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Midterm Results and Twitter Drama

November 22, 2022 Episode 12
Julio's Corner
Midterm Results and Twitter Drama
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General Talk:

  • Fighting a cold 
  • Using vacation days to recover for work
  • Letting my facial hair grow out 
  • Giving Mastodon a shot

Podcast Talk:

  • Switching back to Heil PR40 because of my germaphobia


  • Midterm election results
  • Twitter Snafu
  • World Cup News

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You're listening to Julio's corner, my corner of the internet where I share my thoughts and two cents on anything and everything that crosses my mind. Mainly I'll talk about shows and movies that I like to watch. Occasionally I'll share my thoughts and opinions on politics and society at large. But mostly, this is my happy place where I can be me and express myself. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution, Noncommercial 4.0 International license. This means you can share my audio, remix it, do whatever you want with it, just not use it for commercial purposes. And you have to credit the source. So say where you got it from. This is episode 12. Recorded live on Tuesday, November 22 2022. And this will definitely be a little different from my usual there's going to be some politics involved. So be prepared for that. 


Okay, welcome back to the show. This is episode 12 recorded on Tuesday, November 22. So yes, it definitely a little longer than a week has passed. Reason for that, if you cannot hear it in my voice, I am fighting a cold. I'm definitely a little better than I was a week ago. But I'm still straining from it. So drinking a lot of hot drinks and doing my best to fight it. I had to use a lot of vacation days to pay for my days off. I've I've run out so there has been some unpaid days here. Also, if you're looking at the YouTube video as well, you're gonna see some stubble on my face. I'm thinking about letting the facial hair grow out. Though the germaphobe in me is kinda at odds because I feel clean shaven is more hygienic. But being sick has given me more leverage on the lazy side, I guess, so I haven't been shaving regularly and actually did let it grow last week but then I shaved it off, cuz I thought I was past a cold but a week wasn't enough to completely let go of, of it. It's still it's still there. I'm still coughing here and there and I and I'm still struggling to talk. 


Today is my first day that I actually feel certain enough to even record a podcast, let alone talk for a good you know, a long period of time. So, so yeah, I'm thinking let's see how I look with with facial hair. And if it's a better look for me or not some they say some people do look better with facial hair. I'm not sure I'm on the fence. But I've been doing the clean shaven look for decades now. It's funny, in high school when I first started growing hair, I went to an all boys private school so I had to be shaven. So of course being a teenager and wanting to rebel. I've always wanted to have facial hair. So first year of, in college, I let it all grow out. And then I did the mustache for a little bit. And then um I don't know I just started started shaving again in I think my mid 20s to to now. So for 20 years, I've been shaving regularly and not really growing the facial hair as much. But I don't know, I guess being sick this time around after two years of not getting sick. So you know here's to self isolation. It was doing well until my mom decided to visit sick people and then she got sick and I live with her so I got sick from her but and that's neither here nor there. Point is because I was sick I, I, I didn't shave regularly and and now I'm debating going with the shave, with the facial hair look and see how that transpires. 


Anyway, on to some podcast talk. For those of you in the video, you can clearly see that I switched out my mic. I'm back on the Heil PR40. And as I mentioned, I'm a bit of a germaphobe so my germophobia rationalizes that an all metal microphone with all metal pop filter is more hygienic and less inclined to keep and retain cold germs than say a foam windscreen on the Shure SM7B microphone. So I, so Yeah, I switched to an all metal, to, to my Heil PR40 for that reason. It's an all metal mic. You know, bacteria doesn't really stay on metal surfaces. And it's much easier to sanitize this versus the Shure, which is a microphone with a windscreen that's some type of fabric. Well, maybe not fabric, but um, it's not metal. So it definitely would hold germs in place longer than metal, let's say, because it's, it's like a, I'm not exactly sure what foam is made out of, but that material is closer to cloth than metal. Let's just let's just leave it at that. So it can definitely retain stuff on it, germs, dirt, whatever. 


