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Cinderella and the Four Knights

October 25, 2022 Episode 9
Julio's Corner
Cinderella and the Four Knights
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General Talk:

  • Retractions and corrections
    • The microphone is called the Shure SM7B, not SM78 (Why did I say that?)
  • Finally back to work and getting my old schedule 
  • Got new Apple Watch series 8
  • Pre-ordered the new Apple TV 4K 3rd gen

Podcast Talk:

  • Podcast schedule will be more consistent in a few weeks
  • Got a new phone stand with phone holder to use my iphone as my webcam
  • Can’t wait for new MacOS feature that will allow me to use my iPhone as default camera

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All right. Welcome back. This is Julio's corner. I'm your host, Julio from New York. And a lot of stuff to talk about. But first, retractions and corrections. In last last week's episode, or episode eight, I kept calling the microphone that I'm using I kept calling it the show SM78. I'm not sure why I was saying SM78 because I clearly know that it is the SM7B, b for Bravo, B for boy. For some reason, without even noticing that I was saying it until I don't know, saying it so many times. I finally corrected myself during the show and started calling it rightfully the SM7B. But I didn't even notice that I was calling it SM78 the whole time until post, when I was editing and I was like What, Why am I calling it that? And you know, because I was working on the transcript and I'm like, wow, the transcript really messed up, messed up. Because it was making Bs into number 8s. So I had to hear the audio and notice, no I actually did call it that that's that's weird.

So anyway, that's my quick correction and retraction from last episode. So anyways, good news for me. I am finally back to work. I will be getting my old schedule meaning my days off will be Thursdays and Fridays. So my normally, so you know looking forward to it. But in the meantime, my schedule is going to be still erratic for a couple more weeks due to retraining and what have you and redevelopment. So stay posted for that and how that will affect us in the podcast talk segment. A couple more things first. If you're looking at the video, you'll notice that I have a new Apple Watch the s, the Apple Watch Series 8. And so yeah, I miss having those metrics of my you know gotta gotta get those three rings every day standing activity movement and exercise. So hopefully I will become more motivated to exercise regularly and get in shape and of course I pre ordered the new Apple TV 4k third gen. And the reason for that is obviously a new chip I think it's the A15 something so it's gonna be a faster processor. It's going to have more compatibility with more TVs. My TV already has Dolby Vision so I don't have to worry about that other HD something HDR codec for like, I believe LG and some other TVs that don't pay the licensing fee for Dolby Vision. My TV, the you know Vizio, they did pay for that licensing so so I will get normal Dolby Vision on my on my streams. But if ever in the future, I have to replace that TV with another one that doesn't pay for H for Dolby Vision, but they paid for that other HDR codec, my new Apple TV will have that. 

But more importantly, like I said, new chip so it's going to process the graphics in a faster, more seamless way. So there won't be any any lag of any kind, hopefully. Especially because I have it connected to an Ethernet cable so it's all wired. Anyways, let's get into podcast talk. 

So more importantly because of the fact excuse me because of the fact that I am you know, back to work. And I will be getting my regular schedule soon, having Wednesday, sorry, Thursdays and Fridays off. I will be able to have a more consistent schedule regarding when the podcast episodes will drop. Now, obviously I'm recording this on a Saturday. So that's not going to be the case just yet. This episode probably won't drop actually until a couple of days because I have to wait for my my hosting service to give me back my, my, my storage capacity that I'm allowed to upload. I get three hours a month, and I only have 15 minutes left. So this is going to drop a couple of days later than normal, which is okay anyway, because my normal post schedule will become Thursday anyways, so so you're gonna slowly get closer to that normal regularly weekly schedule of Thursdays. 

So right now I'm recording, I'm using my iPhone to record the video instead of the webcam on my computer. And in another week or so, there'll be a new Mac OS dropping a Mac OS Ventura, that I'll be able to upgrade my iMac on. Which will allow me to normally use my iPhone as my go to camera. And so but for now I'm just I'm just recording straight to the camera on the phone. But I kind of like doing it on OBS because it's faster to then remix, remux the video and start editing it as soon as I got the audio up and running. Whereas now I have to wait to get the video from the phone and it can take a while either by cable because USB to lightning is kind of slow or over iCloud Photo Library, which is even longer. So, so I don't have to deal with that in a moment pretty soon when I get it to work with OBS and it'll just be straight to the computer and right then in there can get right into editing. So I look forward to that. And also the camera's more eye level so it looks a little more natural me looking at the eye lense versus above my head and giving me that kind of weird angle. So so I'm looking forward to that. 

