting wet, and then assists her to bring the dresser to wherever location, destination that she's trying to go to. So that encounter makes her idolize and crush on him. So he's her first crush. And then, Jung Joon Hyeong notices that at some point that she's crushing on his older brother. So obviously, he uses it to like blackmail her and threaten her. Because his older brother works at like a nutrition health center. So they try to help people to lose weight. And obviously, Kim Bok Joo cannot be losing weight because she's a weightlifter, it's all about gaining mass muscle and to be able to lift more weights and whatnot. 

So the last thing on her, the last thing she should be thinking about is losing weight. But she signs up because you know, she has this foolish crush on this guy. And it's just an excuse to see him on a weekly basis. But of course now he'll be, She'll one week gain weight because you know, she's her team wants her to move up a weight class. And then when she goes to the to have a checkup, her weekly checkup, Jung Jae Yi is like, Wait a second! We're not having the results we need so we're gonna have to put you on this strict diet, to try to lose, you know, lose that weight again. And then she'll lose, and then when she's having her weight her when they're weighing her her at the weightlifting team, they're like, Wait, what the hell! We just gained this weight now you lost it again. We're gonna have to now make you eat extra calories to put them muscle mass back on. So she was having like this yo yo thing week after week. 

But anyways, where am I going with this? So my point is that's enough about her. Wondering if you know she should love or not or focus on weightlifting is not it wasn't a thing at all. But anyway, eventually she let's let's go of her her crush on Jung Jae Yi. She starts developing feelings for Jung Yu, Joon Hyeong. Song Shi Ho eventually realizes it's a lost cause to try to get back with her ex boyfriend. And anyway, she's suffering from bulimia and anorexia. So she's having her own list of proble-, Oh, yeah! And part of the reason why she is the way she is, is because of her mother, who was living vicariously through her. So I guess apparently, she might have have had aspirations to be a gymnast in her youth, but it failed. And so now she's just a married mother, with two daughters. But she's neglecting the younger sibling and focusing all her energies on Song Shi Ho, who has a chance to become an Olympian. 

And so she has all that weight on her on her shoulders, not to mention that they now they're foreclosing on their house because, you know, they kept taking out loans and whatnot to finance this endeavor. Because you need money to be a gymnastic athlete because you're not making money any other way. So it's, that's why most of these athletes of gymnasts and swimmers and what have you, they, they're most, they're usually from well off families because they can afford to invest in their in that endeavor. Whereas the working class person not really no. They would have to focus, so most lower class people, they focus on on athletics that are a lot more affordable, like basketball, maybe baseball, and so on. Maybe, you know, soccer slash football, those sports because those don't require a lot of investment to become good at it. So before you know, a team hires you, and then they further fund your career. You know, like if you go to college basketball, obviously, the College Institute is financing the basketball team and so they're gonna give you all the top of the line coaches, weight machines, exercise machines, a regimen and all that jazz. 

So anyways so anyway, eventually they do develop a relationship. But something happens to her. Oh, yeah, Kim Bok, so there was another guy on the team, that um, he, you know, he's a senior now. He's on his way out eventually, but he's still having one final run. However, he has his own personal issues, his girl, his girl is pregnant. And so now he's, you know, stressing to find ways to make money for their kid. And upon one situation where she came to the school to visit, the taxi driver was harassing her for whatever reason. And he got heated. And he got emotional, because that's my woman. Don't you dare talk to my woman like that, he strikes him. So now he has a lawsuit to contend with. So the assistant coach embezzles some, you know, takes some funds from the school, from the team's budget to help pay for his legal fees to settle. But it looks like embezzling so he, she gets kicked, she has to resign. She she's kicked off the team. And she's Kim Bok Joo's main coach, she's the one who helped, had been guiding her this whole time. So that hits her hard, because she knows she feels a big sense of loss for that, and that not to mention that also the other coaches also you know, he got he quit because of some dispute he had with the administration. So they did this whole protest with that going on. 

So all these things kept happening and then and then so she couldn't even enjoy winning, you know, the gold again, because you know, she's freaking the Weightlifting Fairy. And she's, you know, the ace of the team, so she couldn't even enjoy her her win. Like most people when they win the gold would, you know, be ecstatic but here she is really, in this dark place. Has nothing to do with her relationship with this guy at all. Again, I don't understand that synopsis. So now she wants to like quit altogether. So she like she takes a couple of weeks off to, you know, just feel better about herself. She starts, her friends are also struggling so she's re connecting with them because she hasn't been really spending a lot of time with them because, you know, she was in her relationship and the weights and whatnot. And, and yeah, that, those were her main, those were her main obstacles. 

Eventually, you know, then the, all that gets resolved. And then you fast forward. She's, you know, the best of the best. She's an Olympic representative of Korea. And her boyfriend is trying to now finally re qualify because again, like I mentioned, he got disqualified. So, he had a, excuse me, he had a long road to go to, to get back into a situation where he can, he can qualify to be a representative of South Korea. And he of course, he's at this point has already resolved his, um, his issues mentally. And he has closure with his mom because his mom is, for him, she was never she never cared about him. And, and she has another child now that she's worried about so like, he's a secondary situation to her and he realizes, you know what? She's not my real family. These people who raised me are my real family, so I'm going to just forget about her altogether. Though I think she, he does make an acknowledgement to maybe visit his half brother because I mean, they are biologically related. So there's that. But yeah, he's, uh, he's resolved his, the mental block that he, that he was, the triggers that was affecting his ability to swim. 

So um, Oh! And then of course, Song Shi Ho, she eventually just becomes a coach. Because she realizes her, she's past her prime and she's not gonna get any better. And, you know, it was never really, in the end, she realized it wasn't really ever her really her dream. This was her mom's dream. And you know, she's done living for her mom's sake, and she wants to live for herself. So and I mean, at some point, she did come to love rhythmic gymnastics, but not at the point of making more sacrifices to be like an ultimate athlete because, you know, she's already past her prime anyway. And she's okay with not winning the gold or anything. 

So that's how that show, so I definitely I mean, if you love rom coms, and lighter fare, and some, you know, intrigue with athlet-, gymnastic, not gymnast-, Olympin, Olympian type of sports like weightlifting and swimming and gymnastics, this is the show for you. But yeah, I'm definitely, like I said, I'm a fan of the actress Lee Sung Kyung. I've seen her in Shooting Stars and About Time. That was a good show, where she saw you know, her, she could see how long people got to live. So I've seen a good amount of her shows. And oh, yeah, and she also had a minor role in It's Okay, That's Love. So, she played a kleptomaniac girl with other mental issues as well. So yeah, she's a very beautiful woman too. Apparently, she was a model at some point in time. So yeah. All good stuff. 

Anyways, this is all I have for this episode. If you have any questions, comments, what have you. My email is me@juliofromny.com. My website is julioscorner.com. My YouTube channel link is on the, in the show notes as is my GoFundMe link. And I'm also on Twitter, @juliofromny. So until next time, thank you for listening

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