So yes, I'm on the Heil PR40 for that reason, and I'm re, I am re, rekindling my affection for the Heil PR40 sound, especially because I realized if I speak even closer to the microphone, than I was previously, it gives me more of that radio sound that that I like to hear. At least while I'm recording who knows how much different or not it will sound at post. But But I do hear the vibrato a little more in my ears, which is pleasant to me. It makes me feel like I'm on radio. And so yeah, that's rekindling my affection for this, this microphone. But anyways, me I'm I'm still not 100%. so my voice isn't fully where I want it to be, but hey, I'll take what I can get. 


And another reason why I'm recording earlier, well, I mean later than I, than I planned, but earlier than two weeks late. The reason why is because this past week, there's been so much news going on political, Twitter, and otherwise. And so I've been, I've been impatiently trying to record. I wanted to record last week, but I was too sick. And right now it's Tuesday and of course another siren is going by today, right now as I'm recording. But, what am I trying to say? So yeah, there's a lot of news that I wanted to go over. I wanted to go over it while it was happening. Obviously, I couldn't because I was sick. But you know, better late than never, it isn't that old yet. So here we are. Let's get into the news. And I also get to use the news jingle that I haven't used in some time. So here we go.


Okay, so here we are. So first off, let's get into the midterm election results, right? Last, well no, not last but Tuesday, November, what was it? November 7th, or November 8th? November 8th, was Election Day. So the midterm elections came and went. It wasn't all bad news. It wasn't all great news. It was pretty much mediocre. But you know, I'll take it over bad news. So for the mediocrely good news, the Democrats maintain control of the Senate. They maintain their 50 seat majority. And the reason why that's a majority is because, you know, the Vice President is democratic. So for tiebreakers if it's 50-50, you know, vote Kuma, Kamah, wow! Kamala Harris would be the winning vote. But there's a chance for them to do slightly better because there's one seat that's a toss up. And that's the Georgia race with Herschel Walker the Repo, Republican nominee versus Warnock, the Democratic nominee. So their election was too close, there was less than a 1% difference between the two. 


So in Georgia that that leads to a runoff, so they got to do, they basically got to do the election, do another vote. So, this runoff actually favors Warnock, more than Herschel Walker, because Herschel Walker is such a bad representative, that, um, even though he was handpicked by Donald Trump, he's just too, he's just a horrible representative nominee. He, He's not too bright. He claims to be this family values oriented guy but he has so many kids out of wedlock. He claims to be this pro pro lifer and wants to ban all abortions. He has paid for abortions. So yeah, he's just completely he is just a complete hypocrite in everything that he espouses. And so and Warnock is not that horrible of a, of a Democratic nominee nominee, that a, that Herschel Walker is going to run off with the race. And so because it's a runoff, and there wasn't that much enthusiasm for Herschel Walker to to win. That just favors Warnock a little more, because now the Democrats are gonna want to push to vote for him and the Republican voters are just not, just not going to be as motivated. 


Now they're, they've, they've since, now they moved on. Because, you know, as, as it would have it, they've taken the House back. So the Democrats, the Democratics, wow, I can't talk today. The Democrats had a majority in the House,  in both the House and Senate. Now, they just maintain the majority in the House, sorry, in the Senate. But the Republicans had took it, had taken back the House, but it's a very, it's not a big a of a majority as, as the Democrats had before. So now, currently, it's 219, Republicans 212 Democrats, so they have a seven point lead. And that's, that's it, there are no more there are no toss ups for any current selections for the house elections. They've all been pretty much determined. So it's gonna end with the GOP having 219 and the Dems having 212. So 7, seat majority there. And so the horrible thing about that, is that now they can be obstructionists. And that's what they do whenever they have a majority in the House or legis-, just the Senate. They try to obstruct anything from happening by having hearings. And of course, already, there's been slated to have, the rumors in the press have been, they're going to investigate Hunter Biden. Which is stupid, because he's not a politician. He's just the son of the President, who's had, he has drug problems, and he has some sex scandals. And that really is what titillates Republicans. Any sex scandals from the Democratic side, because you know, they're a family values oriented party, even though they're hypocrites, like Herschel Walker, for example. And, of course, Donald Trump, who was their presidential nominee, two terms ago.


