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Back into Wrestling

June 10, 2024 Julio From NY Episode 2
Back into Wrestling
Julio's Corner
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Julio's Corner
Back into Wrestling
Jun 10, 2024 Episode 2
Julio From NY

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I explain my decision to stick with an audio format for the podcast and my rekindled interest in Wrestling or as some would call it, wrasslin.

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I explain my decision to stick with an audio format for the podcast and my rekindled interest in Wrestling or as some would call it, wrasslin.

Creative Commons License:

This show is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

This means you can share this audio, remix it, do whatever you want, just say where you got it from.

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This is Julio's Corner, my corner of the internet where I talk about whatever is on my mind.

Usually, I'll talk about TV shows, movies, or whatever new content has taken my interest.

This episode is being recorded on Sunday, June 9th, 2024.

And today's episode is going to be quite packed.

We're going to talk about my rekindled interest in wrestling for the most part.

But first, some house cleaning, I guess you can call it.

We'll call it house cleaning.

So in the last episode, I did a video podcast as well as an audio podcast.

And yeah, that was...

that's just not me.

That's not for me.

So I'm going to stick to audio from here on here on forth.

Just because I'm more old school.

I've been into podcasting since I've came to know about them back in, I want to say 2006, 2007.

And funny enough, the way I learned about them was through radio.

So I had...

I mean, I still have Sirius.

Well, now it's called Sirius X7.

But back in the day, back in 2006, there were two companies, two satellite radio station companies called Sirius and XM.

And of course, obviously, Sirius is the lone survivor, and they merged, and now it's known as Sirius XM radio.

Anyways, Sirius XM, at the time it was Sirius, they had a channel that was more...

I guess it was their talk radio station, but it wasn't a specific talk genre, because you have your politics, your left-wing politics, your right-wing politics, your religious channel, your news.

This was a more free-form station.

I forget what it was called at the time.

And Adam Curry would be on that station, and he would be introducing the world of podcasting, and he would talk about what's his favorite podcast for the week or something to that effect, or his top 10 podcasts to check out in this new format.

At the time, it was new.

It was becoming popular.

And then, of course, iTunes integrated the podcast directory from Adam Curry, and you were able to subscribe to podcasts on iTunes and then download the episodes onto your iPod and listen to them that way, or on your computer.

So anyways, podcasts originally were audio, and I like that audio format.

It feels more intimate, you know, just talking in long form, getting in your ears, and just getting to know the character or the person that you are going on an audio journey with.

So yes, I'm going to stick to just audio.

It's just easier for me.

Also, yeah, the video podcast took pretty much a whole day to edit that I didn't have any time left for the audio.

So I just stripped the audio from the video and used that as the audio podcast.

And it sounded pretty bad.

There was like some choppiness or some staticky to it that I wasn't a fan of because I don't watch my podcast.

I tend to listen to them on my phone.

So when I was listening to it just to hear it play back, I wasn't a fan of it.

So yeah, we're going to stick to audio from here on forth.

And for the YouTube portion or the YouTube version of the podcast, I'll just use an animated cover art for the episode.

I'll still spend some time to create some thumbnail to attract people, I guess.

But yeah, it's just going to be...

The YouTube version will be the afterthought.

It's the audio original format that will be the mainstay of my podcast.

And the animated cover art idea was actually inspired by this podcast called Smartless with three actors, Jason Bateman, and I forget the names of the other two, but one of them was from Will and Grace.

Sean Hayes, I think is his name.

And then, oh, Will Arnett.

So Jason Bateman, Will Arnett, and the name I just forgot.

Something Hayes.

The three of them do a podcast called Smartless where they interview a celebrity or whatever.

So yeah, on YouTube, that's what they do.

They have an animated cover art for their episode, and it's just an audio episode pretty much, except for the little animation that you see.

So that's what I'll be doing with the podcast.

So anyways, moving on, we're going to talk about wrestling and my renewed interest in it and my rekindled joy of it.

So basically, to give you some context, I haven't really watched wrestling since, and when we're talking wrestling, we're specifically talking about WWE.

That's always been the company, the brand of wrestling that I watch.

I'm not into...

There's a new one called AEW, and WWE has also a minor league called NXT, and I think TNA is still around, but yeah, I'm not into those.

