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November 02, 2022 Episode 10
Julio's Corner
About Time
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General Talk:

  • Enjoying new Apple Watch and trying to get more sleep 
  • Getting reacclimated with work thanks to training week
  • Debating about buzzing my hair again or letting it grow out

Podcast Talk:

  • Not using Magic Mastering anymore
  • Recording straight to the iPhone was a debacle because the audio speeds were different and I had to keep the inferior one for the video
  • The speed difference also forced me to do a separate transcript for the YT video even though it’s the same words, because of time time difference
  • Using Continuity Camera for this recording, hopefully this works and will be the future

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You're listening to Julio's Corner, my corner of the internet where I share my thoughts and two cents on anything and everything that crosses my mind. Mainly I'll talk about shows and movies that I like to watch. Occasionally, I'll share my thoughts and opinions on politics and society at large. But mostly this is my happy place where I can be me and express myself. This work is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution, Noncommercial 4.0 International license. This means you can share my audio, remix it, do whatever you want with it, just not use it for commercial purposes, and you have to credit the source. So say where you got it from. This is Episode 10, recorded live on Saturday, October 2019 2022. And we'll get right into it in a moment. But first, let's get some.

And welcome back to the show. Once again, I'm your host, Julio from New York. And not a lot has been going on since the last episode. Of course. As you all know, already, from episode nine, I got a new Apple Watch, I'm loving the new Apple Watch. The metrics for sleep are a lot more detailed. So it's showing me how bad of a sleeper I am. I'm averaging five and a half hours of sleep, roughly, a night. Which is explains why I always have bags under my eyes and why I'm always exhausted. And I need to, I need to work on that. I need to get better at sleeping. Because you know, the more rested you are, the healthier you become. I mean, you know your body recovers from the day before, less aches and pains, you know, it's just good overall health. 

So that's the reason the big reason why I got the new Apple Watch. After getting rid of my old one for a few months, miss, I've been missing it, not not having a watch telling me my metrics and letting me know okay, you're sitting on your ass too much and you need to start burning calories. And so I'm happy that I I'm trying to better myself and I'm using the watch to do so. You also know I'm back at work. So I'm getting re acclimated with work and work schedule and you know, breaks and all that nonsense. And of course I've been training this past week so that has definitely been a good, a nice way to ease my transition back from being a lazy bum to being a productive member of society. So yeah, until until I win the sum, jackpot or someone donates me a million dollars or a bunch of people donate a total of a million dollars on my GoFundMe, I will be, I'll be doing that nine to five grind. I have no choice. 

And lastly for general talk I am thinking about buzzing my hair again it's getting, you know, the fuzz is getting longer and so now it's getting to the point where it's going to start looking silly so I have to make the decision am I just gonna let it grow out out altogether again and then probably wait another month or two, debate about going to a barber or will I just buzz it off again back to, you know, skin tight proportions. 

Anyways, on with podcast talk so there was this feature, I'm sure I mentioned that I have Buzzsprout as my podcast hosting, my podcast host service, hosting service. And and one of the features that they offer you know for an additional fee is something called Magic mastering. And with magic mastering they do a lot of auto, automated post editing stuff so like leveling the noise and compression and all that jazz. And I've noticed, at least for, for me personally, when I would listen to the audio my normal audio pre pre magic mastering on the YouTube videos and well on my phone computer after editing versus how it sounded once it dropped on my Buzzsprout account, I, I, I, It sounded, I wasn't pleased, I wasn't satisfied with with the sound and that probably helped make me have this whole microphone debate because I was wondering about my sound, thinking maybe it's just, I'm older and my voice is just screwed up or whatever. But I noticed that the YouTube audio sounded better. And I was quest-, questioning, you know, it may be because I'm not using wired, I'm using Bluetooth headphones versus wired headphones. Well, I decided to take it for, you know, test this theory. So the last episode, I let the magic mastering service, you know, lapse and episode nine was, it has been the first episode that I've dropped, sans magic mastering. And I was pleased with how it sounded. So I am no longer going to be using magic mastering on my, on my audio anymore. 

And I'll just use my Rodecaster pro because it does, it does a lot of processing already. It does the compression, the you know, noise gate, de essing, and what have you already and then on top of that, the editing software I use is Hindenburg. That software does a lot of you know it has things in there too, equalizer, compression, and voice profiling. So all of that together gave me a you know the results that are satisfactory to me with episode nine. So that's going to be the way I do it from now on. 