But that aside, they don't have any shame about their hypocrisy. They'll, they'll keep eking out their values and principles, even though they don't really, you know, follow them. So, yeah, so that's one of the many stupid investigations that they're going to do to just waste time and stop anything from happening. Another one they want to do is against the Plandemic, they're going to call it. So you know, the pandemic that happened isn't real, and we're going to investigate why they pushed this Plandemic and try to get people vaccinated against this fake Corona virus bullshit. Because they're dummies, and they don't want to believe in science and and acknowledged that, no, it was in fact a real pandemic. It wasn't a Plandemic as they like to say, and the vaccines were crucial in fighting, said pandemic. There was another one that uh, oh! They're going to try to they want to have a committee protecting, quote, unquote, the heroes of, the patriots of January 6, you know, the insurrectionists, who try to illegally stage a coup to get Trump to maintain his presidency of the country. Those criminals are now being painted as patriots by the Republican Party. And so they want to investigate the investigation against them. And, you know, whitewash these terrorists, and make them out to be heroes, in their party's eye. So that, those are the three that I remember hearing in the rumor mill, regarding what this new house majority is planning on doing now that they've uh, they'll be you know, taking deposition in January. 


So, you know, some bit of good news though, before this, some, they've they've codified same sex marriages. So now, because of course, they've already reversed Roe v. Wade, right? The Supreme Court reversed that. And they, you know, in, I don't know what you call it? Letters or whatever, they were basically telling the Republicans, hey, you know, what, bring some more cases next, for the next round of cases that we're going to vote on. Bring in some cases about same sex marriages and whatnot, because you know, we want to reverse everything, we want, we want to go back to the 1800s, basically. So this is one of the things that they, they, knowing that they want to reverse same sex marriages, because they've already reverse Roe v. Wade, they've codified it. So now, that's not going to be a thing, that's off the table now. So same sex marriages have been recognized and accepted and voted on. And so those are, that's no longer touchable by the Supreme Court. So there's that in in the people's favor. 


And oh, yeah, because of this lack luster situation with the Republican, you know, they were expecting a Red Wave. Because generally in the midterms, the incumbents tend to be reversed, you know, the the party that's not in power, generally get get power back during the midterms. So in this case, because the Democrats had the majority in both the House, the Senate and the executive, it's just, it's normal historical pattern, where now the Republicans come back and take over everything and, you know, just more mayhem ensue. Well, that's not what happened. They only main-, they only eked out a a small majority in the House. They did not gain the majority in the Senate. And of course, the President still Biden. So. So there was some pushback on Mitch McConnell's leadership, by Rick Scott, ironically, the guy who was in charge of running these midterm campaigns. Apparently, you know, you have a campaign committee or whatever, and the person who helps dish out, you know, funding for representatives across the country for your party and to help them you know, gain their positions. And of course, they were abysmal. They didn't do well. So. So Rick Scott should be held responsible, but of course, he, he's going to pass the blame on McConnell, because it's McConnell's leadership that caused this not, not my faulty lapse of judgment. I mean, just because all I mean, all I did was choose dumb bad representatives like Herschel Walker and other Trump MAGA wannabe representatives like, forget her name, something Lake, Carrie Lake from Arizona, I believe. And so I should be, I should be the new Minority Leader. Since we're no longer the majority, or we haven't been the majority in a while. I should be the, I should be promoted for my failing. I should fail upwards. 


But of course, no dice. McConnell, you know, immediately, they voted, you know, they had an inside party vote and he, not unanimously, but he had the majority votes in his favor. So now Rick Scott the upstart who was challenging McConnell, you know, he got demoted. Not only is he, not only did he lose his his campaign to take over the minority power position, he, he lost all his committee positions or whatever positions of leadership that he had within the party has now been removed, because McConnell doesn't play that, you know, if you betray him in any way, he will get back at you if he's if he's dissatisfied with you in any way. You know, if you're on his bad side in any way, you're gonna pay for it. Republicans are ruthless that way. And he paid for his his folly and hubris. 