WWE is the one that I've always watched, mainly, and again, to this day, that'll be the one.

So as I was saying, the last time I watched wrestling was what they called the Attitude Era, which was in the early 2000s, again, same period as when I got into podcasting, and you had The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin and things like that.

So that was the last time I watched wrestling, but I wasn't into wrestling back when I was a kid in the 80s, because WWE at the time, it was known as the WWF.

But they, of course, had to change their name because World Wildlife Fund, I think, is the other name, the other organization that uses WWF as their initials, a non-profit organization regarding preservation of endangered species or whatever.

They basically, I think they had a lawsuit, and eventually WWF decided to change their name to WWE, which is what they're known as now, which makes more sense, World Wrestling Entertainment, because that's what it is.

It's sports entertainment.

But anyways, so yeah, I would watch it in the 80s, and you know, my favorite wrestler at the time was Hulk Hogan.

And so, you know, I loved his theme music, and he was my, I was a fanboy.

I was a Hulkamaniac.

And yeah, I loved the ice cream that they made in those days, and loved his matches against the Iron Sheik and Andre the Giant.

Some guy called Bundy, I think his name was King Kong Bundy.

But you also had other guys, you had Coco Beware, which was a black wrestler who had a parrot.

For some reason, you had the Junkyard Dog, another black wrestler who would wear a big heavy chain.


T was a wrestler at one point, or at least he guest starred, I think, in WrestleMania III, and Hulk Hogan had to help him.

You had Brutus the Barber Beefcake.

You had Roddy Piper.

You had Jake the Snake.

The Undertaker, I believe, was around this time, back when he was just the dead guy.

He would wear pale white makeup.

And the storyline was he was a living dead creation by...

Oh, crap, I forgot the name of his manager at the time, Paul Something.

He would always lift up an urn to bring him back to life, so to speak, whenever he was knocked out from the fight.

And then he would rise and wrestle again.

And at that time, his wrestling move was a pile driver.

But because they were going with this dead man theme, it was called the Tombstone.

And since then, they've changed it over the years.

His wrestling move became this choke slam, which I think that's all it's called.

It's called a choke slam.

But back then, it was the Tombstone.

And I guess the reason why they don't...

Because I notice now that no one does pile drivers anymore.

And I'm guessing it's because there was a lot of neck injuries from it.

So it's understandable that they don't do that move anymore.

It's pretty much been banned due to health reasons.

The risks involved with trying to choreograph a pile driver and accidentally injuring someone.

And the DDT, because that was Jake The Stink's move, I notice they've modified it to make it safer for people.

Because I notice how the way they try to land the DDT nowadays, they use leverage with the ropes or they do a flip.

So the guy doesn't land on his head or his neck in a weird way, and they basically flip over when it's done.

Or they do it like a face, it's more of a face slam now.

But anyway, I'm deviating.

So yeah, I was a big Hulk Hogan fan.

And then this wrestler showed up called The Ultimate Warrior.

And The Ultimate Warrior, who I thought was some roided up maniac with makeup on his face, he defeated Hulk Hogan and he crushed my childhood dreams.

And it made me start questioning if wrestling was real or not.

You know, I mean, come on, I was like a seven, eight year old kid.

So bear with me.

I believed in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny, and wrestling was real.

And seeing Hulk Hogan be defeated by this guy, who I just didn't think it was possible because Hulk Hogan was Hulk Hogan.

He was unbeatable.

But here he was.

I mean, he's the guy who defeated Andre the Giant.

He body slammed him.

So how could this upstart guy called The Ultimate Warrior, who can't even like...

He's just eroded of not, you know, swinging the top ropes of the ring like a madman.

So how can that maniac be the one that defeats him?

But he did.

And after that happened, I stopped watching wrestling.

I forget what was the last thing I saw exactly, but that was pretty much the end of my wrestling watching days, which was almost the early 90s.

And then, of course, I get into college, and I started watching it again.

And this is when you had The Rock, you had Stone Cold Steve Austin, as I mentioned, Triple H.

Those three were the big draws.

And they were competing with WCW.

Oh, yeah.

So there was...

I mean, WCW actually at one point was called NWA.

And I was aware of them because they would be on Channel 11.

So WWF...

I mean, now it's WWE, but they would show...

Their matches would be on Channel...

