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My Girlfriend is an Alien

November 10, 2022 Episode 11
Julio's Corner
My Girlfriend is an Alien
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General Talk:

  • Back into the swing of things with work and already over it

Podcast Talk:

  • Haven’t completed the transcript for episode 10
  • Discovered time stamps for youtube videos
  • Continuity Camera worked
  • Going to try and work on my “radio voice” 

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You're listening to Julio's Corner, my corner of the internet where I share my thoughts and two cents on anything and everything that crosses my mind. Mainly I'll talk about shows and movies that I like to watch. Occasionally I'll share my thoughts and opinions on politics and society at large. But mostly this is my happy place where I can be me and express myself. This work is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial 4.0 International license. This means you can share my audio, remix it, do whatever you want with it, just not use it for commercial purposes, and you have to credit the source. So stay where you got it from. This is episode 11. Recorded live on Saturday, November 5th, 2022. And it's probably gonna be a short one today. I didn't have a lot to you know, prepare.


And welcome back to the show. Once again, I'm your host Julio from New York. This is episode 11 of Julio's Corner and um, training is over. I am no longer a trainee, return from leave of absence employee. I am officially a worker bee. So now I have no more leeway and I just gotta gotta work that Grindstone. So so yeah. Back into the swings of a normal, of my normal regular nine to five schedule. Where, well in my case, it's eight to five, with a one hour lunch, that I don't get, non paid our lunch. So really, I'm on the clock for nine hours but only workable eight. So yeah, they got me, they have my life for nine hours. But anyways, on to some other stuff. Let me get a drink of water though. Give me a moment here. Ah! that hit the spot. 


So. So yeah, I mean, not much has happened in my life. Personal life just work, done with training and taking in calls, handling complaints, troubleshooting, all that jazz. And uh, not I mean, it is what it is. I've been doing it for seven years, just maybe two years now from home, more or less, and I'm over it, but I have no choice. Unless I win the Powerball, the 1 point, what is it 1.5 billion right now? Or, of course someone you know, or a lot of someones start donating money to my GoFundMe and I get a million dollars in there. And I can retire I have no choice, no recourse, no other form of income, except doing my nine to five. And there's a siren going on in the background. You probably hear it hopefully, it's not too noticeable, but I can't I can't do anything about it now because it just decided to happen while I'm recording. So we just got to make do. 


Anyways, let's get into podcast talk okay. If, for any of the few, two or three listeners out there who like to look at transcripts, Episode 10 does not have one right now. I haven't completed it. It was a one hour plus show so, I just I did the bulk of it, but I just never got around to finishing it because it was just not enough time. And I had to focus on you know, work and getting re acclimated so so I'll have to finish it today, maybe, while I get this, this episode, you know episode 11 up and running. So get, try to bang two out so hopefully this episode will be short enough that the transcript for this one will be an easy one so that I have enough time for the first one. Anyways, one thing I learned for for my YouTube videos is a thing called timestamps. Now, for the podcast I already have marked chapters, which is kind of cool. But I didn't know that you could, well I wasn't sure how to, you can do that on YouTube. And when I was posting it, that, they actually had it on my, you know, in, in YouTube Studio where you upload your videos and whatnot. And you know, they give you, sometimes they talk about features and tips and what have you, they mentioned timestamps. And so I looked it up and it's very simple, you just type in the, the timestamp. You just type it, you know what time it is, you know, one minute or whatever, space, what it's for. And that's it. So, so I started doing that, and realized how easy it is. And since I already have chapter markers on my podcast, because those are the ones that I focus on, I can just copy and paste them from the podcast to YouTube. So that's, that's a cool, little cool, neat trick that you can do with YouTube. So I'm happy about that. And I just have to finish getting timestamps on the rest of the videos for people who don't want to watch the whole thing and just want to go to the point in time that they're interested in. So I'm like, I'm happy about that. 