So yeah, that's, that's, that's all the news for the politics side of things. But let's go on to some Twitter news. So as you know, Elon Musk, got ownership of Twitter. And all kinds of craziness started happening since then. And I'm just going to spit out the key bullet points that I remember because it's just too much work to pull up all different headlines for each individual thing that happened, because so much happened in so little time, in, within this week timeframe. So number one, um, you know, he got in, he came in with a, with a kitchen sink. And you know, he said, Let the sink in or some stupid pun. You know, because he's an idiot. But he likes, and he's a blowhard and a narcissist, and he wants to be the center of attention. And he wanted this to be this big hurrah, even though he was sort of, I mean, he has such an ego that he wanted to buy Twitter, and uh, as a goof, but then they they went, Oh, no, no, okay. Yeah, no, you're gonna pay $44.6 billion, or whatever it was, which is like, three times more than Twitter was actually worth. So then he tried to fight it in court. He's like, no, no, I really don't want this because of bots and other reasons. But regardless, it was working out in his favor. So he ended, he ended up buying. He had to. He had no choice. 


So now he tried to, you know, spin it in like, yeah, I meant to do that. Of course, I want to pay three times the worth of Twitter for Twitter. So um, so he has Twitter now. So then he looked over some numbers, and realized, yeah, this is a losing proposition. We're losing, I don't know, $4 million a day or whatever. So what's a good, what's a good way to cut costs? All right, I know, lay half to work force. Just boom, they got an email, you're fired. Or people were trying to log in, and they couldn't log into their, you know, usernames or whatever. So they just got rid of half of the workforce. And then immediately, he realized, Oh, crap, you know what, we got rid of some important people, we actually need some of these people back. So could you come back? Sorry, mistake, my mistake, my bad. And of course, a lot of them were like, you know, no flip, flip the bird on him, like, Screw you. You fired me. No, I'm not going to come back or, you know, I'm being treated like this. Why would I come back? But some people did, because, you know, people need money.


And then he lost key executives, they just started leaving. Oh, yeah, he got rid of the board. Because, you know, he doesn't want to answer to no one but himself. He wants to be the end all and be all in terms of decision making, corporate decision making of his new company. But but then he lost the key players for his marketing team, the ones that, you know, talk to all the advertising companies and gets them to pay money for ads on Twitter. And of course, the head, the guy, the head of security who was telling everyone, you know, things are still fine, things are still fine, you know, nothing to worry about nothing to see here. And then finally, he's like, You know what, I'm out. He bailed. I forget his name. I'm not going to name names here. 


So, excuse me. He lost executives, key executives in marketing and security. And then he comes to New York. Because it's that meeting that they have, whatever quarter it is for corporate America, especially for Silicon what? Silicon Valley, where they talk to the ad companies to convince them hey, you know, you should invest in us because yada yada yada. Well, how you gonna convince them when your key guys in your marketing department that are the ones that that cultivated the relationships with us, left your company. How do you think you can convince me? And of course, you know, it's Elon Musk. He's not gonna He's come on. What's he going to say? He's gonna he's gonna talk like a blowhard, and be unconvincing. And they said, You know what? We're good. We're gonna hold off on advertising. This time around for this year, you're good on, for 2023 no ad, no ad money. We're gonna, we're gonna save our money for other things. So they lose, they lose that key funding for the year of 2023. 


All right, so how can we make money? Hmm, I got this thing called Twitter Blue. Let's, it's a $4 subscription, we're gonna make it $20. Obviously, that doesn't go well, people are not going to pay $20 for something they've been paying $4 for. Okay, fine fine fine, $8. And hey, for that extra $4 that you, that you will be paying, you're gonna get verified. You're gonna get the little blue checkmark that a lot of people wish they could get but only key people were given that checkmark on Twitter. Mostly, you know, celebrities, news agencies, and so on. So for $8 a month, anyone could get a checkmark, okay, what could possibly go wrong? Paid verification, that's the ticket. You know, you don't need to verify yourself with actual, you know, identifa-, identification papers or, or things like that. No, just pay $4 extra,  just pay $8 a month, and you're verified because we trus-, if you pay us obviously we have to trust you. You're not going to be pretending you're someone else, right? Well you know, some people paid $8 and and they started parroting, started impersonating people that, that are, you know, I'm the Pope, so and so. There was a lot of Elon Musk impersonators. That didn't go well for Mr. Free speech. Free Speech man, Elon Musk does not like being the butt of jokes. So anyone who made jokes about him, he immediately banned them. Anyone who impersonated him, he immediately banned them. He the first said if you're going to be a parody account, you have to explicitly state that you're a parody account otherwise you're gonna get perma banned. And so there were accounts that you know, there was no way to to not mistake it for a for you to not mistake it for anything but a parody account. They were making fun of him anyway. That, you know, they were making fun of him and and he banned them anyway, even though they clearly marked themselves parody accounts. It didn't matter because they were making fun of him. And he can't have that. Not, not in my house. I'm Elon Musk. I'm God. I'm the Twitter God. You don't you don't make fun of the Twitter God. So So those guys got banned. 