So speaking of audio, if you watch the YouTube video, you're going to notice the audio on that is garbage in comparison to the podcast episode. And the reason for that is because like I mentioned in the last episode, I was using my iPhone to record the video and I was using like a what you might call it a shotgun mic on it. Well, not really. It's not a real shotgun mic. It's it's for iPhone, kind of mic. But anyway, I wasn't intending to use that audio, I was going to use the audio that I normally record on my mixer board to, as the audio, which is what I always do. I do the video and audio together. And then when I edit the video, the audio on the Rodecaster generally sounds better. So I delete the video audio and I use the Rodecaster's Pro audio in its stead. However, and you know, I don't know the science behind it, but when I was using the, when I was using the audio from my mixer board with with the video, I noticed that the audio, the latency of the you know, it wasn't in sync. So, like the intro, and then that's what you'll notice in the YouTube video, the intro sounds pretty good, because that's the mixer board audio and then after that, at that point, after the audio, the introduction happens and I start just my normal talking like I'm doing right now, you would notice the audio would say stuff before my lips, faster than my lips were flapping on the video. So it was it was out of sync and there was no way to fix it. Unless I did, unless I just use the normal audio that came, that that was recorded with the video on the iPhone. 

Hopefully, that won't be the case now with camera content, with continuity camera, which is the new feature with with MacOS Ventura, that's allowing me to use my phone as the webcam. Because you know, if you notice the previous YouTube videos, that wasn't an issue and that was because the mixer board right now is connected to my computer right? So as, even though I'm recording directly to my computer, OBS is also recording the video and audio together. And I guess that direct connection to the video and audio connected to you know, directly to each other with OBS allows it to to match the audio on the mixer board as well because it's exactly the same syncing, the same latency. 

Which I guess in a way makes sense, right? Because it's all connect it's all together versus when I had the iPhone camera recording it separately on its own without direct connection to the computer and I'm, I don't know, a foot or two feet away from the phone. That, that extra two feet of travel time with the, of the audio, to, directly to that microphone, changes the, the speed of the audio in comparison to me talking directly into this microphone right now. It's again, I don't know this, I can't give you the audio engineering science to it because I don't, I'm not an audio engineer. But that's the that's the difference.

And it's funny because even when I was doing when I did the transcript, I ended up having to do two transcripts for that very same reason because you know, one is just, just a transcript for the podcast. But then I also use the transcript on the YouTube video as subtitles. But if the audio of the Rodecaster Pro is off by, like, you know, certain amount of seconds, then then the words on the screen are not going to match with what's being said in the video. Though, you know, for for deaf people, it doesn't matter because they're just reading so they can't tell unless they like to read lips as well. I guess they wouldn't be able to read lips and but people who are watching and who can hear like myself, I like to watch subtitles, I like to, I like close captioning and, and stuff like that, that would be a distraction to me. So I had to do a separate transcript to use the subtitles for the YouTube video. And and I noticed it even though it's almost it's the same, it's the same words, right? I was copying and pasting from one transcript to the new one. But even with that the timing like you could see on the, on Otter AI, which is the trans-, the the transcript service that I use, that you know, there was a difference in some points, it was like a two minute difference. And then it was back to 20 seconds and then 15 seconds. And then it was odd, even though it's the same exact texts, the timestamps, just we're not we're not matching. 

So both transcripts had different timestamps for the same dialogue. Which is, which is odd, but but it, I mean, the Otter AI was able to figure it out and so, so yeah, I'm glad I did a second transcript for the video even though the text is exactly the same. So anyway, now that I'm using contoonui, excuse me. Now that I'm using continuity camera, where my iPhone is my web camera, and I'm able to use like, one of the features you know, you could do different graphics so there's like studio light Centerstage and and Portrait. Portrait will would give me that mosaic look where the my background is blurry. I didn't like that. Center stage is suppose to kind of give you that movie magic where the, no matter how I move the camera will focu-, will put me always at center. But it gave a grainy look so it couldn't, It couldn't handle the low lighting I guess so that's no good. And then of course there's studio light which you're supposed to use to help with low light settings, which is you know, that's where we are. And I think this does look a little better than just a plain, then, then without it. 

So, so I'm glad that I'm trying studio light here for this recording with my iPhone and I'm gonna get a little sip of sippy sip. Ah man! Good hot water. Down the gullet. Giving me a little burn but lubricating those vocal cords so I don't sound too messed up at, towards the end of the show. But anyways, we're gonna get right into, you know what we always get into when we're done talking gibberish and just, you know, non sequiturs and stream of conscious rambling. Let's get in on the media chunk

Okay, so we might talk about two shows today. The first one I've mentioned, you know, every so often I think even I even brought it up in the last episode. And it's called About Time. It's a kdrama with the actress that I am a newly, I'm a new fan of I guess, Lee Sung Kyung, who, you know, as I mentioned in previous episodes, she was in Shooting Stars. She was uh Fairy Bok Joo, Fairy Heavyweight Bok Joo,. Weightlifting Fairy I think is what it is. All right, now that I keep butchering that title. Let me go and look that one up. It's da da dit, survey says Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo. That's the name of the show that I spoke about a couple episodes ago. But the episode, the show we're gonna talk about today that she's in, that she's the lead actress came out in 2018. It's called About Time. And I've already mentioned that, I mentioned the plot a little bit in the past so you're not going to be too, for those who regularly listen, you're not going to be completely out of the, in the dark I should say. 