And I did purposely get a new iPhone stand with holder for that reason. So that I can just have a more natural vibe going with the camera as I am recording this podcast. But yeah, looking forward to using my iPhone as a default camera. And while I ran through all that I wonder if I was talking too fast I guess I'll I'll know for sure during during post editing. So let's get into the meat and potatoes the media chunk. So let's get right on that now.

Okay, so we're going to talk about the Kdrama Cinderella and the Four Knights. Now this is the one I told you about when I was talking about one of the kdramas that I was looking in, during in simulcast. Good job is the name of that is the name that Kdrama. It's already been over. It was only 12 episodes. So it went quick. The actor, the lead of good job is  Jung Il Woo, I believe. Believe that's I-L. Jung Il Woo was the lead in in Good Job. Well, this was the earlier show that I saw him in called Cinderella and the Four Knights and of course, there's another actor here, Ahn Jae Hyun who I saw in another K drama long long ago. Well, not long, long ago, a year ago maybe called Love with Flaws. Came out in 2019. He actually looks a lot better in this, this Kdrama than the one in 2019. I guess he gained some weight or so because his face looked kind of funny in, in the other one. But anyways, I digress. 

So we're gonna talk about Cinderella and the Four Knights which is the Kdrama for this episode. Let me look at, skim over of the synopsis before I decide to read it because last time we did this I ended up disagreeing with it wholeheartedly. And it looks more like more like we're we will be on the same page. So let me, let me give this a shot. Eun Ha Won is in her third year of high school with dreams of becoming a teacher. Unattached from her father, step-mother, and step-sister, and poorly treated by them, Ha Won still manages to maintain her bright personality and strong set of morals, working various part-time jobs to pay for her upcoming university tuition fees and keeping her eyes firmly glued to her goals. Meanwhile, in another part of the city are three spoiled cousins, Ji Woon, Hyun Min, and Seo Woo, living together in a mansion called Sky House. With their wildly different personalities - Ji Woon a tough guy, Hyun Min a playboy, and Seo Woo a musician - they all deeply dislike each other and prefer to be as far away from each other as possible. One day, their grandfather orders his 3 grandsons to attend his 5th wedding ceremony. Hyun Min doesn't want to go, but ultimately ends up hiring Ha Won to be his date for 3 hours so he can upstage his grandfather. His plans don't completely pan out, however, when the grandfather witnesses Ha Won's no-nonsense attitude towards Hyun Min and decides to hire her as a live-in butler and drill sergeant of sorts at Sky House. What follows is a lot of shenanigans, love triangles, drama, and plenty of sass. 

Now yes, this is definitely a lot closer to what I remember. And actually, I seen all three actors in different shows.The the third cousin, he was in Shooting Stars, which is the show I mentioned last episode, because of the actress of shooting stars, who was also in About Time. And in, you know, fairy tale Bok, Bok Joo. I forget her full name. But yeah, she was in that one as well. And that guy's name is, yeah,  Lee Jung Shin. He's the one who plays Kang Seo Woo, the musician of the group. The guy from Good Job who plays a tough guy in Good Job, plays the tough guy cousin in this one. And the Playboy is Ahn Jae Hyun, playing Kang Hyun Min. So yes, what's her name? Eun Ha Won, is this blue collar girl. She's been treated like, she isn't, like the bad, the black sheep of the family. The father is a hard working truck driver. So he's never at home. So his, so her stepmother and stepsister treat her like a servant. You know, they don't treat her like family. They make her do all the chores, they treat her like crap. They make, they make her, not, bring this up to that father whenever he does show up. 

And the father has this misguided resentment towards her. Because at some point he quote unquote discovers that Eun Ha Won is not his real daughter. And later on in the show, if, you find out, no, that's wrong, he, she is your biological as well. So he starts resenting her mom and her, by association, because he thinks that she had an affa-, his mom, his wife had an affair with him, again on her, sorry. She cheated on him and she you know, she died in a fire accident in a building. He felt that you know, she died in her lover's apartment. The lover survives but the mother died and now he's left to take care of their their child. When all this time he thought it was his his daughter so even though he has he turns a blind eye to the abuses that his current wife and stepdaughter are giving her he also subconsciously rationalizing, justifies it, because she's not really my daughter anyway she's a product of an affair that I have to eat crow on, so screw her. 