So what happens? Well. So now he realizes, okay, now I have half the staff and we're hemorrhaging money. And, and we have a lot of things wrong with this product. Well, obviously, I need my remaining staff to work twice as hard to make up for that half of the staff that's gone. So he sends out a Twitter hardcore ultimatum. You know, we're going to work long hours, we're going to work seven days a week. No breaks. No, no slacking off or whatever and yada yada yada. And you have till Friday by 5pm or whatever, to let me know. If you say, if you put a yes on the, if you put a checkmark on the Yes, in this Google spreadsheet or whatever. you're gonna stay here with, for Twitter hardcore. If not, I'll take that as a no and you'll get your three months severance and see yourself out the door. Well, the deadline came and went and more people left. They're like, You know what, screw this guy. I'm not gonna deal with this nonsense. So he lost even more workers. But he still tries to paint that as a good picture. You know, spin it as good news. 


He kept, he keeps tweeting like, oh, Twitter has been busier than ever before. We have, we have more visitors than ever before. Here's my crew. Look at me taking pictures with these guys teaching me code because I'm Elon Musk and I'm a genius and anything is, you know, if I will, it will happen. And this is my new team and they're gonna, they're gonna follow through or whatever. Well, he, um, he still let go of some of these people who signed up for Twitter hardcore. Mostly in the marketing, because I guess he feels it's irrelevant at this point. Because we're not going to make any ads that aren't making any ad money this time around. And all right, the latest in, in Twitterland he, he reactivated Donald Trump's account and Kanye West, aka Ye. Their accounts are back up and running and they're invited to cause the ruckus that they like to cause, you know, Ye with his antiSemitism, Trump with his continued lies about the, you know, election fraud and whatever. 


So far, Trump has not taken a bite out of that bait. He's going to stick with his truth social network, because you know, that's his company. And he needs to make money off of that, I guess. And so, he's gonna keep, he's gonna still push that as his platform to be a blowhard, and, you know, spew out his hot air. Kanye I'm not sure. I don't care. And that's pretty much Twitter news. As it stands right now, it's still up and running. If I go to twitter.com I'll still see my news feeds of whatever people are left. Did I mentioned, I'm giving Mastodon a shot? No I guess I didn't. But um, yeah, because of all this craziness in Twitter, I was thinking, okay, so what other social network should I try now? I don't like Facebook. I don't take pictures so Instagram is not really a thing for me. And that's also owned by Facebook so that's an automatic no, for me anyway. Anything for-, well Meta is the name of the company now. Anything involved with Meta is a flat no for me. So no, Facebook, no Insta, no WhatsApp. No no no no no. 