Let's read the, let's look at the synopsis real quick and see how um, it matches. It doesn't quite sound like I'm gonna agree with it altogether, but we're gonna go ahead and read it. Here we go. So this is About Time 2018. A man and a woman have different abilities when it comes to time. Michaela Choi is an aspiring musical actress who has the unusual ability to see other people’s life spans and knows that her own time is limited.  When Michaela meets Lee Do Ha, the chief director of a cultural foundation, she realizes that her time clock stops when she is near him. He is the only person who can extend her life so that she can pursue her dreams of becoming a musical theater actress.  Do Ha suddenly finds that Michaela is inserting herself into his life just to be near him. What can he do about this new nuisance in his life?

So yeah. This isn't actually too far off the mark. I guess the first paragraph was what made me won-, well, the first sentence is what made me think, Lee Do Ha doesn't think about time at all. Whereas Michaela kind of does, because you know, she only has, she only has like, 100 days left to live, is how the show starts off. Well, the show starts off, if I, if I, going to try to go by my memory. She's on a bus, they're on a bridge or a highway. There's a huge car accident that, you know, bunch of cars got derailed or whatever. So, you know, the passengers of the bus have to get off. And she approaches a couple, you know, old gu-, old, an old couple, and they're complaining about their, you know, their day is is ruined, or whatever. They were gonna have like a, they were doing, this is supposed to be like a trip a vacation or something. And, you know, I think he was always a hard worker. So he didn't really get to spend as much time with her and, you know, early on in their life. And so now he's really trying to spend as much time with his, with his loved one as much as possible, or something to that effect. And of course, he only has like, 45, no not even, he only has like, less than a minute left to live. Because apparently he has internal bleeding. And there's just no way for the EMTs to get to him in time because they're busy looking at at the accident. He's not in the accident. But all the same. He's in, in the main eye of the storm, so to speak. But he's still a casualty, he did have a, an accident because of the the main, the main one. And, and yeah, some internal bleeding is happening and so he dies. And and what she did was, because she saw he only had a minute to live, and she's with his he's with his, you know, his wife or lover. And she was going to run to try to get help. And she stops him, stops her I should say and says no, no, no. You want to you want to cherish this moment you have with with him? And basically let her know, not in so many words, but let her know that yeah, this is it, you're not going to see him again. And you if you walk, if you run away to get help and, and then you come back and he's gone, you're going to regret that, that you you didn't get to be with him, with him for his final moments. And so, you know, she got to witness his final moments and sorrow of course, because I mean, you don't want to see your, your loved one die, but she at least got to experience that.

So anyways, that's how the that's the very beginning of the show. And then the next scene, or, yeah, the next thing I believe is is you see Lee Do Ha having his, his session with his, his shrink. Who also is his friend so I would think that's a conflict of interest. But, you know, whatever. His college friend who now is of course, a psychologist or psychiatrist, I'm not sure which one. I didn't really pay attention too closely to that detail. But um, he, you know, he's, he's seeing him and he's complaining because he's just this miserable neurotic guy who's always, he's always afraid of everything. He's He's especially afraid of sharp objects. He's afraid of knives and stuff, and you come to realize, okay, you know what? It's 2018 so I really shouldn't say spoiler warning, but spoiler warning. You find out later. The reason for his fear of knives is because of, you know, past trauma and the past trauma is his first love tried to commit suicide, you know, she cut her wrists. She was another actress that was suffering. 

And of course, the reason being, and if you heard me say this, you know, once you've heard me say this a million times, well, maybe not a million because I only have 10 episodes, but you get the gist. This is a chaebol. Lee Do Ha is part of a rich family. He's a chaebol. And so as you know, as the trope of chaebols go, you can't marry beneath yourself. And he's a chaebol and she was just this common person who was trying to become an actress but but still, she's not of a chaebol family. She is a you know, she comes from a normal family, her family is not rich. And she wants to make it as a, as a musical actress. And so his family was making that impossible for her, Making, they were black, getting her blacklisted, essentially, unless she leaves the country or at least you know, or unless she breaks up with him is really what it was. 

But she finally after trying to commit suicide, I guess, and then just realizing, you know, what, I can't I can't be with this guy. It's just there's no point to it, because he can't, he can't help me. And, and his family is killing me. So I'm going to leave the country so she basically settles gets, you know, the envelope of money that they give you to break up with their, with their chaebol, and she went to New York and struggled and succeeded at becoming a, you know, a highly sought Broadway actress in in New York City. My, my hometown, where I'm from, where I'm at, actually, but you know, and from so. So that's, that's his, so anyway, her committing suicide, you know, cutting her wrists or whatever made this gave him this trauma of, you know, being afraid of sharp sharp knives and stuff, sharp objects. Anyways. So she, so he, he's at the hospital seeing the shrink. And I believe Michaela, Lee Sung Kyung, is also at the hospital because of you know, the car crash. So I guess everyone was was brought over there. So anyways