So anyways she doesn't know her father thinks this of her until somewhere sometime later in the in the show and it's been a while since I saw this so my memory is slightly foggy on on on the details. But anyway, you have these other three guys. The tough guy he is a blue collar worker. He works at a auto garage so he fixes cars for a living. Well, he did fix cars for living until he got adopted by his grandfather, who discovered him and brought him brought him over to the sky house. So out of the three, even though he's one of the older ones, he's the last one to join the family so to speak. So he's the last one to join and immediately him and the other the Playboy, Kang Hyun Min were but, were butting, butting heads. Because he was like, Oh, you're just a freeloader. you're a leech, coming here to grab my my fortune, my inheri-, my inheritance. He, Kang Hyun Min, the Playboy was always in the household because he wasn't, he was born out of a accepted, accepted marriage. So he he's the chaebol. He's, well he's the son of a chaebol and he himself is, by by association, is another, he's a second generation or third generation chaebol. Second generation, cuz he's the grandson so he's a second generation chaebol. His, his father married appropriately you know that his father approved and all that nonsense, and and they stayed in the household. So he always lived in sky house and in the family lands. Kang Seo Woo, the young he's the youngest, he's the musician and the tough guy they obviously were born from, well actually Kang Seo Woo we don't, we don't really know if he was also the product of a chaebol-chaebol merger slash marriage arrangement. 

We know Kang Ji Woon, his father had a relationship with Kang Ji Woon's mother. They were not approved, they were not approved, an approved relationship. So he was born out of wedlock. And he eventually did marry someone else I think, but they never had any kids of their own. And then he died. I forget if he died of a suicide or a car accident of some kind. All the, all his sons had tragic deaths. They either died in a car accident or they committed suicide or something to that effect. They don't I don't think they go into too much details about about their other deaths. All you know is that the grandfather now he has some remorse, cuz obviously he definitely played a part in them living miserable lives and then having short short lives in general. But he's still set in his ways. He's trying to get these guys shaped up to marry chaebols in the future. 

Now where Eun Ha Won comes into the picture, as the synopsis shows, Kang Hyun Min, he was at a he was either at a club or some kind of social gathering with other chaebols and and other people of his of his ilk from his you know, school school mates and what have you. And so their party, she was busy doing her food deliveries and there was a group of kids who you know, ordered food and so she went there and at first he's like, he didn't pay much mind because she's just a delivery person with a bike helmet on so you couldn't really see who was there. And then she takes the helmet off I think or the hood off. So he sees it's a girl. That's odd a girl delivery person? But then what would really captures his attention is her no attitude, take no attitude sass. These people treated her like, you know, beneath beneath them. And then they weren't going to pay or something to that effect. And then a scuffle ensued and she clocked all three of them. Because she has she's a martial artist. So she can fight. So she gives them the business and that immediately like I wouldn't say bespelled him, but uhm piqued his curiosity more than anything. 

So he's like, You know what I.. Oh, right! He he made a bet with his with his boys. The next girl that walks in I am going to make her mine and so here we go. The delivery person comes in. Turns out it's a woman. So not really my cup of tea because I go for other fancy fancy or fair girls from my circles. And this is just some blue collar food delivery person who just happen to cross my path. Not even directly indirectly because someone within my social crowd ordered food from her plate from her place of employment. But he eventually tries to get his, he tracks her down. And, you know, offers her this, this deal, okay, you want a part time job? Well, this is a part time job, you'll be my escort to a, a wedding to, to my grandfather's birthday I think is what he says. Because, you know, he always I forget the whole story. But he convinces her to, hey, I'm going to pay you handsomely and which will make, be way more than you make in this job. It'll only be for three hours instead of a whole shift, work shift. And it'll make my grandfather happy. And you want to make grandfather's happy, don't you? So, so she agrees, because, you know, she could use the money and she needs she needs the funds for her for her college that she got accepted into. So So yeah, she's happy about that. 