At the time, in New York, it was on Channel 5 on Saturdays and Sunday on Channel 9, which I guess now...

Channel 5 here in New York is FOX, and Channel 9 used to be UPN.

I think it's called My9 now.

So those are the two places where that was.

And NWA, which had wrestlers like Sting and the Road Warriors, Hawk and Animal, and Ric Flair and Lex Luger and the Four Horsemen, those guys were in NWA, which eventually became WCW.

So at the time, in the 2000s, WCW apparently was more popular than WWE, and they have both since moved from local television, and they started and they were now on cable, because WCW, I guess, was owned by Turner Broadcasting, so it would be on TNT and TBS, and WWE would be on, I think it was on USA Network and probably Syfy, the Syfy channel, because Syfy was trying to, you know, not just be about Syfy anymore, they were trying to broaden their demographics, so to speak.

So anyways, Hulk Hogan was now in WCW, but he was now a bad guy, part of a group called NWO, I think.

And there was this guy named Goldberg, which I think was a ripoff of the character Brock Lesnar from WWE.

So yeah, early 2000s, there was a lot of these intriguing characters.

Chris Jericho was in WCW, Chris Benoit was in WCW, and then on WWE, you had Edge and Christian, you had the Hardy Boys, you had the Dudley Boys, Kurt Angle.

So all these characters were really compelling, and they had some amazing matches that they fought.

And yeah, it hooked me in.

And then something, WCW's ratings started going down, and then they eventually, they merged.

And it was around, so this was like, I guess mid 2000s, so like five years in or four years in.

Now there's once again just one organization, because WCW merged with WWE, so all the NWO characters came over.

So Hulk Hogan was once again back in WWE, but now he's a bad guy with a black beard instead of just his yellow mustache and wearing shades all the time and a bandana, because now his balding is more apparent now, because he's older.

What else?

So yeah, that happened.

Stories were still pretty interesting, but then The Rock, who was my favorite character, along with Stone Cold Steve Austin, but I think I liked The Rock more.

He was just funnier to me.

Stone Cold was fun, was okay, but The Rock was a little more comical, so I found him, he was more humorous, and yeah, I enjoyed him a lot more for whatever reason.

But now he was becoming a movie star.

He left, he did Scorpion King, he did this other movie with, I forget what it was called, but he was like a log cabin guy or something.

Like he was a lumberjack, I think is what it was, or something to that effect.

And he moved, so he was moving away from wrestling and doing movies, and I felt like the product, or so to speak, was getting stale again.

So once again, I stopped watching.

And so now we're, what, 18 to 20 years later, I got back into it since WrestleMania 40.

And what made me get back into it?

Well, this year, well, 2023, so last year, because we're in 2024 now, but in 2023, I started getting back into sports.

And so the sports show that got me back into sports was the Pat McAfee show.

And his show, along with clips of first take from ESPN on YouTube, started getting me back into the NFL, so I watched the last season of NFL, I got back into it.

And The Rock showed up a few months ago on the Pat McAfee show a few times, and he was promoting this new storyline.

And apparently the storyline was he was coming back to the WWE.

He was gonna fight Cody Rhodes for the Universal Championship in WrestleMania 40.

Sorry, no, he was gonna fight Roman Reigns, my bad.

His cousin, Roman Reigns.

And it was supposed to be a big draw, but apparently there was a lot of fan backlash because they wanted...

People felt like The Rock didn't deserve it because he hasn't been in wrestling for like eight years, and all of a sudden he's just gonna swoop in now that he's got an...

He bought a bunch of stocks in WWE, and I think he has some part ownership of it or something to that effect, or like he's the CEO, something like that.

He has a big executive position, and so he has a lot of influence with the WWE now.

And so I guess fanbase felt like, who are you?

You're being entitled.

And Cody Rhodes has been fighting for years now to try to win that championship, so you have no right to be swooping in.

And The Rock saw that feedback, and he embraced it, and he decided to go full heel.

And so now he joined The Bloodline, his cousin, you know, Cousin Roman Reigns, and he's calling himself now The Big Boss, because like I said, he has part ownership of WWE, and therefore a lot of executive power.

And so he's now The Big Boss, and he's going to do everything in his power to thwart Cody Rhodes' attempts to winning the title, the Universal Championship from Roman Reigns.