so now, she's trying to she's trying to leave to get to, to an audition. And, oh, right, he generally has someone drive him because he's, again, he's like, he's such a neurotic guy, he can barely, he's basically mentally crippled from doing anything that might be considered too risky. So he can't even you know, he's too anxious to even drive himself. So generally, he has someone drive him you know, to and fro. And the homework assignment that the shrink gave him was okay, you're gonna drive yourself home from from our session today. So here he is in the car, freaking out. He was seeing, he he saw and what caused him to freak out, which is, I found odd. I guess it's springtime or whatever. And there's flower petals, or a flower petal was floating. You know, once he got into his car, and he got his seatbelt on, and he was adjusting everything, he noticed this, this flower petal just floating in the sky, slowly cascading and gliding itself towards him. And that, he was staring fixedly at that, at that petal for a good long while, and then somehow that was making him anxious. And so instead of putting the shift, you know, the shift into Drive, he put it into Reverse and, you know, hit, slams the pedal, and immediately hits Choi Michaela from behind. 

Because she was, as he was hitting reverse, he, she was crossing the street, and boom, you know, rear, rear ends her. Thankfully, not not too seriously, but enough to knock her off her feet and, you know, bruise her side or whatever. And of course, he's like, How dare you? You know, why don't you look where you're going. She's like you, why don't you look with your, how you're driving. I mean, you don't reverse from the sidewalk, you're supposed to drive straight through or whatever. And so they have this whole interaction. And now my detail, the details are getting a little foggy to me. But basically, she somehow makes him, out of guilt, drive her to the to the audition. Well, actually, she ends up being the driver, because, you know, the guy mentally crippled. 

So somehow she's able to convince him to let her you know drive herself to the, to the audition and and it's raining, so that's an extra, so now all of a sudden, it's raining. So that just adds an extra bit of I guess it's raining. I guess they had because you know, she got hit and then she had to go back into the hospital for further inspection to see that, you know, nothing serious. Alright, now let me get to my addition to now I'm running I'm really running late for and of course, she's like, you know, you know, reckless just driving, but not really because she is, she has this crazy driver's license for like, high, you know, for like racing or something. And so, and that's what she tells Lee Do Ha, as she's like, you know, racing through cars, you know, weaving, bobbing and weaving through cars in the streets to get to her, to her destination. And then, which is a it looks like a cathedral. But anyway, so she gets there. She she sings beautifully but um, this genius director quote unquote, this just genius manchild isn't too impressed because she, because he sensed something. Like, he understood that she was singing well, like in terms of technique, there was nothing to critique. However, in terms of like, feeling he didn't believe the song, so to speak. 

So so that's why he was rejecting her. So then he, she's like, well, let me let me see another song or something. And he's like, Well, no, you're not you're not going to convince me. And then somehow they have like a quick okay, convince me that you can seduce someone. And as he says this, And and she's like, now okay, how am I going to convince him? Lee Do Ha is walking into the auditorium because he, I guess he was like, what? Why the hell are we here? And then eventually, he finally walks into the building to see like, what, why did she bring me here and then realizing that, you know, and then she, he got he got to the audition room and then saw her singing and stuff. He was just there in the you know, up on, in the stand, not the stands, but the aisle he was up in the aisle.

She, so she's looking at the crowd, and she sees them. So she walks down the stage up to him and then kisses him. Which shocks the hell out of him. Like, what the hell are we doing here? And of course, the man child is like, I asked you to make me believe you can seduce someone I didn't ask you to go and kiss someone. Anyone can do that. So yeah, you still failed.

So anyway, Lee Do Ha's like angry like, How dare you, you know, out of nowhere, just, you know, kiss me like, like, what the hell? And I think she, you know, she apologizes sincerely so again, he's taken aback because she's such she's such this, she's like this force of nature. Just compulsion. The complete opposite of him, like he always over analyzes and overthinks everything that he's going to do. Whereas she just acts before she thinks, essentially. He thinks before he acts, she she acts before she before she thinks so it's like a polar opposite, and he doesn't know what to make of it. And so I believe she drives him home and then she walks in the rain back to her, you know, wherever she's from. 

That's their first encounter. And then her next encounter with him, she, because she works a lot of part time jobs. This seems, this seems to be a very, I'm starting to notice now that I'm talking about these, and watching all these dramas. That, that's a very common trope. On top of the chaebol thing is the the part time jobs of the person, of the love interest. But anyways, so now she's um she got this gig to work at the, at Jeju Island at a resort where she helps, where she you know, guides tourists for, for scuba diving sessions or whatever. And because she you know, she's a licensed scuba diver. And so, lo and behold at that, at that same time, Lee Do Ha is also at Jeju Island for a business trip. He's trying to convince this Chinese guy who's also he's a Chinese chaebol, and he is trying to convince him to invest in his next venture, which is to put up a a musical. He he's trying to, to produce a musical theatre production with this manchild, the director. And so, oh yeah and she has a, he he's there with his fiancee, with her, with his fiancee Bai, or Bae Soo Bong. Played by Im Se Mi who I've seen in another show that I guess I'll talk about in the future. I haven't finished it yet. It's a very slow, drawn out slice of life drama that I mentioned with Park Min Young from Love in Contract. 