So what am I going to use for for social network? Well, something similar to Twitter is, is this Mastodon thing. Which is really the fediverse, me, you know, the federated network. And for those of you who don't know what fediverse means. It means federated universe, and basically what it means, unlike Twitter, or Facebook, or the other popular social networks, the federated networks, like Mastodon is not owned by one person. There's, you know, 1000s of servers out there. You can join any server in the fediverse and you can still follow people from other servers. So for instance, I'm on this server that's created by the TWiT network, you know, Leo Laporte, the guy who does This Week in TWiT. He has his own server for Mastodon And I joined that. And in that, also, besides following some people, some TWIT people on his server, I'm following other people like Robert Reich. He's, he's not on the TWiT server, he's on a different server. But again, you know, like I said, Mastodon is decentralized. Unlike Twitter, where for Twitter, you just go to twitter.com. Anyone on Twitter is on Twitter. But that's it. You can't talk to anyone from Twitter, outside of Twitter. Whereas me, I'm on TWiT's server in Mastodon, but I can talk to Robert Reich on whatever, you know, I can see his feed on my TWiT server, even though he's on a different server because they're all connected. Even,  it's like email, right? You don't have to be, if I'm on Gmail, and you're on Yahoo, I can still email your yahoo email address with my gmail address, and vice versa. We're both well because we're just using the internet to communicate. And that's how Mastodon works Mastodon is open source, so anyone can create a server, anyone can be a part of it. There's no one owner. Everyone can have their own set of rules. And all of, all of these little pockets of Mastodons and other fediverse type of communities can all communicate to each other via your your your little address link. Sort of like an email address, but it's it's whatever your Mastodon thing is. Mine is, I don't know off the top of my head. There will be a link in the show notes if you want to follow me on Mastodon. 


But the last bit of news I want to talk about is sports and specifically, the World Cup. The World Cup has just started this past Sunday. And thus far, there's been several games. The premier game was on Sunday by, with Qatar versus Ecuador. So the host team Qatar, because that's where the Olympics are happening, the World Cup is happening, in Qatar. They played against Ecuador, and they lost 0-2. Ecuador crushed them. It would have been 0-3 but the officials decided to reverse a, the first goal that Ecuador scored. They said it was offsides, but highlights, video highlights show that there's no way that could have been an offsides call. It wasn't a valid offside call anyway, but obviously they were trying to favor the home team. But it didn't matter because Ecuador score two goals after that anyway, and Qatar couldn't score a single one.


So regardless, Qatar lost. And apparently this is the first time in World Cup history, or one of the few times in World Cup history where the, the host team, the host country lost the premier match in the Cup that they hosted. So, so yeah, that's a bit of, an extra salt to the wounds. Qatar, the host of the, the  home country that's hosting the World Cup, they lost the first game. They lost their game, their premier game to start off the World Cup. So there's a little bit of extra salt to the wounds of Qatar, who you know, they're known for human rights violations and other stuff anyway, so I mean no, what's the word? No sympathy for me. That's what I'm trying to say. 


Monday, yesterday, there was three matches. You had England against Iran. They soundlessly beat Iran 6-2. You had Senegal against the Netherlands. Senegal lost 0-2 in the Netherlands. The US played against Wales. This is the first time I've seen Wales in the World Cup. Or that I can remember them being there. And they ended in a tie 1-1. Today, so far, you had Argentina against Saudi Arabia. And they lost 2-1. And currently, right now Denmark is playing Tunisia. And for the moment it's a it's only been an hour, I think. No, it's, they've been around, it's been it's been two hours now. So the game should be ending, it might end in the, in a 0-0 tie. Ooh, that's bad. That's bad for them. Let me see. Let me go to another page to see if the game, if the game ended. Ooh, really? Oh, that's awful, it end, it ended in a tie, 0-0. Oof. That's bad. Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, que paso. Seriously, you guys did not, it ended in a zero score. Aw, yeah. Okay, so there you have it. Denmark and Tunisia end in a 0-0 Draw. In 10 minutes at 11 we're going to have Mexico against Poland. I'm actually a little curious about that. I, Mexico is usually a team that I go for. It's usually Colombia number one for me. And of course, Mexico is a close second. And France against Australia today at 2pm Eastern Standard Time. So 2pm my time. I like Mbappe so I'm a fan of France as well. But um, yeah, sadly, Colombia did not make the cut this time around. My homeland didn't make the, didn't make the World Cup. Well what are you going to do? 


And so that ends the news talk. And we're at 39 minutes. I want to save my voice for next week, where I can speak a lot more emotional about, you know, media stuff that I like to watch and I've watched a lot since our last episode, so I have plenty in the queue of what I want to talk about. But until then, if you have any questions, comments or what have you, you can always reach me my Email is me@juliofromny.com. You can go to my website, julioscorner.com. My YouTube channel and my GoFundMe link will also be in the show notes. And for the moment I'm still on Twitter @juliofromny. So until next time, thank you for listening.

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