And, of course, Episode 10 was the first episode where I tried continuity camera with OBS, and good news, it's working. So this episode will also be with continuity camera, and probably future episodes from here on out. The video quality is definitely better using my iPhone camera than the webcam on my iMac. For whatever reason, I guess, because of the processing chip on the, on the iPhone. It has more processing capability, so to speak, to really get the quality up, in comparison to what the webcam is able to process. So yeah, so I am a fan of continuity camera for my videos now. 


And of course, lastly I like talking on my microphone, right I like I like doing this whole podcasting. It's just a feeling, I don't know, it feels, it's fun, I enjoy it. Sometimes though, I use my podcast equipment for you know, for voice calls with people. And I notice that I'm able to be more mindful of my voice so to speak, when I'm talking to someone than when I'm rambling by myself here on this podcast because I have no one to talk to. But when I'm on the phone, and I'm, you know, bouncing thoughts with other people, and just interaction in general, I'm more aware of how I sound and I noticed when I speak slower and parse my words more intelligently, I guess, or more critically, it sounds more like a radio voice. So I will try to be a little more conscious as I'm recording the video and trying to you know, be a radio talking head or whatever, and work on my quote unquote radio voice. Anyways. Yeah, that's all I have for podcast talk and general talk. So let's go into the media chunk.


So today's epis-, today's show for the media chunk is a Chinese drama. So not a Kdrama this time around, but a Chinese drama, and it's called My Girlfriend is an Alien. Came out in 2019. It was an interesting one. I saw it a few months ago now. And they actually had a second season. And I did not like the second sea-, I only saw maybe the first episode, possibly the second episode and and that was it. It was, yeah I I , maybe I saw three episodes in total and I did not like it.  But but season one was good. So let's go let's do what I always do. Let's try let's check out the synopsis on MyDramaList and go from there. 


Now, if you think I'm bad pronouncing Korean names, you best believe I'm gonna destroy Chinese names, but I'll give it a shot. So Chai Xiao Qi, an alien girl from Cape Town planet lost her signal and had to stay on Earth. she encountered overbearing boss Fang Leng, who was suffering from rainy weather heterosexual amnesia, and he would forget the females around him. A hilarious and romantic cross star love story since then, since then started. Chai Xiao Qi was not only an alien, but also a true handed witch. Once she inhaled the hormone emitted by males on the earth, she would fall into flowery states and met many funny things after that. In order to survive on the human Earth, Chai Xiao Qi used her various superpowers to solve one accident after another. Hmm. The grammar wasn't so good on this. I should have.. well, you know, I don't do much prep work here, do I? 


So anyways, you have this female, alien, right? She, she lands on on Earth. This guy Feng, Fang, sorry. Fang Leng. He he has some childhood trauma. This seems to be the on, you know, continuous theme from episode to episode, but he has this trauma. And I believe it stems and based, you know, again, since I saw it a while ago, my memory is spotty. But I believe this stems from abandonment issues with his mom. I believe she, she, hmm. I'm trying to make sure I'm not confusing this with someone else. But I believe that his mom was abused by her, by his father by her yeah, his father, her husband. And so she was trying to run away. And, you know, it's a rainy night. They're having an argument on the street, because, you know, he's grabbing onto her, he doesn't want her to leave. But she's trying to leave she's done with this life. And there's an incoming car. And I'm not sure if it's because he was on the road so she, you know, pushes her him aside and then gets hit, or if the car just hits her point blank anyway. But yeah, he, the mother dies. And so this causes this trauma on him that he, whenever it rains, he doesn't remember women in his life. So if he's dating someone, right, he's in a relationship with a girl, or what have you. And then it rains, the very next day, he's completely forgotten what relationship he's had with that woman. Doesn't forget any of his male relationships, like, you know, friends and his brother and so on, his half brother. But with women, they, they, yeah, they're obscured from his memory banks. 