But anyways she's his, she's a chaebol and she's the fiance of Lee Do Ha. But also she's good friends with this Chinese guy. So which I don't think Lee Do Ha knew at the time until the encounter at the Jeju Island where he was losing the the contract negotiations. And then, you know, Bae Soo Bong comes in and plays mediator. And so by mediating because she's friends with this Chinese guy, he's able to close his deal. Or at least come to an agreement that seems promising. But of course, and also, but you know, let's also do this, this scuba diving thing that I want to do. And of course, Lee Do Ha is freaking out, because he didn't know we were going to do scuba diving. But um, you know, he needs to close his deal. And so let's go ahead and go on the boat. And then he sees, he sees Choi Michaela and so he's thinking, at first, he's thinking that um that Choi Michaela is stalking him. And, and of course, no, she's just there for this job that coincidentally, you know, corresponds with his meeting, this business meeting because they're, they're doing the scuba diving session. And the reason why I pause for a moment is because they also have this meeting at night, and I'm trying to figure out that they meet at night first, when she was drunk and like singing to herself. Or did they meet at the the scuba diving thing first? I'm thinking the night, so then that very night before the scuba diving thing is where they, is when they they meet up again. 

Which is why he's now freaking out like, because, you know, it's one thing when I'm walking down, you know, I'm walking the, the, the resort layout or whatever, and I'm going by this pool. And you happen to be there you were there first. So obviously, you're not following me and you're just there drunk and singing to yourself. So obviously, that's not that's not planned out. But then to meet at the scuba diving thing. Now this is getting kind of odd. This is like three encounters. So I think some thinking they met, so they first met at Jeju Island at night when she was drunk off her gourd. Because you know, her and her scuba diving friends partied it up and they were celebrating her, you know her coming back to work that weekend for you know, to help them out for the weekend. It's a good paying gig for her and they needed the help and she's very she's very good at her job. So I'm thinking that's where they met again, before they met at the the actual, you know, the scuba diving thing. 

So somehow, so she he tries to corner her and like question her, like, what are you doing here? And whatever, he's like, she's like, I'm working. What are you talking about? He's like, but you're not you're not following me? Like how could How could you be here the same time as me or whatever? And she's like, No, I don't know you and it's just a coincidence. This is just a job. I'm not you know, I don't I'm not I don't know, I don't have any ulterior motives. I'm just here to work. And it's as much a surprise to me as it is to you that that we're meeting up again. So anyways, they, they dive and everything seems good so far. But then, you know, now they're all coming back up. And all of a sudden, he starts to panic and I forget why. And I'm thinking maybe it might have to do with the fact that everyone is you know, ahead of him and he's, so now he's by himself for this brief moment. And for that, that brief moment is all, is all, is just enough for him to start panicking and get getting claustrophobic because he's surrounded by water. And now I feel like it's getting hard to breathe. Let me take off the the breathing apparatus, which is a horrible idea because now you can't, because that thing is feeding you oxygen. So obviously you can breathe but now you're taking it off now you're completely engulfed with water. There's no way for you to breathe in air surrounded by water, least of all saltwater because you're in the ocean. But you know, you're when you're, you're nervous and emotional and erratic, you're not going to be thinking rationally. 

So anyway, now now he's drowning, because he took off the thing and he's panicking and no one's around to save him and, and, you know, he's sinking. And everyone, you know, resurfaces, get on the boat and you know, Lee Do Ha's fiance, Bae Soo Bong is like, Where's where's Lee? And everyone's like huh? They do a quick head count and realize, oh, yeah, we're one. We're one short, like, Where is he? And Michaela was like, Well, he was right behind me. So then she dives into to save him. And, and she does. And for a brief second, when he, when she was grabbing him to pull him up, she noticed that her her timer stopped. So that surprises her real quick, but she's not sure how much of that is just her imagination, or what. So she doesn't think much of it at that moment. But then subsequent encounters, she starts noticing it a little more. And and so then she's like, You know what I should you know, she's she's, she becomes desperate for for a chance to not die to not live, to, to live more than 100 days. And so she keeps now now she is purposely trying to meet up with the guy. But it's not about money. It's not about what you can do for me in terms of like a career or anything like that. It's all about being next to you, allows me to live. 

And so somehow she becomes his driver. And, you know, it's a part time job, which gives her the flexibility to also do auditions for shows and whatnot. And he starts having feelings for her, of course, as always and the first person to notice that is the fiancee cuz she's no dummy. And she's very shrewd, and they have an odd relationship because they were, you know, it's a chaebol relationship. So they were not engaged from for month for love. It was, it's a business transaction, you know, his family wants to merge with her family. And she agrees with it, because deep down inside, she does actually, you know, feel attracted to him and has feelings for him. But she knows that he doesn't have feelings for her. So she plays coy and hard to get and he, even though he keeps you know, proposing she keeps saying no. And she has a bunch of these, like she has, like, I think six proposal rings at this point. And it's and it's the reason why she keeps saying no, it's because she knows that he doesn't really genuinely have feelings for her. He's just playing the part of a chaebol and trying to, you know, get this marriage, this marriage to go through because that's what the family wants. And, you know, it'll just be it'll be better for the chaebol brand, so to speak. But she really, she wants she wants love, even though she pretends that you know, I'm just whatever, I'm just being hard to get or whatever. 