So. So then she goes into that, she goes to that, that party. And he she realizes, Oh, crap, we're crashing his grandfather's wedding. Because they're up in a in a banister, balcony, I should say. And there's two stairs that you know, come down from either side. And so you have the grandfather with his new wife coming down one side. And the grandson Kang Hyun Min, should have been already among the crowd. But he came fashionably late. He came in from the entrance that would gate, get him access to this balcony. So then he could time it just right, so he would come down the stairs on the other side to distract, to take some of the spotlight away from his grandfather. Because he likes to do things to spite him. Because he resents him. He resents that these freeloaders are coming into the fold out of nowhere, because his uncle's, slash his grandfather's other sons, had these kids out of illegitimate means. So yes, I guess Kang Seo Woo is also situa-, the same situation, but they don't really get into too much detail about him. And whereas he Kang Hyun Min is the "rightful pure heir." He has none of those clandestine stories. There are no there are no closets in his closet. He comes from a chaebol-chaebol union, that he that his grandfather approved. And they raised them in the sky house, like a chaebol tradition should. And he's always been there. He's always been the good, the good kid, the good chaebol, second generation, and so on. 

And his reward is now he has to share the wealth with these two newcomers in his life because of these trespasses that his uncles have done. And on top of that, as chaebols are, he's also resentful by the fact that his his grandfather doesn't look at him like a grandfather would a grandson, in a familial way,  He's just a product of a part of the brand of this of the Kang Dynasty. And so he should always be a model Kang chaebol and follow the rules and you know, toe in line, you know, toe in line and keep keep, you know, keep keep your step steady with the projected plan of your future. 

And he doesn't, he's tired of that he doesn't want to go through he doesn't want to he doesn't want to please his grandfather to, to his full full satisfaction because what has he done for me lately? He has all these new other guys come in the fray. Now I have these two other cousins that I have to deal with. So that's his mindset. So anyways, Eun Ha Won realizes this, you know, too late, obviously, because it's happening live. He does. She does, I should say, apologize to the grandfather and his new wife. And, you know, makes him up makes him apologize. He like she forcefully grabs him and puts them in a some kind of martial arts for hold with his arm. And then, you know, making him bow down respectfully to his grandfather. And the grandfather appreciates this and has his second in command investigate her to find out who she is and give him, give her the job to be their nanny so to speak, even though they're all the same age. And she and his his demands, his offer I should say is you'll you'll get free tuition at any institution that you want, all fully paid for, living expenses, the whole nine yards and possibly future employment in some future Kang job, possible possibility or or whatever or ref-, job references that you would need to succeed in whatever career you want to do. 

The only stipulation is a) you got to fulfill the the goals that I'm going to give you on a weekly basis. And b) you can't have any romantic entanglements with any of my my chaebols any of my grand, grandsons. Because as soon as, cuz you're not, you're not, we're not you're not in the same circle, you're not in the same class, right? You were beneath them. He didn't say that directly. But that was, that was implied. These guys are going to marry other chaebols. You're the help. They don't, they don't marry or fall in love with the help. They don't get involved with the help. Even though my sons did that. And and here we are, they're dead. Regardless, I'm still set in my ways. These guys do not get involved with the help. 

So anyways, she moves into the Sky House, gets introduced to these three. They never associate with each other. She starts off, her rela-, her-, Wow! Her best relationship with, out of the three is with the youngest, Kang Seo Woo because he's respectful. He's, he's a decent guy. He acts decent. And, and really, he's just focusing on his music, he wants to, he's a musician and that's what he wants to do. So he's the first one that the she gets on the right foot with, you know, nothing out of whatever, out of whack? Out of step. As you know, the player was her first encounter on top of the you know, the place of delivery, and then getting that job offer. Those two were good bad first impressions for Eun Ha Won regarding Kang Hyun Min, and also because he's a player and she sees this, she doesn't take anything he does seriously even though he tries to imply that he is falling for her. But you but he's not really serious about it. And she knows it. So she's not playing you know, she's, you know, she's taking it with a grain of salt and she puts him in his place. And really, she, he's in love with this woman. This other girl Park Hye Ji, played by Son Na Eun which I know I'm destroying these names, but hey, I'm not Korean. You know, forgive me. 