And, and because of this, he has, he's created this computer base with all this, you know, database with all this information of, of all these women that he's had relationships with to try to, at the very least have an understanding of who this person might have been in the past to him. But you know, after the rain, yeah, now now, that relationship is essentially severed. So, So anyways, that's, you know, a little backstory. The episode, the show begins, you know, he's driving. It's a rainy, rainy, stormy, rainy night. He gets into an accident and uh, you know, he's on death's bed basically. He's lying in the rubble and in this same place, Chai Xiao Qi, the alien, she, her, her ship crashed in that same spot. And maybe it was because of her plane, her yeah, her aircraft, her spacecraft crash that incited this whole accident, I don't remember. But they're in the same location. And, you know, she's out there naked. She spots him. They're lying on the ground, passed out and bleeding. And I believe she heals him. And, and then the car explodes. And she gets hit. And a piece of her, some mechanism I think, goes into his body in the midst of all this somehow. Somehow this piece of shrapnel goes into his heart I think. And then she gets thrown into the, the lake or river or whatever body of water that's next to them. 


So anyway, he wakes up in the hospital doesn't remember her at all in that moment in time. And, and she stays underwater for a while because you know, she's an alien. I guess she doesn't need to breathe, really. But then she comes out. And her AI computer somehow gets submerged into a turtle. So now you have like this cartoon CGI animated turtle that's always like complaining and assisting her as well and what have you. So anyways She comes out of there and she's like a flaky woman. And yeah, she has a bunch of, some high jinks ensue essentially. My, the details of everything is, are foggy to me, right. Anyway, so you have Fang Leng's half brother, Fang, Lie. He's a musician, or at least he's trying to be a musician. But his mother, the second wife of Fang, Ling's Father, is trying to, you know, get him to be the successor. So it's a chaebol situation going on, where the brothers are okay with each other. At the very least at the most I should say Fang Leng is just disinterested in Fang Lie. He doesn't really care about him so much, because he's a very cold blooded guy. And I guess because of this trauma thing, where he forgets people, females anyway, he doesn't really forget men, males in his life. But that aside, he doesn't really have a relationship with her, with Fang Lie  too much. And it's probably because of his mother, always pitting them against each other and trying to, you know, dethrone Fang Leng to get her son in a position of power, in a position of succession, to be the, the top heir or whatever. 


But anyways, he's playing at a club or something and Chai Xiao Qi goes to that place and gets drunk. And she has a thing for male hormones. They make her get, I guess she gets high, off of the hormones, and you know, she just loves basking in them, and what have you. And um, but she also enjoys this guy's music. And so they develop some kind of friendship. And somehow, in all this, she eventually gets involved with Fang Leng. 


Okay, so one thing I'm remembering is that because he, she's, you know, she's an alien, doesn't know much about Earth customs or anything like that. She uh, I guess on her planet clothes are free or whatever. So she would go into she went into a shopping mall, she would window shop, and then say, oh, yeah, I liked that dress, and then, you know, do her thing and then materialize that dress off of the mannequin onto her. So essentially, she's stealing things. And she did this a number of, enough times that, you know, the mall security has been called to go after her. So they're chasing her out. They're they're chasing after her I should say. And she has this ability to pause time. So she does that. And and Fang Leng was, was, it was within the radius of that shopping mall because I believe the, his corporate building is either a part of that mall structure or it's to the, you know, it's next to it, close by. So everything around them, around him is frozen in time, but, except him he's the only one that's aware that everything is frozen. And he's wondering, is this a side effect of the of the accident? Am I hallucinating? And he sees Chai Xiao Qi, the only other person that's able to move amongst this frozen rift of time. 


And he notices it a couple of, like he happens to encounter this scenario, at least two or three times I believe. And and he always sees her there and so he's starting to make the connection that she's somehow involved with it or it's either she's involved with it or or you know, it's just the, you know, she helps trigger this hallucination or something to that effect. And, and of course, the reason why he's not affected is because of that, that thing that the navigation apparatus that flew out of her necklace and went into his heart. The debris that went into his heart. That, that alien hardware that's inside his heart, is what's allowing him to not be affected by her abilities. And at some point, you know, he's holding her hand. And so she's trying to get away and trying to freeze him. And she realized, Oh, why, why are you not affected? And he's doesn't understand what she's saying. And, and whatever. So, for whatever reason, they, a relationship starts happening, because she also, you know, she went to that club, as I mentioned, and she drank all those drinks and did not pay for anything. And so obviously, she has a tab. So she has to pay it off. So she's convinced, she convinces, at first the the owner of the restaurant or whatever, thought she was a rich woman because of the way she was all dressed up. And then realized, well, but if he's not able, if she's not able to pay anything, then obviously she's she isn't. So she has to work it off, so to speak. And so she does, and, trying to remember who that person was, but I'm not sure. It's been so long that I don't remember. I think it's sister Chai, but I'm not sure. I can't be 100% sure. 