So yeah, so she starts noticing that there's an attraction between Lee Do Ha and Choi Michaela, Or at least he knows, she knows at least Lee Do Ha is starting to develop feelings for Choi Michaela even though he himself has, isn't necessarily acknowledging it at that point. And so she tries to create a wedge between them. At first I think she offers her money or something to that effect. She's like, you know, I don't want to be a typical jealous, you know, fiance and, and be like and like, have a cat fight with you or whatever. I just, you know, let's do this civilly. And at first, Michaela is like, I don't understand because, um, because she doesn't have feeling-,  those kind- of WoW! Excuse me had a crick in my throat. She um, so yeah, Michaela is baffled at first because she doesn't have any, she doesn't have these romantic feelings for him at the moment. But I think, oddly enough by by bringing that question in the air, she starts questioning herself and then eventually, she starts catching feelings for him because of this resistance. You know, I guess it's that whole thing like when you say, Don't do something, it kind of makes you want to do it. 

So anyway, wow, we're going long. I guess I'm not going to do that, do that second show after all. Long story short, they eventually get back they get together and somehow due to some crazy magics, they, Her, her, she loses her ability to see time and so, that's, that's the happy ending. She doesn't need him to live anymore, or at least we don't know, because she can't see people's timelines anymore. But that was the whole thing, the more she started catching feelings for him the close, and the closer they were becoming, and the more you know, he started having feelings for her, her timespan, you know, started growing. And at first, you know, she was like, Oh, that's amazing. You, now instead of just pausing my, you know, eventual demise, you're, you're, you're, you know, you're increasing my lifespan. But she couldn't, she could never see his timeline. Until at some point, she starts able to see his timeline, and then she realizes oh! The reason why my life span is getting bigger is because your lifespan is getting smaller. So basically, I'm sucking your life away for myself. And so that's a, you know, that's a big no, no, for me, like, I can't, I can't be killing you for my own benefit. That's not what I want. And he's like, Well, I'm okay with giving my life to you. Because my life without you is meaningless. 

So I mentioned the first love, she, um, she eventually does come back into the picture. And it's because of Bae Soo Bong because at this point, you know, now she's like, Okay, I will accept your engagement, your proposal, and Lee Do Ha's like, but I don't want to, I don't want us to be a thing anymore. Because now I'm I, you're right, I have feelings for her. We were never really a thing except, except you know, through our family circles. And it was just a business transaction. And I'm okay without it now. I don't, I don't need I don't I don't want this transaction anymore. I want to have an actual relationship and I have feelings for her, not for you. And so she starts getting obsessive about him. Because like no one has ever said no to her ever in her life because she's always been the one with the leverage, again, like you know, the playing the hard to get and all that good stuff. Like she always wins in her, at least she has, except for this this time, this one time now. Where now she's willing to accept this guy's proposal and he's like, no, no, my, I rescind. I rescind my, my proposal, my offers because I I no longer am interested. I want to be with Micheala. 

And so, and so she she's like okay, well let's see how you feel with your ex, your first love back in the picture. And so because um there's so you know, because he got like I mentioned he got funding for this, this theatrical number. And the boy genius manchild director is best friends with with Lee Do Ha's first love, the the Broadway sensation. And so she comes back into the picture. And I forget what her name was. I think it was, I think it was Sa Hee playing Kim Hye, Hye Young. I think she was the famous actress, actress and slash first love. I believe it was her. Yeah, that does that sounds right. That kind of, I think that tracks. So Bae Soo Bong brings Kim Hye Young back into the picture. And she does have feelings. She still has some feelings for Lee Do Ha or at least they're they're starting to come back. 

And and you realize the reason why she broke she broke up with him was was that as I mentioned, his family was not, was making her life miserable and making it so she couldn't have a career there anymore. Unless she wasn't in a relationship with Lee Do Ha. And Lee Do Ha, basically, because he knew he was helpless, played the fool. Like, why is this happening to you? I can't believe this. But reali-, in reality, even if he did know that the, which he did, if he knew that his family was the one was the reason the catalyst for her failed tryouts and auditions, he had no power at that point. He didn't have his own company or whatever, like he does now. So now he does have a little more leverage unlike before. So, so yeah, so you know, he, you know, he couldn't do anything.  She took the offer, bailed on him. He got crushed. But you know, deep down she knew, he knew. He was no, no, he couldn't help her. 