But even though he has a thing for her, he treats her like garbage. And so I kind of don't like that relationship. I mean, whatever. In the end, they get together, he, they rekindle all past, all past transgressions are forgiven, and what have you. But part of the reason why he treats her the way he does is that he doesn't want her, he doesn't want her to love him. And the reason he doesn't want her to love him, is because he's he feels guilty for the death of her brother. He feels that he's responsible. And reality. You know, they were both kids. They were both being like, you know, being kids. And her brother was on the road when there was an incoming car. He froze. Car hits 'em. You know, he's he's dying. And instead of trying to, I guess, he feels maybe if he had called the police or or ran for help, that that could have made a difference. But really, it wasn't going to save him. And what he ended up doing was he just ran away altogether. And tried to put that behind him. But obviously he didn't because he used that to punish himself and by punishing, and he felt the best punishment to him was he couldn't have the woman of his dreams, the, the woman that he loved. And so I'm going to do my best to make her not love me. Because I don't deserve her. 

But she never let go of him. She kept trying to reestablish something with him. And so he just kept being further and further abusive, dating other women. Which I mean, they weren't in a relationship anyway, so it wasn't cheating. But still he was dating other women to you know, flaunt it in her face to show like I don't care about you I don't love you. You're nothing to me and I'm not into into love. I'm into playing the field. But really he was in love with her and she developed a relationship. And that's another reason why Kang Hyun Min and Kang Ji Woon keep butting heads. Because she developed a relationship with Kang Ji Woon because Khan Ji Woon actually fell for her, in their first encounter, which was like his first visit at the at the Sky House estate. They met up and, you know, he was in a dark moment or whatever, like crying or something, and she, you know, lent him some emotional support. And so ever since, he was fascinated by, infatuated with her, but she only saw him as a as a friend and brother or brother figure, because really, her heart was for the other guy. 

But the other guy doesn't know this. He sees them having a relationship so he's jealous, though he can't say he's jealous because he's supposedly not into her so he keeps treating her like crap. Kang Ji Woon has to always come in swoop in and save her play the knight to his, you know, play the white knight to his black knight. And, and so it's an ongoing thing, which just furthers poisons their relationship. And, of course, her Eun Ha Won's encounter with that guy, they meet at a convenience store, I believe that's their first meet up. He left the estate. This is one of these many nights where he had you know, an argument with Kang Hyun Min, probably because of Park Hye Ji. He storms off, he leaves the city estates. And no, was it that? Or did he leave his auto job because of something... I'm forgetting and regardless, he did not have money with him. So he goes, so they meetup at the, somehow they bumped heads at the convenience store. Oh right! She was working in the convenience store. That's what it was. So she's working there. That's another one of her part time jobs. She was a delivery, she's a delivery girl. And she was a clerk at a ret-, at a convenience store. 

So he went into this convenience store, which was a few blocks away from his job. And, you know, he grabbed a bunch of things. And then he ended up he did not have any money. Excuse me, he didn't have any money to pay for it. So she finally you know, okay, fine. I'll put you on the tab or whatever. That was the first meetup. So she thinks he's a nerd the Well, someone with no money or whatever. And then they meet at the wedding place. So now he, so while she's busy judging him thinking he's a ne'er-do-well who's you know, a freeloader and tries to take advantage of convenience stores and whatnot, he thinks she's a gold digger because she's with Kang Hyun Min, And also now that he knows that she's getting paid for that gig of being an escort, like he just further keeps putting her down verbally and in his mind. 

So they keep butting heads. And of course, later on, they realize how much in common they have because they both have this, this high sense of justice and righteousness. They both have this moral compass. They both have similar childhoods in a way because you know, they both lost, he lost his, Yeah, they both lost their mothers, at young ages. They both lost them in a fire. They both lost them at a fire at a apartment building. Turns out it's the same, you in the end, you find out it's the same apartment building. And the he she had this this necklace with this like ring or something in it that she believed that was something that was near and dear to her to her mother. Eun Ha Won thought this. But in reality, it was the ring for uh, it was Kang Ji Won, Woon's mom's ring. Somehow Eun Ha Won's mom had that ring. And the reason why she had it, they knew each other. And she was, well she she went to that building because the the owner of the dojo and that's who the, that's who Eun Ha Won's father thinks is Eun Ha Won's real father. Because he she, he thought that his, you know, Eun Ha Won's mom had an affair with this dojo guy. But and you find out later No, no, they were just friends. They both worked this dojo, he then embezzled money and tried to you know. He basically ran the company to the ground, the dojo to the ground and then try to embezzle money out of whatever was left out of it and you know, leave her out of it, of the equation, they had that fight during that situation. I think he started the fire, for fire in-, for an insurance, an insurance claim, I think that's what it ended up being. 