And so the story, for whatever reason, sounded compelling to me.

And WrestleMania 40 came.

I watched it.

It was a two-day event, which was new to me, because WrestleMania was always a one-day event, but apparently it's now been split into two days, because they have a lot of big matches that take up time, and so they break it up, so that way you have two two-hour shows or whatever.

And so I watched it, and I found all these other characters that I got into, interested in, and then I started watching clips of their shows, SmackDown and Raw, on YouTube.

And now that I have YouTube TV, I'm just watching those shows outright.

And yeah, so now I am once again a big fan of wrestling, and that is my journey into it.

So now that we're here, into my new, and now you know how I am once again a big fan of WWE wrestling, I want to talk a little bit about the storylines and characters that I'm drawn to.

So one of the things that's new about wrestling, new to me and fascinating, is how much more women wrestlers there are now compared to back in those days, back in the Attitude Era.

In the 80s, there was no women wrestling.

There was, I mean, they might have been one or two matches, but not really.

The only women in wrestling at the time was Elizabeth, who was Macho Man Randy Savage's wife, and Cyndi Lauper, who was the girlfriend or wife of, what's his name?

Captain Lou Albano, that was his name.

And that was it.

And then the Attitude Era, you had a couple of wrestlers.

You had Chyna, which was this big, built, big...

what's the word that they use now for ripped?

She was a very big ripped, strong woman, woman wrestler.

This wrestler now, Jade Cargill, would be like close to an equivalent to her.

So you had her.

You had Trish Stratus.

You had Stacey Keebler.

You had Lita.

And I think that's it.

There might be one or two others that I'm missing, but not that many.

And so there would be a couple of female matches here and there.

And China, because she was so strong and big looking, she would actually wrestle guys on occasion.

Because the women pool was so limited.

However, fast forward to now, and they have their own titles.

They have the women's wrestling championship.

There's two women wrestling championships.

There's the women's tag team, of course.

Well, I'm not of course, now there's a women's tag team that did not exist back in those days.

Not in the WWE anyway.

I mean, there was a women's wrestling federation back in the 80s called GLOW, but that's another story.

I never watched that at all.

So yeah, this is the first time I heard of a women's tag team championship.

Two women championship belts.

I think it's women's championship and heavyweight women's championship.

Something to that effect.

I don't remember the names.

But you had Rhea Ripley.

She was a female champion.

And Ayo Skye was the other one.

So these two women wrestlers were champions.

And yeah, Rhea Ripley became my new favorite female wrestler.

And actually, sometimes I find her matches a little more compelling than some of the guy wrestlers.

A lot of the women wrestlers actually in general tend to be a lot more exciting.

There's a lot more acrobatics going on, and a lot of more creative maneuvering, a lot of more submission holds that are being done.

It seems to be more dynamic than a lot of the guy wrestlers.

I mean, there are some of those in guy wrestlers too, but for the most part, it's just a lot of power moves and grappling and using weapons and slamming people through tables and things like that.

Whereas the women's wrestling is a little more dynamic in the ring.

And sometimes a little faster.

So yeah, those are fun.

So as I was saying, Rhea Ripley became one of my new favorites.

However, recently she's been, well, for a couple of months now, she's been injured.

So I got to see her defend her title in WrestleMania 40.

Did she defend it again in Backlash?

She defended it against Becky.

And I feel like she defended it in Backlash.

My memory is now evading me.

But anyway, no, she only got to defend her title once.

And then she got injured because of Becky Morgan, who apparently, sorry, not Becky Morgan, Liv Morgan.

So she beat Becky Morgan in WrestleMania, sorry, Becky.

I'm getting these names mixed up.

So Rhea Ripley defeated and defended her title by defeating Becky in WrestleMania 40.

Then a month or a few weeks later after WrestleMania 40, she gets injured by Liv Morgan, who's now back from injury doing her revenge tour.

And part of her revenge tour was to get back at Rhea because apparently Rhea is the one who injured her.

So she injures Rhea Ripley to the point that she had to vacate her title because she doesn't, because yeah, she's gonna be gone for a while and she can't defend it.

And so by the laws of WWE, she now has to give it up.

And consequently now Liv Morgan is now the new champion.

And Ayo Sky lost her title to this other wrestler, Bayley.