So anyway, now she's back. He's a better man. She still has feelings for you. He's not interested. Though of course, at first he is a little flustered, because naturally, you know, that's my first love. We haven't seen each other since that crushing breakup that caused his trauma. And now, now that I'm getting this new relationship going, here you are in my life so, um, so yeah, man, that's a that's a bit of a shocker. But regardless, even though it's a shocker, it's not enough to detract him from who he really cares about, which is Choi Michaela. So there's that little obstacle at first, you know, because it's a drama you gotta have, you gotta have these plot points of tension to make the final outcome all the more sweet, you know. So So there's so that was that and then eventually, Kim Hye Young eventually realizes, okay, I get it. The reason why I got this gig and you're supporting me, you know, Bae, Bae Soo Bong, is because you're using me as a wedge between the new the new couple. So you have the past, the present, and the future. At least that's what Bae Soo Bong is saying. Because at some point, they have a dinner meeting together, all three of them. Thanks to of course, Bae Soo Bong, the fiancee who wants to put everyone in their place, showing you know, you are the past, the first love. You're currently the present, the you know, the ups, the upstart, the one who's causing discord with my engagement, but I'm the future. I'm the fiancee, I'm going to get my man. 

So so that, um, that doesn't bode well in her favor in the end. And so towards the end, when she realizes no matter what could she, you know, that doesn't work, because eventually, Kim Hye Young realizes, you know what, yeah, my past regret is, is going to have to stay that way, because he's not interested in me anymore. And also, the reason why I was brought here in the first place was to be used, was to be a tool, not because I really had a chance to get him back in my life. And also, she had like these, she was suffering from throat nodules anyways, so she couldn't guarantee, for health reasons that she would be able to do the the theatrical production for its whole cycle because at some point, she was going to have to bow out because of the nodules, I forget what they're called, but you know, she had things in her throat that was, she needed surgery she needed, she needed rest, she needed to heal. A nd right now she was just injured, her throat was you know, suffering. So so um, so she leaves and Choi Michaela, who was the understudy eventually gets the role, and you know, she is doing great in the auditions and what have you. And she's going to, you know, do the job well. 

So that part fails. So then Bae, Bae Soo Bong tries to get the, her friend, the Chinese investor to withdraw his funds. So you know, to cause more headaches and and of course not say that it's because my friend asked me to, but because of other reasons, like well, you lost your, you lost your main attraction to the show, like, how am I, How can I a businessman invest in such a risky venture that I'm not going to, you know, get you know, what it is, profits from, I'm going to, it's a it's, I'm going to lose money from this deal. And I'm a businessman, I'm not in the business of losing money. I'm in the business of making money. You know, that's the corporate, the job, the work talk that he used as his rationale. But Lee Do Ha knew, Yeah, I know why you're doing this. You're doing this because of my, my ex, who is is trying to use every possible trick she can think of, to get me to, to accept our engagement and to marry her when you know, I'm no longer I'm no longer interested.

And I don't want to show the whole thing. Ah, whatever. Um, so so what else? what else happens? so yeah, so So anyway, all her all her plans fail. So she basically feels like life has no meaning anymore. And she was, she got suicidal, was about to jump off the bridge. But as she walked past, Mikayla, she saw the her timeline went dropped to zero, and runs to try to save her and of course, Lee Do Ha also, she tells Lee Do Ha because they meet at the, in the hallway or something, and they both run over there. Anyway, they save her. And she realized after that, that brief moment of insanity that you know what, yeah, I'm done with this, I'm better than this. And I'm gonna move on with my, with my whole my whole life and you know, whatever. It's his loss, not mine. And I'm going to find someone that that really values and loves me. And not just because it's a business arrangement and not because I'm the one who's trying to, I'm gonna be the one who's pulling all the weight in terms of romantic interests. So so there's that. 

And let's see, let's see, what else am I? What other, what other, other plot points Am I missing? We're gonna go long. Longer than I, than I thought. But you know, that's that's the beauty and fun of doing an amateur podcast like myself. Looking at all the cast members to see if I can think of anything. I mean, there was a whole thing with her mother. Michaela's  mother being, what's the word? reckless with their money. And, because Michaela knew she only had 100 days, and she was working a lot of these part time jobs to save up this money. Because she was the breadwinner of the family, essentially, because the mother was a housewife. She was always a housewife. She never knew anything outside of being a housewife. And they had a and she has a younger brother, who's also an adult. But he's like, he's a, what's the word? In, in the, in Japan, it would be a Weebo or weeb? A person who doesn't do anything, he's a do nothing. He's a loser. He just stays at home. He's perfectly able to work. But he chooses not t,o he chooses to just, he's a leech. He's a parasite. He doesn't do, he's a, he's a grown man. He's in his 20s. And he doesn't work or go to school or nothing. He's just staying at home, doing whatever he pleases, however he pleases. Expects an allowance for spending money, even though he does nothing. He doesn't even help out with chores in the house. He just lives and leeches off of his his sister, because she's the one making the money. 