But anyways, so she started working at the restaurant doing food deliveries.  And a few times she delivered the food to that guy's corporate office. And so that's part of the waves that they keep encountering each other. And of course, one time she had to deliver to Fang Lie who's being, so yeah, he's also a painter. That's what it was. He's also a painter. He's trying to do an art exhi-, art exhibit. His mom is trying to get him off of that, because she wants him to be a chaebol and run the business. But he's like, No, I want to be an artist. I want to do my work. I want to be free, a free spirit. And Fang Leng is trying to set up an art exhibition for him. But of course, he has to get some works done. And so he has him basically on house arrest to to finish his his artwork for the for the grand exhibit. 


So he orders food from her, from the place that she's working at. He goes, she goes in there and she helps him escape. And they develop a weird friendship. And he plays along with her whole I'm an alien thing. Like he's Oh yeah, I'm an alien to him from planet, you know, whatever, Neptune or something. And she believes him because you know, she, why would he be lying. So they develop a friendship, he, of course starts falling for her. And so there's an unrequite-, unrequited love thing going on. Also, he has a past love, who's actually, who actually used him to get to Fang Leng. But of course, like I mentioned, he always forgets the women from his life. So so nothing's really working out with, with that girl. But that girl tries to mosey up to you know, his father and stuff and try to get the chaebol connections to work up by an engagement with him. And, and he's not really interested. 


And in some occasions, where he starts having relationships with Chai Xiao Qi, when it rains, he doesn't forget her. And so because he doesn't forget her in one of these instances, the, his his shrink, says, You know what, she might be the key to solving your issue since her memory is not. Since you're not forgetting who she is among, unlike unlike any other female, she's the one that is unaffected by your heterosexual amnesia, or whatever it was called. So, So yeah, so he, so that's, so that's the reason why he decides to court her for whatever. 


But then of course, they have a weird misunderstanding, and then it rains and of course, that girl that's trying to get with him somehow uses an intermediary to break into his whatchamacallit? Well, actually, no, she uses his brother to get access to to his his database to wipe his memory database. And it just coincided with him having this misunderstanding. So she's hurt, and then rains so that the very next day he completely forgets her. But of course, you know, this is a love story. So eventually they they find each other again. He's able, well his her AI turtle pulled out the the chip from his heart and, and what have you? And he doesn't forget her, I guess. And they promise each other to you know, love whatever few precious moments they have left because, you know, she, now that she got that thing back, she needs to go back to her planet, Cape Town, Cape Town planet, or whatever it was called. 


And so she does. And I think, you know, it ends with like, you know, two years later, she comes back, she made a deal with her alien buddies. And, and so now she's gonna be an ambassador from you know, an ambassador representative from Cape Town planet, to continue inter planetary relations. And of course, you know, be with her, her man. And, and I believe that's how it ends. So then, you know, they announced that engagement, I believe is what happens. So, so, you know, I enjoyed this, I enjoyed this a lot there, there was a lot of flaws, of course. 


Chinese dramas, in general, they try to, I mean, I mean all dramas, I guess, try to mix in, you know, they want to be a dramadies. You know, they want to have some comedy and stuff like that, too. But the Chinese sensibilities of comedy is a little more, I would say puerile. It's more, it's not a, it's not as sophisticated as the comedy or the sense of humors. than I, that I like in in drama, in dramadies. Kdramas especially have relatively good sense of humors, good jokes. Whereas you know, Chinese dramas are more I would say, it's more like slap, kind of like slapstick. They do they do .ean heavy on that. They like fart jokes, and diarrhea jokes, I guess. And bodily fluid jokes, I should say. And I mean, not to say that those are all necessarily bad. But um, there's levels. And they go for the obvious, which is puerile, in my opinion. 