So now Bayley is also a women's champion.

I don't remember the name of the title sadly.

I'll get better with this as I keep watching wrestling.

So yeah, so Rhea Ripley is one of my favorite characters at last.

She's been gone for a few months.

I can't wait for her to come back.

Now I did mention Jade Cargill.

She's another wrestler that I find fascinating, and she could probably beat Rhea Ripley on a one-to-one fight if both of them are healthy and in their prime, because she's this really strong wrestler.

They call her the...

her thing is she's the ultimate storm, or just a storm is coming.

That is her music, her intro.

Her intro is, a storm is coming, and it's Jade Cargill.

And yeah, her debut into the WWE was going into, was I guess last year's Royal Rumble.

And she came in and immediately kicked, was able to, what's the word, throw out Nia Jax, who was like this big, she's called the unstoppable force.

She's this really big, strong woman, who's also The Rock's cousin.

And she's a power wrestler, and usually takes like multiple wrestlers to try to do anything against her.

But Jade Cargill was able by herself, able to lift her over her shoulders and just throw her out, which goes to show, which just shows how strong she is.

But sadly now, she's now becoming, I'm not saying she, I wouldn't say she's becoming weaker, but the storylines are limiting her ability to use her full potential.

And one of the ways that they're doing that is that she's now a tag team champion with Bianca Belair, who's another pretty strong woman female wrestler, but also on top of being strong and athletic, she's also able to do a lot of fancy slips and things like that.

So she's very multifaceted.

And I don't think she's as strong as Jade Cargill, but she's close, she's up there.

And she can do power moves too, but she's also very, like I said, acrobatic as well.

So now they're together as a tag team, as tag team champions, I should say.

And so now they gotta, instead of trying to pursue individual titles and things, they are just defending their tag team championship.

And I think part of it might be also because maybe Jade Cargill needs to work on her wrestling abilities a little more, she's a little rougher on the edges.

And I noticed that in the last premium PLE, they call them, premium live events, and the last one, was it Backlash?

No, it was King and Queen of the Rings.

They defended their title.

And the choreography, well, actually, when they fought damage control to win the championship, they should have beat them.

The way Jade Cargill has been winning her matches, if you go by that as a measuring stick, her previous individual fights with other wrestlers, including the people from damage control, she would basically beat them in a minute or two minute increment.

It was just that fast that she would slam them and beat them, because she just overpowers them.

So fast forward to she's teaming up with Bianca Belair to challenge the Tag Team Championships from damage control, and now you have a big 30-minute match, because damage control all of a sudden is able to nullify her power, her physical abilities, and make it more challenging.

But the choreography...

Wow, I can't pronounce that word today.

Choreography just didn't...

I was unable to suspend my belief for that choreography.

It just looked fabricated, especially when she pretended to be in pain and stuff, and then all of a sudden she could get up and do a move or whatever.

It just didn't...

It wasn't believable to me.

But regardless, now she's...

She's Tag Team Champion with Bianca Belair, and so now she's becoming more human.

And I guess she'll be able to refine her skills and choreography in the ring, when matching against others, and she'll be a little more believable.

Bianca definitely is believable when she wrestles others, and she definitely comes off more believable.

Jade is a little...

needs to work on that.

Otherwise, she'll just be unstoppable and just be able to just slam people and just win under a minute.

And I guess they're trying to, you know, stop that.

Anyways, what else did I...

Oh yeah, the bloodline, as I mentioned earlier, with The Rock and Roman Reigns.

So after WrestleMania 40, The Rock and Roman Reigns have exited stage right, and they are nowhere to be seen.

For those who are in the know, The Rock is working on a movie regarding a UFC fighter, I think.

You know, a mixed martial artist.

And so he's doing a movie, and I think maybe Roman Reigns is in it, because he's also out there filming.

I didn't get the details about what he's filming, but I'm assuming it's the same thing.

So they're both gone, you know, in Hollywood.

And so Solo Sacoa, who was supposed to be like the enforcer of the bloodline, has since now taken it over and become the new head of the table, so to speak.

And he's bullying the wise man Paul Heyman, and he's bringing in newer other cousins into the mix to be his enforcers, to run the bloodline the way he sees fit in a much more violent and, for lack of a better word, a more criminal manner.