So anyway, she was, because she knows, she, she only knew that she had 100 days to live. She worked all these jobs to save up this money to put it into into these savings accounts. And at one point in time, when the mother is doing house cleaning, she discovers these bank notes and so she's like, Oh, we have money, let me spend it. And of course, Michaela was like, how could you do that? Like, do you like why don't you ever think of the future? And the mother was like, why? What are you talking about? I mean we'll always make money tomorrow. Not knowing that his daughter, her daughter only has 100 days to live. But eventually she comes, she finds out about this whole situation that she can see time and all this stuff. And I think it's because of her friend, her best friend, who funny enough. Michaela's brother is into. But like, he doesn't work, he's a loser. Why? Why do you think that Michaela's sis uh friend would be into you, when she can just find, she can date a guy who actually works for a living, and you don't do jack. You don't, you don't do anything productive. 

But eventually, he matures. And, and gets a job and whatnot. And he and he, you know, somehow, to do some, I, mean he's good looking. That's all he has going for him is he's good looking. So he somehow snags her. And they become a thing at the end. But he also does work now. So there's that. And I think those are all the main, all the main points of the show. And I acknowledge that I'm rambling at this point, and I didn't have any real structure, but you know, that's the fun of podcasting. You can just talk and do what you want. Do I recommend this show? Sure. Of course I do. I watched it. I loved it. It's, it has moments of comedy. It's mainly, I would say it's mainly a drama. It is dramatic. But but there are moments of humor in it. There's also psychological drama. Thrille-, thriller, now there's, it's not really a thriller. But it, there's moments of melodrama I would say. Yeah, there's moments of melodrama. Because of the whole love triangle situation and the fiance, the chaebol fiance doing all these machinations in the background to to get her way. So you have that going for you. 

And and of course you know, the main female lead Hmm, excuse me. The male female lead played by Lee Sung Kyung, Choi Michaela. You know, she's this beautiful sweetheart of a female, which I think she is generally her thing except for that one show that I mentioned where she played a bit part. And she was a klepto with psychological problems, who only cared about herself and Lee Kwang. Soo, the actor, his character had a thing for her, even though he was older. And there was a little, that was a little weird. But, um, but yeah, whatever. Other than that role that I've seen, all the other roles that I've seen, she was like, pretty much this really goody goody kind of character that the you can't help but root for because the upbringing and their prince-, you know, the principles that her characters have, and what have you. And the fact that, you know, she's willing to throw away her chance at love for this guy, because of the fact that she realized, she realized that being with him would kill him. But um, they finally came to a point where she was finally reaching zero. But he found her and, and they meet at the middle of the street, or at least he walks towards her and tries to get to her. And she's trying to run away. Because, you know, she's going, she was about to finally expire, but now, she has a day back. And she's like, No, get away from me or whatever. And so they, they meet together, and then they both get hit by a car together. So technically, they both could have died. But um, they get rushed to the hospital. They're, you know, both sent to the emergency room or whatever. She wakes up. She's not dead. And I think as soon as she wakes up, he walks into the room. And they're both Well, you see her shocked because I think she looks at him. And she looks at her wrist or maybe he's not at the,he's not no, you don't see him. Actually, she wakes up. She doesn't see him. And she looks at his, her wrist and she's wide eyed. And you wonder what's going on. And it's because she no longer can see time anymore. And so now she can no longer see time. She doesn't have to think about it anymore. And yeah, now they're happy together. 

One last thing I forgot. I probably forgot to mention. There's this woman. This old woman who's her, who's Choi Michaela's friend. Her name is Oh So Nyoo, No, that's wrong. Oh So Nyeo? Nyeh? I'm not gonna, I'm bad at this. Played by Kim Hae Sook. She also has the ability to see time. And so she knows, she was able to decipher that Lee Sung, sorry that Choi Michaela played by Lee Sung Kyung, can see time. During one of their encounters at the hospital, when they were both seeing the older woman's friend, that was like their first encounter. She sees this hospital volunteer, Choi Michaela treating her friend, and they both noticed the the timeline and so the fact that you know Choi Michaela's reaction to her changed from like, disinterest to oh my god, a little more concerned, made the older woman, Oh So Nyeo, realize, Oh, she can see time. And so knowing that, you know, they had this common thing in life, she befriends her and they become great friends. 

But she never reveals to Choi Michaela that they have the same talent until like somewhere towards the end. But she's always she was always her like moral support and a person that she would always, that Michaela would always go to for like advice and things. So anyway, that that's About time in a nutshell, I recommend the show. You can see it on Viki, according to MyDramaList. You can also see it on Netflix, and a couple other show-, Apple TV? I don't think so, I've never seen it there. Maybe in Korea, and WeTV which I'm guessing is some Asian streaming service as well. But here in the US, probably Netflix, definitely Vicki because that's where I saw it. 

So anyways, back, you know, where we're about to go, to the end. If you have any questions, comments or what have you, you can always reach me at me from Julio sorry, no, my email is me@juliofromny.com My website julioscorner.com. My YouTube channel link will be in the show notes as well as my GoFundMe link. And I'm always on Twitter. Well, not always but I am on Twitter @juliofromny. So until next time thank you for listening

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