Anyways. My, my palate is much more sophisticated for humor. So anyway, season two. I enjoyed it so much and I realized, oh, wow, there's a season two. Oh, let me check that out. And, and season two starts with their marriage, right? Oh, wow, they're gonna get married. But wait, this alien planet, this, not alien planet, this uh alien ship comes in and kidnaps her. She's on trial. Because there's a dissension, dissenting party that are against her marrying interspecies, right. You're only supposed to be with your own kind. We have this computer system algorithm or whatever that chooses your mate. And that is who you should be with. And here you are, marrying a human!. So so obviously we need to brainwash you, retrain you, and and your, well actually, I think they were just gonna imprison her. 


But then someone convinces them to no, no, no, let's just wipe her brain and brai-, you know, clean her out and and reprogram her and she's going to. And Yes, Sister Chai was the, was the restaurant person, now that I'm looking at the cast for second season. So we're going to retrain her and, and she's gonna go, Fang Leng is not her lover, it's her enemy. He seduced you. You didn't fall in love with him. He seduced you and tricked you and wanted to get plane-, interplanetary secrets to eventually conquer Cape Town. Planet Cape Town. And the reason for it is because she helped create this perfume that helps elicit hormones, pheromones, between, you know, males and so like it was a male perfume that will help elicit pheromones to make a woman essentially fall on with you for at least five minutes, I believe it was. And so this is a dangerous weapon because these aliens like Chai Xiao Qi are are vulnerable to that. They're, they're, they're what's the word I'm, they're they're susceptible? Yeah, they're susceptible to hormones. Because obviously she was fascinated with male hormones and obviously the females of her species. Well, no, she's a female. The male species would probably be susceptible to the female hormones. But anyways, you know, she's female, she's susceptible to the males and the males are, it's a male dominated world. So it's dangerous. So we're gonna, we're gonna reprogram her, you know, sleeper cell, basically, and that she's gonna go and steal the company secrets that she helped create.


Well, something happens on her course, her space course back to Earth. And they get hit by a meteor or piece of meteor and causes a weird, so the ship breaks up, they get sucked into a wormhole. And somehow they get brought back several years before they originally met. So not 2019. They, they, she gets brought back, I believe 2017 or 2018. So, so now she doesn't remember their past life. Though, this is what kills, this is what makes me uh not understand this, because she knew they were going to wipe her brain. So before that she put all her memories in this like ring. But I guess she doesn't remember that she did that, I guess. And I only saw the first two episodes. So what do I know? But um, he gets. So yeah, she gets she gets a, she comes back to her but you know, the year before their whole encounter. 


And also now her computer AI thing somehow has a body this time around. But because she gets hurt during that spacecraft space crash she can only maintain her human form for a limited time. And then eventually she reverts into that turtle form. Which is, you know, weird. And of course, Fang Leng doesn't know him, doesn't doesn't know Chai she, Chai Xiao Qi because they never met. And the younger brother isn't a an artist or a painter at this point in time, which I would think he is because even though it's you know, from before their original encounter, he was into those things already. But he's more serious. They also changed some of the cast members. But essentially, they were just, they use that plot device to basically retell the story of season one. Because they're not building from, they're not building off of what happened in season one because now it's all new to them again. So that, that's part of why I didn't I wasn't happy with it. Also. The acting is wackier and goofier so even more puerile comedy ensues. And so yeah, I think it was, at most I saw three episodes of that and I was done. So season one I recommend for sure. But don't bother with you know, My Girlfriend Is an Alien 2. I don't recommend that, that, season because it it was trash. 


And and yeah, this is gonna be a short episode. If you have any questions, comments, what have you. You can always reach me, my email is me@juliofromny.com. My website, julioscorner.com. I'm on Twitter @juliofromny. And of course, there's my youtube channel link and GoFundMe link in the show notes. And so, until next time, thank you for listening.

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