And of course Paul Heyman is worried for his life and for the life of the WWE.

I mean, that's the story anyway.

So I'm wondering how that's going to play out with, you know, when Roman's done filming and he comes back, like, what is the end game with that?

Is he going to just come back and retake the bloodline and then kick out Sola Sokova for usurping his authority when he's not around?

I'm not sure.

And once again, as I mentioned, the other one that I'm questioning is Nia Jax, because she's The Rock's cousin, as I mentioned.

Why isn't she part of the bloodline?

I wonder.

And I thought maybe they were going to separate them because there was recently a draft where there's a GM for Monday Night Raw and there's a GM for Friday Night SmackDown, and they got to draft the wrestlers into their programs.

So I thought for some reason in my mind, I thought the bloodline was part of Monday Night Raw and Nia Jax was in SmackDown, but they're both in SmackDown, so that just makes me even more curious as to why she's not part of the bloodline.

It does seem like she just wants to be her own thing and be individual and not be a part of that because maybe it will overshadow her.

Right now, she is the Queen of the Ring because she won the Queen of the Ring tournament, and she's challenging Bayley in an upcoming PLE.

I think it's this one coming up that I'm interested in, the Clash of the Castle, to get her championship belt.

The last thing I want to talk about real quick is...

So in the Attitude era, actually even from the 80s, but I didn't really pay attention to it too much, there were factions back in the day.

Ted DiBiase, the Million Dollar Man, had his own crew.

I think that's the only one I can remember.

And then in your Attitude era, you had, as I mentioned, especially when they merged, you had NWO.

You had Degeneration X.

I think Triple H was a part of that group.

The Brood, which was Edge Christian and this third guy, and there might have been some other people.

You had Latino Heat with Eddie Guerrero and some of his crew.

So yeah, there were a few, but now it seems like there's a lot more.

And here are the ones that I was able to pick up.

So you have Judgment Day, which is the group that Rhea Ripley is in.

You have LWO, which is the group Ray Mysterio is in and a couple of other Latin wrestlers.

LWO stands for Latin something.

You have The Bloodline, as I mentioned, which is basically anyone from The Rocks and Roman Reigns' family.

You have Alpha Academy, which is by this guy, Chad Gabler, who he trains these people in his academy, so to speak, but now he's really just using them to try to help him win the Intercontinental title.

You have Damage Control, which was a group that Bayley created but has since been kicked out, and now she's a good guy.

And Damage Control are still the bad guys, especially because they kicked her out.

You have this other group that's interesting called Final Testament, and they remind me of The Demolition.

I think that was the name of a group.

I know that was a tag team called Demolition, but I think they also had other people involved.

And they kind of remind me of them.

But they're a bunch of bruisers, and that's an interesting group that I just found out about.

You have Iperium, which is Gunta, this Italian guy.

There was a third guy, but they've since kicked him out.

But yeah, but I guess they represent the European side of wrestling, so to speak, because Gunta is from Austria, I think.

And the other guy I mentioned is Italian.

You have Legado del Fantasma, which is another Latin group, but those are bad guys, and they don't get along with LWO.

And yeah, those are the ones that I know.

So a lot of factions with a lot of interesting storylines, and it's just a lot of stuff to get into.

And as I mentioned, next weekend, there's going to be this PLE, premium live event on Peacock, called Clash of the Castle, where Cody Rhodes is going to defend his title.

Roman, not Roman Reigns.

Damien Priest of Judgment Day is going to defend his championship belt against the Scott, oh my, why can't I write?

Drew McIntyre, I believe is his name.

You have Bianca Belair and Jade Cargill defending their titles, I think, against two teams.

They're doing a three-way match.

And did I mention Cody also?

Yeah, Cody is going to defend this thing against AG.

Styles again, I think.

And what's his name?

Ellie Knight, I think he's trying to get a fight with Paul Logan for his US Championship belt.

So yeah, it's going to be a fun match.

And because of that, I might not be able to do a podcast next week, but I'll try my best.

And yeah, I think I've rambled long enough.

And that wraps the show.

If you have any questions, comments, or any thoughts you'd like to share, you can email me at email at Julio's corner.com.

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This means you can share this audio, remix it, do whatever you want, just not for commercial use, and say where you got it from.

And as always, thank you for listening.

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