Oh my god, this bottle won't go away. And then of course, the reason why she died was because she ran back into the building or she stayed in the building. She was trying to save Jung Ji, Jung Il Woo's mom. But obviously, they both perished in the, in the building and the fire. And so, and that ring belong to his mother. And, and then he eventually gets the other half of that ring, the other, the counterpart, which was his father's ring. His grandfather, because in the end, they all reconcile in a, you know, Kdrama way. And I don't, I don't want to, I don't remember all the details. There was a lot of things going around a lot of backstory being discovered, and, you know, past histories retold and whatnot. The father also, the grandfather had a stroke, because he thought that his wife, his new wife, was having an affair with his right hand, man. 

Turns out no, the right hand man is in fact, your new wife's son, who she let go. She abandoned him at some point in time. And I forget why. And I think maybe because political career aspirations or something to that effect. But now here she is coming, trying to come back. And well, she was in, she was, you know, always trying to marry rich guy. And she bagged this guy does grand, this grandfather. And once she realizes, Oh my God, this grandfather, this man's right hand man is my actual son, her maternal instincts came back and of course her feeling of regret and need, need to redeem her relationship as a mother. And so she had his grand scheme to try to steal the company from the Kangs and because the son, these grandsons are not, are no, are not qualified to run this place. My son, who's, you know, technically now a step son because of our marriage, he's the, and he's been your right hand man for all this time. So he has the professional expertise and experience and all that, all that jazz to run this company, he could be the guy. And so I'm going to do everything I can to get this company into his hands as my way to redeem my relationship with with him. 

But anyway, so that thing, that, him seeing them together thinking that that was an affair, made him have a heart attack and put in a coma. And then of course there was this emergency meeting where the wife tried to get the company, uhm, what's the word?  Hostile takeover. Try to get the votes to make her son, Lee Yoon Sung, the new heir and CEO and all that jazz. And well not the heir because they don't know that. But the new CEO and then later on obviously, legally and all that stuff, he would be the heir anyway. But Lee Yoon Sung played along because he believed that he felt this was the best way to to stop his mom from from taking this company from this guy. Because he doesn't really, despite his flaws, he doesn't deserve that. And I don't and I don't deserve this either by betraying him even though it's I'm just following a plan that wasn't my own design, so naturally, so anyway, he voted, he, one of his, he had, he put in a nay vote instead of a yay vote. And and the nay votes, the yay votes were you know, he voted against himself, I should say. 

And so the votes for for Kang Hyun Min or, sorry, no, no, it was yay or nay. Either the grandfather stays in power, or we're going to dethrone him and make Lee Yoon Sung the new guy. And so, all in favor of dethroning him yay, all against na. So the nays, the nays have had it, so Lee Yoon Sung, did not get to overthrow the Kang Dynasty. And obviously now the wife, now going to be an ex wife and and Lee Yoon Sung are going to be out of the picture so to speak. 

But anyway, he, he came back from the coma. And you know, life is short, let's rekindle our relationships. He gave the ring to Kang Ji Woon and then he, upon seeing the ring, he realizes, Oh, I, I've seen another ring like that. She had it, Eun Ha Won had that ring. How, how, what's the connection? And so they discovered it and they remem-, and then they both have a same childhood memory, where they actually did meet each other during, their both, their respective wakes because you know, both mothers died the same day. So they both went to the same funeral place and all that jazz. So anyway, they were fated to be together so to speak. 

So yeah, it was a cute, cute Kdrama. A lot of melodrama in it. A lot of well, there were some twists and turns in there. And I was I was very happy with the relationship between Eun Ha Won and Kang Ji Woon. The other one not too much, because I mean, with all the abuse and toxi-, toxicity in that in their relationship, I felt that Park Hye Ji, she could have done better. She deserved better for sure. But whatever. Her love for him and obsession at this point was was too strong for her to ever sway. And now knowing that he is repentant and willing to turn over a new leaf, if you give me a chance, she gave him the chance. And so they stay together. 

And so that's all I have. This will I mean, I'm recording on Saturday, but the show will probably won't post till Monday or Tuesday. And then eventually it'll just be a normal Thursday schedule. If you have any questions, comments or what have you, you can reach me at me@juliofromny.com. My website of course, julioscorner.com.  My YouTube channel, GoFundMe link are on the show, are in the show notes. And I'm on Twitter @juliofromny. So until next time, thank you for listening.

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